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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Zombie King 3

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“Anyone here?”

Jiang Liu was a reasonable person, so he did not intend to take back his house by force.

“You are?”

Soon, someone walked out of the house.

That person was a young man in his early twenties with a local black mongrel beside him. It could be seen that the owner cherished his pet very much. The dog’s fur was smooth and silky, and its’ body looked strong. Since Jiang Liu was a stranger, the black dog’s expression immediately became vigilant as it started to bare its sharp teeth. As long as its owner gave an order, it would tear Jiang Liu’s flesh at any time.

This is a good dog!

Jiang Liu did not like those coquettish pet dogs and loved to sell cute. He wanted this kind of local breed that was easy to feed and loyal. These beautiful qualities were precisely like him.

“Excuse me, you are?”

Seeing the stranger staring at his Big Black and unable to move his eyes, Tang Ao could not help feeling a little proud. His Big Black was indeed robust, and it was not surprising that the other party would like it.

In his previous life, if it were not for the Big Black mutation, their family would not have survived in the end times for so many years. Big Black’s body size increased ten times, stimulating the Thunder element’s ability.

It was a pity that Big Black’s mutant animal’s power was still too weak. Finally, during the zombies’ siege, Big Black sacrifices himself to protect their father and son, who did not inspire abilities. When the zombies and mutant animals were rampant in the last days, as soon as Big Black sacrificed himself, their fathers and sons could not live for a few days before they were given lunch boxes one after another.

Yet, God still has mercy on him. When he wakes up again, he finds himself five months before the apocalypse, giving him enough time to deal with the end that may come later.

The apocalypse experienced by Tang Ao was not very similar to that experienced by Chi Ruojin. Even though the apocalypse he experienced also contained zombies, there were also mutant animals that posed the same threat to humankind.

Zombie viruses would infect these animals, like humans. Similarly, they also have a chance to stimulate their abilities. Hence, humans must fight against animals infected by zombie viruses and hostile animals humans have harmed. Wild animals were in the mix, which had long since considered humans one of its diets.

Since the loyal mutant dog, Big Black, protected Tang Ao’s family, they did not suffer much when Doomsday came. Even after Big Black died, they only suffered a bit and did not truly experience the cruelty of the end of the world. Even when they die, it is all due to starvation or being killed by zombies, which has nothing to do with the darkness of a human’s heart.

Therefore, even after all that, Tang Ao’s family managed to retain their human morality and act with a bit of naivety, unlike people who have experienced the end times.

After being reborn, Tang Ao once published an article about the imminent Doomsday on the Internet. He could be regarded as one of the first waves of rebirth and the first to issue Doomsday warnings on the Internet. After him, one after another, related articles were posted on the Internet, which led Tang Ao to notice the strangeness of this world.

Fortunately, Tang Ao was a little clever. He used a burner phone and prepaid card bought from a street vendor to publish this article. The network he used was also public Wi-Fi in a shopping mall thousands of miles away from his residence. After finishing it, he disposed of the sim card and the phone before rushing to the toilet, changing his outfit, and taking a detour for three days before going home.

Since he was cautious enough, no one found him.

In any case, he has already done everything he could. Whether they believe it or not was not his responsibility.

As for why Tang Ao brought his whole family to Hou’an Village, it was necessary to talk about the dog god worshipped in Hou’an Village.

It was rumoured that Hou’an Village was not huge hundreds of years ago. At that time, only a few families were living here. They depended on hunting for their livelihoods. One of the hunters even raised three hunting dogs. During the year of famine, one young man and a middle-aged hunter went deep into the mountain to hunt, wishing to use the animal in exchange for food.

Unexpectedly, the bear that resided in the deep mountains had also come out searching for prey due to the famine. Those hunters were no match for the bear. In the moment of life and death, one of the hunting dogs raised by the hunter suddenly became powerful, bit the bear’s throat, and simultaneously slashed the bear’s eyes with its claws. The black bear struggled desperately but could not get rid of the hound. In the end, he bled to death.

The hound also closed its eyes due to severe injuries from multiple bear claws on its’ body.

How could ordinary hounds bite the bear to death? There were rumours that maybe the Dog God possessed the hound, and the Dog God had saved the men.

The hunter buried his pet dog in tears. He then followed the young man to sell the bear in exchange for enough food to survive the famine.

Since then, these people have worshipped the dog god. With the money from selling the bear, the hunter made a clay statue of the hound who saved and honoured them for generations.

This rule has been passed down to the present. People in Hou’an Village do not eat dog meat. Not only would they not drive away stray dogs when they see them, but they would also take out the leftovers from the family’s meals to feed those stray dogs. Not only that, almost every household in Hou’an Village has dogs, and every home loves its dogs.

They felt that by being kind to dogs, they would receive protection from the Dog God. They believed that the Dog God would also protect them in the disaster year, like how the hound protected the hunter of that year.

During the last days, they did get blessings.

After mutation, dozens of cats and dogs not only hunt themselves but also feed the village. Those pet dogs or native dogs raised by the people of Hou’an Village and the stray dogs and a small number of stray cats favoured by the people of Hou’an Village all became the protector of Hou’an Village. They also helped the villagers to resist the attack from mutant animals and zombies.

At least when Tang Ao died, the people of Hou’an village still lived well, and Hou’an village had become a pure land in the last days.

When Tang Ao heard the legend of Hou’an Village, he thought about taking his Big Black and his family to go there. However, it was a long distance from his current location. He also heard that Hou’an Village was highly xenophobic and did not welcome outsiders.

However, now it was different. Tang Ao is a reborn person. The dogs and cats in Hou’an Village have yet to mutate, and Hou’an Village was not a post-apocalyptic existence that claims to be the last piece of pure land. At this time, money was far more important than anything else. Hence, Tang Ao persuaded his parents to rent a yard in Hou’an Village. He then reinforced the yard and started to hoard supplies in preparation for the end of the world.

In fact, according to Tang Ao’s earlier idea, he planned to buy the rented house directly. Unfortunately, the owner of the house could not be contacted.

When he further inquired, he was told that the house owner had followed his mother, who remarried five years ago and would not return unless a significant accident happened. Since the end of the times was imminent, Tang Ao felt that the owner should not be back at the nearest time. As for when the end of the world comes, it might be even more impossible for the owner to return. Regardless of the rent that he had paid, this house was already his, in his opinion.

After the end of the world came, Big Black would also mutate. To have extra help, the villager would surely not drive their family away. Thinking of that, Tang Ao signed a rental contract with the village chief and gave him a five-month rent in one breath.

Tang Ao’s calculation could be considered precise; however, he never expected that the house’s owner would return at this point.

“I am the owner of this small courtyard. I heard that the village chief rented out the house.”

Jiang Liu pointed to the small courtyard behind Tang Ao.

After listening to Jiang Liu’s words, Tang Ao’s heart thumped.

Jiang Liu naturally had no reason to lie to him. After all, when he inquired, the man also said that the house’s owner was only twelve years old when he left home. The man’s appearance in front of him, who seemed to be between seventeen and eighteen years old, matched the rumours.

“I have already paid the rent to the village chief.”

Tang Ao spoke softly.

“I don’t want the rent. I want this house.”

Jiang Liu shook his head: “I don’t even know about renting the house out. You can ask the village chief to get the rent back. As for the money you paid for renovating the yard, can I reimburse it with money? After all, since I am back now, the house must be repaired before I could live in it.”

“I can increase the rent. The original contract between the village chief and me is 300 yuan monthly. I can add a little more for you. How about 600 yuan?”

It was not easy for Tang Ao to choose such a desirable courtyard. He also spent a lot of effort rebuilding the shabby yard. Tang Ao couldn’t give up this courtyard because of Jiang Liu’s arrival.

“This is the house that my dad left for me. Big brother, you should know that the rental contract you signed with the village chief has no legal benefits.”

This house belongs to the original body. In other words, there was no reason why the village chief could rent it out without the original body’s permission.

“Xiao Ao, who is here?”

Since his son had not returned to the house after so long, the two elders of the Tang family also walked out.

“It’s the owner of the house. He wanted to take the house back.”

Tang Ao turned around and said.


Tang Zhanhui and Yu Xiaofen quickly walked over. Seeing that Jiang Liu, who was about the same age as a high school student, appeared in front of them, they were suddenly speechless.

“How about 800 yuan a month? You can rent a small single room in the city for this price.”

Tang Ao’s money was almost consumed by large objects such as solar generators, diesel generators, and so on. He still needs to buy salt, medicine, and other materials with the money left in his hand. Hence, a monthly rent of 800 was already his bottom line.

“I am sorry. I plan to go back to live in the village, and I don’t plan to go outside.”

Jiang Liu shook his head. Those 800 yuan did not appeal to him.

“You are still a student. Why do you want to live in the village?”

Tang Ao suddenly wondered whether the person in front of him would have the same experience. This would also explain why a person who had disappeared for five years suddenly returned and was unwilling to rent out this old country house at a high price.

Since the other party was reborn, he should know that Hou’an Village would be so powerful in the last days.

This made Tang Ao feel a little wary. If Jiang Liu was reborn, perhaps he also had some support on his body. If he bites and refuses to give him his house back, the other party may hate him for that.

Strictly speaking, their rental contract was indeed illegal. Now that the end had not yet come, it was still okay for Jiang Liu to drive them out without leaving them a penny. Yet, Jiang Liu did not do so, indicating that this person was neither bad nor unreasonable.

Hence, Tang Ao also feels a little embarrassed. So he has to give up the house he had worked hard to furnish?

“Hey, Jiang Liu, you little kids! After five years, you finally came back!”

When the two of them were deadlocked, the Village chief, Li Dong, finally arrived after receiving the news.

“When you left with your mother, you were only this tall. I didn’t expect that five years later, you would be taller than me.”

As soon as he came over, Li Dong affectionately patted Jiang Liu on the shoulder and gestured towards Jiang Liu’s figure: “Your mother also had not brought you back all these years. You should know that your father loves you the most. Over the years, when we helped to sweep your father’s grave, we often talked to him about you. Now everything is all right. Since you’re back, you can sit in front of your dad’s grave to make him happy.”

This Li Dong was also quite interesting. When he first came up, he did not talk about the house but reminded Jiang Liu that he had not returned home in the past five years. The villagers were also taking care of the tomb of his father, Jiang Qu. With that kind of kindness to conceal that matter, could Jiang Liu still be able to care about the rent?

“By the way, what about your mother? Why couldn’t I see her?”

Li Dong had already heard about Jiang Liu’s mother’s death. Yet, he still pretended to be confused as he continued to look around as if searching for someone.

“My mother was seriously ill and passed away.”

Jiang Liu lowered his eyes as his pair of eyes showed the grief of losing a loved one.

“Alas! How can a good person get sick?”

Li Dong continued with his self-made show, “Your mother and son have not returned these years. I was also unable to contact you. Since the house is empty, it will be easy for others to break into it. Therefore, I decided to rent it out. As for the rent, I will give it to you once you come back. By the way, this family’s surname is Tang, and they are the ones who have been renting your house.”

The village chief finally came to the main point. This village chief was slippery. He took up the high ground of affection and morality when discussing his decision to rent the house. Hence, even though his action of privately renting out the Jiang family’s home was wrong, Jiang Liu could not turn against him.

His calculation could be considered well done. If Jiang Liu never returns, this rent would be his. Yet, if the Jiang family returned, he would return the rent to them without any loss. On the contrary, he could also leave a good name for himself.

Jiang Liu did not hate such a shrewd village chief. The man before him was selfish but not too bad to his bones. Having such a village chief in Hou’an Village might be good during the apocalypse.

“Thank you, Uncle Li, for remembering us all these years. However, I do not plan to rent out this house anymore. My mother is dead, and I plan to return to Hou’an Village to live in the future. I plan to live in this house myself. However, Uncle Li should not worry. How much money the Tang family spent on repairing my house? I will reimburse it back. As for the rent paid by the Tang family, I will also return it to them myself.”

Li Dong appeared to want to speak, so Jiang Liu quickly stopped him: “Uncle Li, don’t be polite to me. These years, I have been an unfilial son. I could not even go home to sweep my father’s grave. It was thanks to Uncle Li, who remembered my dad and helped me. I originally should have visited you with some food and drinks to express my gratitude, but I was too busy to buy things for the house. I hope Uncle Li would not blame me for my lack of etiquette.”

Jiang Liu’s meaning was obvious. He did not want any of the rent given by the Tang family as his thanks to Li Dong.

Additionally, he also closed the distance between the two of them. Since Jiang Liu intends to live in the village for a long time, he feels there is no need to get into a deadlock with Li Dong, this local snake.

“You make me feel embarrassed.”

Li Dong squinted his eyes. Tang’s family had paid five months’ rent in advance, equivalent to 1,500 yuan. This was not a small amount of money, especially in the countryside. At least this money was enough to cover Li Dong’s alcohol supply for a year.

Seeing Jiang Liu’s generous and lavish behaviour that was totally unlike the demeanour a child of his age should have, Li Dong felt that Jiang Qu’s son had some means. Judging from how he spent the money, he believed that Jiang Liu’s mother had left him with a considerable fortune. Hence, he naturally has to become an excellent friend to such a capable and wealthy person.

“Brother Tang, you see…”

Li Dong turned his head and looked at Tang Zhanhui.

“We also do not wish to embarrass Village Chief over this matter. Anyway, we should follow the intention of this little brother. It seemed our family had to trouble the village chief again to help us pick another vacant house.”

Tang Ao decided to act decisively. In any case, Jiang Liu was also someone from Hou’an Village. Although his father had already died, he still had some distant relatives living in this Hou’an Village; hence, it was not worth fighting with him, resulting in them falling out with the villagers.

Besides, Tang Ao was also not sure whether Jiang Liu was reborn. Therefore, the best way for them is to give up the house and then choose another property to rent or buy in this Hou’an Village.

After learning the lesson from the previous incident, Tang Ao was no longer fussy about the house’s location. He only wanted an ownerless house.

A matter that was likely to cause disputes were dealt with in such a simple way. Li Dong was delighted with the result. He felt that his aura as a village chief was indeed very majestic. Jiang Liu and Tang’s families gave him face; hence, his impression of them naturally improved significantly.

“Sure. I do have a few houses in my hand ready for you.”

Li Dong did have a few houses in his hands. The owner of the houses were all moved to the city with their family and entrusted him to rent or sell the house for them. It was just that the money he received would not be able to enter his coffer. That was why he chose to rent out Jiang’s house in the first place. However, he could no longer take advantage of that loophole since Jiang Liu was already back.

Fortunately, he still made 1,500 yuan. So it was not a loss of business for him.

The Tang family was also very straightforward. As soon as they settled the issues, they agreed to move out of the house within three days as scheduled. Jiang Liu also took advantage of this time to prepare his survival supplies.

When the apocalypse comes, he cannot use those things. However, some people would need it, so he still has to buy and store supplies.


“I have a portable space? For God’s sake, am I the rumoured daughter of heaven?”

Chi Ruoyu looked at the half of the dragon and phoenix jade pendant on her body. She was surprised to find that half of the pineapple in her hand suddenly disappeared and reappeared in her hand again in the next second.

This incomplete dragon and phoenix jade pendant were given to her by her little boyfriend. The materials were inferior; however, since it symbolizes Chi Ruoyu’s pure first love in her sixth grade, it has been hung on her neck since then.

 She accidentally cut her hand while cutting the pineapple, resulting in the blood being stuck on the jade pendant and absorbed. Due to this, Chi Ruoyu unexpectedly discovered that she had a large portable space.

Hot pot, skewers, fried chicken, barbecue, duck neck, rabbit head…

Chi Ruoyu could not help but suck on her saliva. It seemed that she would never starve to death in this life.

The round-faced girl hurriedly took the key and rushed out of the house, ready to purchase food supplies.

On the other hand, Chi Ruojin accidentally discovered that her ice-type abilities in her previous life had been activated earlier.

Initially, Chi Ruojin thought about getting a few modified guns on the black market. However, due to the early activation of her abilities, Chi Ruojin no longer dared to delay as she immediately set off to go home, preparing for an early meeting with her sister.

The world was too weird now. She was also not sure when the end would come. Hence, the sooner she meets with her sister, the more at ease she will be.



In the middle of the night, Jiang Liu took out the shackles he had prepared earlier and locked himself on the pillar beside the bed.

According to 001, the unknown variable of this world was too significant, so no one knew when the end times would come. In other words, he could also not determine when he would become a zombie.

Jiang Liu’s mission in this world was to destroy the zombies. He could control himself not to bite or eat people while awake. However, once he falls asleep, he may be unable to control the zombie instinct and might go out and kill others. Hence, it would be his fault if there were more zombies in this world.

Of course, even 001 was not sure about this. However, just in case, Jiang Liu decided to lock himself up whenever he slept every day to prevent himself from going out and hurting others.

“I feel like I am a werewolf right now.”

Looking at the locked feet and one of his hands, Jiang Flu sighed. Werewolves were also the kind of people who found a hidden place and locked themselves up on the night of the full moon.

It was just that the werewolf was far luckier than he was. Those werewolves transform at a fixed time. However, the probability of his transformation was even worse than predicting the Nikkei 225 index.

“Awoo, awoooo!”

In keeping with the occasion, Jiang Liu gave a few hollers.


There seemed to be a wolf-dog in the distance responding to Jiang Lu’s howling. He remembered that someone in the village did raise a husky. It was probably that stupid dog that was cooperating with him. (T/N, I also think that you are stupid, LOL)

“You said this original body was not very kind.”

Jiang Liu’s only flexible hand is held into the incomplete dragon and phoenix jade pendant. He, who was about to become a zombie, still wished to let Jiang Liu protect his little lover.

The original body was also quite pitiful. His father died early, and his mother did not love him. After leaving Hou’an Village for five years, the only memories he could remember were of the cute little girlfriend he made in the sixth grade. Consider carefully how a child at that age could understand the significance of romantic feelings. However, because this childhood sweetheart had grown up with him, the loveless years he spent outside had sublimated this relationship into love.

Jiang Liu flipped through the memory of the original body. One of his tasks this time was protecting this round-faced and greedy little girl. It seemed that he had to buy more supplies, or else he would not be able to support her.

This little girl was also very miserable. After years of separation, her beloved had finally become a zombie. He hopes that the little girl can accept this fact for the sake of good food.

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