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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Zombie King 2

The original body did not leave much memory to Jiang Liu. Apart from the complete memory from his first year of high school, the subsequent memory started from his second year of high school was in shambles. Not only the image was broken, there was not even coherent content for him to determine the memories’ timeline.

As a bystander and a person with normal thinking ability, Jiang Liu could naturally guess the situation about the original body based on those incoherent memories afterwards.

He was already a walking corpse or a zombie by that time. In short, since he was already a walking corpse, naturally, he had already lost the ability to think.

In those fragmented memories, Jiang Liu saw many terrifying pictures. Not only zombies eating people, but there were also people cannibalizing each other. The original body also experienced intensive artillery bombing and even atomic bombs bombardment. Based on these pictures and the original body’s awkward movement, Jiang Liu managed to ascertain his identity.

He was afraid that the original body was already a zombie by the time the end of the world came.

“The current world is volatile. Too many BUGS has led multiple spaces to stack on top of another. The current system could not analyze how this doomsday will progress in the future.”

001 was not happy with the current situation. There was already BUG in the last plane. Yet, he did not expect to encounter another accident this time around. Will this make the host feel that it was an unreliable system?

“Space stacking?”

This was the first time he had heard this term, so he did not understand the meaning behind it.

“The phenomenon of space stacking is related to parallel space, which refers to the interlacing of time and space that were originally parallel to each other. Among the probable impact was that someone in one of these two worlds might suddenly acquire the memory of their life in another parallel space. They might then mistakenly believe that it happened in the current time and space. Due to their action, the current direction of the world might also be affected by this incident.”

001 patiently explained: “In simple terms, there may be many reborn people in this world. Yet, the memories of these reborn people might not be related to the current time and space, but their future memories in another parallel space. At the same time, because there are too many parallel spaces stacked one upon another, the time and space you are in may not have the scene of zombies rampaging the earth like the memory left by the original body. Yet, the end of the world is certain to come, so the host must be prepared to survive in the end.”

With this explanation, Jiang Liu immediately understood the feeling of entering a red flag’s world full of loopholes ah.

“In that case, I won’t necessarily become a zombie like the original?”

Jiang Liu wondered whether this incident would not be affecting him.


001 cruelly pierced Jiang Liu’s delusion, “The host is a special existence in this world. No matter how the future changes, you will follow the original trajectory and become a zombie on that specific day. Nevertheless, the host can rest assured. After all, I am here with you. Even if you become a zombie, you can still keep your memory and reason.”

001 floated up and down in the air, secretly trying to get praise from its host.

However, a sane zombie was still a zombie. Jiang Liu could not even feel rejoice from having that prospect.

You must know that there were two tasks given by the Lord God: to protect the peace of the world and destroy the zombies in troubled times. Jiang Liu did not know what would happen in this red flag world once doomsday arrived. However, he knows that if he becomes a zombie, he would have to kill himself to complete the task given.

What kind of shit task is this? Jiang Liu could not help feeling a little grumpy thinking about it.

“Host, I believe you can do it.”

After a few worlds, 001 has become a firm fan of Jiang Liu. 001 believed that there is no impossible task that the host cannot accomplish. It was just a matter of eliminating all zombies in the world. As long as the host successfully eliminates other zombies, he can kill himself to complete the task requirement. At that time, they will be able to go to the next world smoothly.

Jiang Liu rolled his eyes. He started to calm himself down as he prepared for the big day.

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Hou’an Village.

“You are the son of Jiang Qu, Xiaoliu-er, right?”

“Yes, uncle. I’m Jiang Liu.”

A man carrying a load on his shoulder was on his way home when he saw a stranger appearing in the village. He fixed his eyes and vaguely saw a familiar shadow from him. So he asked with uncertainty.

Jiang Liu carried a shoulder bag and looked at the middle-aged man with a smile.

The life experience of the original body was very bumpy. Five years ago, his father died in a car accident. Soon after his father passed away, his mother took him to remarry to another place. The stepfather also had a pair of children from his previous marriage. The relationship between the original body and his stepfather’s family could not be said to be very good. Even his biological mother decided to immediately send her son to stay at school’s hostel so that she could integrate into the new family as soon as possible. Therefore, he rarely met his only family throughout the year, which led to his somewhat indifferent personality. In the simplest terms, it could be said that ordinary events rarely made him feel excited.

However, even though those relatives were indifferent to him, they have never neglected his need, and he was given everything he asked for.

Both his father and mother were originated from Hou’an Village. Later, they used their own ability to go out to work to earn money and buy a house in the city. After the original father had an accident, his biological mother sold the house for 600,000-yuan and received 800,000-yuan compensation money from the car accident compensation on his behalf.

Half a year ago, the original biological mother was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer and had spent a lot of money to see a doctor. Fortunately, although the stepfather did not welcome him, he was not greedy for his stepson’s money. After discussion between the two parties, the original body left the stepfather’s house after the death of his biological mother, and the stepfather’s family returned the deposit in his biological mother’s name. In the end, there were nearly a million left in the deposits.

Now, apart from this one million deposit in Jiang Liu’s hand, all that was left to him was the old house of the Jiang family in the Hou’an Village.

Jiang Liu was very interested in the house that was originally in the country. There was nothing better than a house in the country to deal with the end of the world that was about to arrive.

The countryside was vast and sparsely populated. Even if they faced a zombie-type apocalypse, the number of people who become zombies would naturally be the fewest. Hence, due to its controllable range, the countryside was suitable for recuperation in the early stage of the apocalypse.

On the other hand, if it is a disaster-type apocalypse, the countryside has land, and almost every household has food in stock. With this, they can guarantee to the greatest extent that they will not starve to death at the earliest stage of the disaster.

As for those ice age apocalypse, it will be the same no matter where you are. On the second note, the house in the countryside was usually big. Before that time came, he could ask people to build a big Kang for him and then prepare enough coal and firewood to at least be able to survive for a while.

[T/N: A Kang is a big bed made of wood where can be heated using the stove (with coal inside). Similar thing like heated floor]

As for the apocalypse variation of animal and plant mutation, staying in the countryside might actually be a disaster. After all, the most indispensable thing in the countryside was plants and animals. However, in comparison, this probability was not as good as other apocalyptic types, so after several considerations, Jiang Liu still felt that it was best to wait for the end to come in the countryside.

His plan for returning today was to see the original home. After all, he had not lived in it for so many years, so he was afraid that he might need to renovate it first before it became liveable.

“Jiang Liu, didn’t your mother remarry? Why are you…”

The middle-aged man thought for a while. He remembered that after Jiang Qu’s accident, his wife remarried and brought the child with her. Some old ladies in the village even quibble that Jiang Qu’s wife had no conscience.

Counting his age, Jiang Liu was still not an adult, so why did he run back alone?

“My mother got seriously ill and passed away. After all, my stepfather has nothing to do with me. Therefore, I thought about it and decided to come back.

Jiang Liu did not hesitate to speak about his life experience. After all, he already decided to come back to live here, so he must give a reasonable excuse to others.


The man opened his mouth, feeling a little regretful for poking at someone’s sore spot. However, now that Jiang Qu’s wife is dead, Jiang Liu must have returned to the old house. Yet, unbeknown to the owner, there are still people living in that old house.

“Then where are you going to live after you come back?”

The man kindly reminded him, “You have not come back all these years. The village chief felt that the house was a waste to b left empty, so he rented it out. The rent in the countryside was not high. It costs two to three hundred yuan a month. Until now, no one has rented it, but three months ago, a family suddenly came here. Not only did they rented your house, but they also refurbished your yard. If you plan to take the house back now, I’m afraid that it might be a little bit difficult.”

In some remote villages, the village chief and village committee have supreme rights. In the eyes of some people, the village chief was even more powerful than the police was. Therefore, when the man told him that the village chief had rented out the vacant house after failing to contact the original mothers, Jiang Liu was totally convinced.

It was just that this matter might be a little troublesome. Jiang Liu has never contacted the village chief, so he did not know what kind of person the other party was. After thinking about it, he decided to start with the family who rented out his old house.

According to the original body’s memory, Jiang Liu walked towards the old house of Jiang’s family. Jiang’s surname was a minority in the village. The original body’s father, Jiang Qu, was the only Jiang in his generation. The closest relationship Jiang Qu had within the family was his cousin from their grandfather’s lineage. Hence, when it comes to Jiang Liu, naturally, their relation was getting even distant.

Perhaps because of this, the original grandfather’s ancestry house was very remote. This was not a good thing in the peaceful era. After all, if the thief broke into the house, maybe no one would be able to respond to their call for help. However, in troubled times, such a remote location has instead become an advantage.

At least Jiang Liu did not have to worry about someone coming to his house every other time, nor did he have to worry about neighbours spying on him.

Yet, such a good house was actually rented out to a family from the city. To make it more interesting, the other party even specially rebuilt the exterior wall of Jiang’s house.

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