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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 169

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 169:My Profession is Zombie King 1

T/N: I wanted to rush this in July, but I was too slow (Tehepero*). BTW, the author wrote this story on 29 January 2019. Wonder what the author felt when Covid-19 hit us and is yet to end, LOL.

#Doomsday warning!!!  #——Reposted from Qiandu’s post. [T/N I guess this Qiandu was alluding to Baidu. Baidu meant 100 times, while Qiandu meant 1000 times.]

[On July 13, 2021, a meteorite will land on earth, carrying a large number of unknown viruses.

Nearly two-thirds of the people worldwide will be infected with an unknown disease, with symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, limb weakness, and gradual loss of consciousness within three days. On the fourth day, these people infected with the virus will ultimately become brain-dead, causing the world to panic.

This was yet the worst thing. On the fifth day, the first patient will come back from death. He will act like a walking corpse with no emotion or sensation. He would start to bite when he saw people. The same symptom will then be transferred to those who had been bitten.

The day when the meteorite falls was the prologue to the end of the world.

I can only remind you that newly awakened zombies are slow and can only distinguish the location of living people based on their voices. The deadly part of zombies is their brains. Only by smashing the zombie’s skull can the zombie die completely.

Three months later, the strange meteorite will once again descend on earth. This time, the special virus carried by the meteorite will promote the evolution of zombies and bring a ray of life to humankind. Many of the surviving humans will be able to stimulate supernatural powers. Humankind finally has the confidence to contend with the zombies.

In the last decade, there have been very few human survivors. However, there are too many zombies, and human survivors must face attacks from the zombies and internal struggles from the humans themselves. Perhaps one day, humans will disappear entirely as the superior species.

There are still ten days before the end of the world—store enough food and water. Hide in the room; close the curtains, doors, and windows. Try your best to minimize the circulation of air coming from the outside world. If you can get through the three days before the end of the world, perhaps we can reduce the number of zombies on earth.

If you have a patient with a previous infection in your home, please make sure to isolate them. Remember this warning at all costs! Remember! 】

First floor: Why are there so many neuroses lately? The end of the world? Hehehe. It is already 2021, not 2012. Only stupid people will believe such unfounded words.

Second floor: Exactly, but this is not the most nonsensical thing. Have you seen the post on the BBS (Bulletin Board System)? That one is even weirder.

Third floor: What kind of post are you talking about? Give us a link so we can enlighten our minds ah.

Fourth floor: The second-floor talks about the post discussing the arrival of the Ice Age. When I looked at the host’s profile, I knew he had never studied it before. It has been about 4.6 billion years since the formation of the earth. During this period, the earth has always been in the cyclical process of glacial to interglacial and then back to the glacial period. Nearly one hundred thousand years may be before the next Ice Age. He said the Ice Age would reappear in a few months; isn’t that a joke?

Fifth floor: Are there really so many idiot people around us? Did all of you notice that all these Doomsday posts have recently exceeded the standard? This post and many others talked about the end of the world. Do you think that doomsday is really incoming, ah?

Sixth floor: These nonsensical things already deceived little fools like the fifth floor. You only need to take a closer look at those posts. Not only the time stated for the doomsday is different, even the type of doomsday was also different. For example, this post predicts the zombie’s doomsday, while the one in BBS predicts the return of the ice age. Some others even predicted natural disasters as well as animal and plant mutations. It is estimated that the writers themselves made up all of those things. Obviously, everyone is following the trend to join in the fun.

Seventh floor: I agree with the sixth floor. These posts are too cryptic. Besides, even if the end is here, what will happen? It is either living or dying. Besides, if it is a zombie apocalypse, you might already be turned into a zombie in the first place. If so, there is really nothing to worry about, ah. All’s well that ends well.

Eighth floor: Pei, pei, pei. I do not want to be a zombie. 

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Chi Ruojin looked at these articles on the Internet that claimed to be doomsday warnings and could not help but wonder whether the things she had experienced in her previous life were a nightmare or a reality that would happen in the future.

That is right. Chi Ruojin had been reborn. She came from eight years in the future when only a few survivor bases were left on the earth.

It was difficult for adults to survive those famine years, let alone the elderly and children. In the eight years after the end of the world, Chi Ruojin hardly saw the birth of newborns. On the contrary, the zombie population grew as they constantly robbed humankind’s living space.

Chi Ruojin had died during a mission. Their team encountered a high-level zombie with spirit ability. The zombie appeared to attain wisdom and was much more challenging to deal with than other high-level zombies they had encountered before. Ultimately, they finally managed to get rid of the zombie group’s siege. Yet, to prevent the high-level zombie from catching up, her cousin pushed Chi Ruojin out of the car. Her only memory before death was her cousin’s fierce expression and the zombie’s hideous face.

When she regained her sanity again, she had already returned to the first three months before the end of the world.

Chi Ruojin felt that this was God-given kindness to her. She cherished this precious opportunity for rebirth, yet, it seemed that the world after her rebirth was much different from the world she once lived in. Just like now, it seemed that many apocalyptic rumours were circulating widely on the Internet, which had never appeared in her previous life.

Chi Ruojin guessed that perhaps her rebirth was not a particular case, and many lucky people in this world might get the same opportunities as her.

So these days, she did not spend all of her time hoarding supplies, but instead, constantly flipping through the so-called end-of-day warning articles that appeared on the Internet, wanting to see if there is any unique point that she could learn from other people’s experiences.

However, by looking at it, she found the problem.

The first was the prediction time of doomsday. On her part, Chi Ruojin clearly remembered that it was on July 1, 2021; however, in the post just now, the time was delayed for 13 days.

There was another posting. The time of doomsday stated by those posts was also different from one to another, spanning from June 23 to August 27, which was a full two months.

The second problem was related to the doomsday type. The doomsday that Chi Ruojin experienced was similar to the one described in the post she was watching now. However, there are still some subtle differences. In the beginning, humans with abilities occupied the high point as the survival of Doomsday. However, by the time the second meteorite landed on earth, thus promoting the mutation of those zombies, humans gradually lost to zombies and began to fall behind.

As for the natural disaster-type apocalypse and animal and plant variant apocalypse, Chi Ruojin has never experienced them in her times.

After doomsday comes, the earth’s temperature remains the same as before. There are still four seasons, day and night, and the plants are still the same as before the apocalypse. However, animals will also become zombies similar to humans due to exposure to the zombie viruses. However, those animals did not mutate or change in species or size, as mentioned in that post.

Now Chi Ruojin has two guesses in her mind.

Her first guess was that too many copycat writers copied the original online posts. Perhaps only the first few posts that claim to be related to the doomsday have any reference value for her. The post might also be processed and modified; hence did not truly reflect their own experience.

Yet, this conjecture seemed to be a bit off. After all, if these people did not want people to be aware of the incoming doomsday, they could stay silent rather than make an effort to warn others. With this, they can eliminate the possibility of this matter being exposed from the beginning.

Her second guess was something that Chi Ruojin felt was more in line with the current situation. Many people might experience rebirth like her, yet they might all come from different spaces. Coming from different spaces, it was natural for the time and types of doomsday to be different.

She felt this was more likely to be the reason; however, knowing this gave Chi Ruojin an even harsher headache.

After all, if this were indeed the case, then the experience of her last life would lose its value, and what she thought may not necessarily happen in the future.

Anyway, according to so many posts, doomsday will come after all—no matter what type of doomsday, food was always the most critical material.

She has been delayed for a long time. At first, she thought that the end would come in three months, so she was not in a hurry to collect her supplies. Yet, since the time was uncertain, maybe the end would come in the next second. Naturally, she has to make a plan.

“Ruoyu, have you read the recent doomsday posts on the Internet? Those posts are strange and felt a bit cryptic. You should keep more food by your side and make sure to go out less in the future.”

Chi Ruojin called her sister Chi Ruoyu.

“Additionally, I asked the university for a long vacation. I will go home in a few days. So stay at home and wait for me to come back.”

Chi Ruojin and Chi Ruoyu are sisters. Chi Ruojin was a little older and in her third year of university. Chi Ruoyu was five years younger than her sister and is currently a high school sophomore.

Chi Ruojin’s parents died in a traffic accident in her first year. Since she was already an adult at that time, she handled her parents’ funeral and refused the kindness of relatives to raise her sister. The sisters’ lives are reasonably well off with her parents’ savings and the compensation from the driver who caused the accident.

Now Chi Ruojin studies in a college in the provincial capital, while her younger sister stays in their hometown to attend her school. Every month, Chi Ruojin will go home two or three times, and the relationship between these sisters could be considered very good.

“Sister, you come back quickly. I have been feeling a bit agitated recently. I could not help thinking that something bad was going to happen.”

On the other end of the phone, a girl with a round face and a little plump face put a big bowl of instant noodles in front of her. She was prattling while sucking the noodles nonstop.

Chi Ruoyu was born again. She died in the third week after the end of the world after being starved. Therefore, after rebirth, she boiled all the instant noodles in the house and prepared to call her sister.

Who knows if her sister will call her before she does?

As for the post on the Internet mentioned by her sister, she naturally did not quite understand it. However, she had no time to think about it because her mind was filled with instant noodles.

In her memory, the end of the world would come in another half a month. Without any sign, the whole earth was covered with snow and ice overnight. All plants were frozen to death. The authority and the government immediately controlled the vast majority of the supplies. As for ordinary people like Ruoyu, they would either throw away their humanity by killing and looting others or rely on the materials they have previously hoarded.

Due to the heavy snow, Chi Ruoyu and her sister Chi Ruojin was separated as the snow blocked all mean of transportation. She only dared to hide in her small room, blocking the door with everything she could move.

For the first week, everything was peaceful. However, from the second week onwards, she could hear all sorts of knocking and kicking as the hallway became noisier. Chi Ruoyu knew she was nothing but a weak woman, so it would be like delivering meat to others if she went out. Therefore, she stayed in a small room until she ate everything and starved to death.

She did not know what happened afterwards or what happened to her sister, who was in school. After being granted her second life, she had only one obsession: hoarding a lot of food and finding a safe place to hide with her sister.

“Sister will come back soon.”

Chi Ruojin’s expression became softer when she heard her sister’s voice. She promised her sister she would go home as soon as possible, but she still needed to prepare some self-defence weapons before returning home.


Jiang Liu opened his eyes and saw the plain plaster ceiling. Looking around, some star posters were on the walls, illustrating the standard middle or high school boys’ room. The clothes and pants were also scattered on the chairs, tables, beds, and floor.

He hoped that this world would go smoother than before. Jiang Liu closed his eyes and simply accepted the memory of the original body and the mission requirements of this world.


More than an hour later, Jiang Liu suddenly opened his eyes and pointed his middle finger to the sky.

Deity, your uncle! Why was he not even a human this time around?

The author has something to say: It will be a natural disaster-type apocalyptic. Since the MC is the only zombie in the whole world, calling him a zombie king is not a problem.

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