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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: The correct way to wear a green hat 23 END

T/N: The length of the last chapter was like 3 chapters being put together OTL~

“Woke up?”

When Jiang Hua ran downstairs, her father, Jiang Liu, was frying eggs in the kitchen.

After consuming the pill provided by the system, Jiang Liu, now already able to walk normally. However, to cover this, he still walks like a lame person. Nevertheless, this posture did not affect his everyday life. As early as a few days ago, he had already taken over the family’s daily life. At the same time, his son, Jiang Fu, was responsible as his assistant.

The little girl rushed like a small cannonball, holding her father’s thigh and not letting go.

“Go wash your face and brush your teeth. Then you can have breakfast.”

Jiang Liu held the wok in one hand and the fried shovel in the other. He gently lifted his leg, indicating that the little girl should wash up quickly.


Jiang Hua nodded heavily. On the way to the bathroom, she turned a corner and went upstairs. She quietly opened the door to her brother’s room and then rushed up with a loud cry.

Jiang Fu woke up in a daze and saw his sister lying on top of him. “It was a dream,” he muttered.

He then closed his eyes and prepared to fall asleep again.

“Brother, brother.”

Jiang Hua was so excited. How could she let her brother continue to sleep? So she pressed on him and rubbed his face with both hands.

Now Fu Jiang really woke up.

“Huakai, meimei!”



Despite being of a different gender, twins usually have a deeper relationship than ordinary brothers and sisters. The few days of separation feels like a couple of years. The brother and sister hugged each other tightly, while one shouted brother and the other screamed sister.

As for why Jiang Hua came back and who brought her back, this pair of brothers and sisters tacitly did not go too deep into it.

After so long, the two got out of bed to wash their faces and brush their teeth. They then obediently went to the kitchen to help their father bring the prepared breakfast to the table.

No one mentions Yu Hongmei. The warm atmosphere was even better than before.

In the afternoon, Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng came over, but Jiang Liu had sent the two children to Aunt Man Chun’s house.

“Since you can’t take care of children, then my daughter will be raised by me from now on.”

Jiang Liu said his thoughts straightforwardly. “Don’t rush to deny it.”

Seeing that Yu Hongmei wanted to quibble again, Jiang Liu interrupted her.

“Whether Huakai is a good child or not, you, who had been raising her all these years, should know it in your heart. For a long time, I thought that, although you, Yu Hongmei, is not a good wife, you are at least a good mother. But, now, it seems, it was me who thought too highly of you. I did not think that you would be so indifferent to your daughter’s grievance for the sake of your present family approval.”

“What do you know?”

Yu Hongmei could not help but retort.

“I know everything!”

Jiang Liu’s voice was louder as it firmly suppressed hers.

“Other classmates bullied the child at school. Yet, you told her that it was her own problem. Don’t you really not know why the child was being bullied? Isn’t it because she had a mother like you?”

Jiang Liu sneered.

“If one person doesn’t like you, it may be that person’s problem. If so many people do not like you, you have to look for problems in yourself. Yu Hongmei, this sentence is what you said. With so many people in the village calling you a bitch, you really make me feel that you are such a bitch.”

“I didn’t want to care about you before because we still had two children between us. Now it seems that your heart is no longer on these two children. Since it is so, then I will raise the children in the future, and they would have nothing to do with you. .”

“Jiang Liu, what you said is too ugly.”

Jiang Tiancheng frowned and said.

“If you think this word is ugly, there is an even worse word coming for you. My daughter was scolded as the daughter of a third party (Xiaosan/ Little three) by her classmate, yet I don’t understand that, isn’t the third party, you? It should be your daughter who they scolded.”

Jiang Liu chuckled.

“Whether you are willing or not, I will fight Huakai’s custody with you. Yu Hongmei, if you still want to save your reputation, just let go of Huakai’s custody. Otherwise, I’m afraid there will be an uproar, and neither you nor Jiang Tiancheng can afford it.”

“Enough, Jiang Liu. I know you are angry with me, but you can’t say that to me.”

Seeing that Jiang Liu’s words were getting worse and worse, Yu Hongmei hurriedly stopped him.

“Okay, I will return the custody of your daughter to you if you want.”

Isn’t it just a daughter? She will have it in the future.

Yu Hongmei really did not want to stay here anymore. She pulled Jiang Tiancheng and wanted to leave.


Suddenly, Yu Hongmei pushed Jiang Tiancheng and ran to the banyan tree in the yard to vomit. Jiang Tiancheng nervously wanted to follow but was stopped by Jiang Liu.

“Mr Jiang seemed to be very moved. So moved that Yu Hongmei is willing to abandon me for you. Hehe, Mr Jiang should also watch out. If Yu Hongmei cannot help but have an affair with you while being married to me, naturally, she could not help but love other men while being married to you. After all, love is like a tornado, always coming unexpectedly, ah.”

After saying that, Jiang Liu waved his hand, indicating that Jiang Tiancheng should leave.

He did not think that this sentence could be effective now, but the seeds have been planted. Jiang Liu only needs to sit and wait for it to blossom and bear fruit.

When leaving Jiang’s house, Yu Hongmei saw the two children playing in Aunt Manchun’s courtyard.

She wanted to go over and called Huakai. After all, she knows how attached this child was to her. Even if she were left to be raised by Jiang Liu, she surely still has her mother in her heart.

Yet, without waiting for her to get closer, Huakai immediately turned her head and hugged her brother tightly, unwilling even to look at her mother. Jiang Fu was the same. He hugged his sister as he looked at his mother coldly without any intention of coming close to her.

Jiang Fu was much more sensitive and more thoughtful than his sister was. When he saw his sister come home, he guessed that his sister must have suffered many grievances with their mother.

Their mother was no longer the same, but their father was still the same as before. Jiang Fu hugged his sister as his little hands kept patting her back to comfort her.

Seeing that pair of children being so indifferent and resistant to her, Yu Hongmei could not help but feel uncomfortable. In the end, she comforted herself as she thought of her two unborn children, which would guarantee her future happy life.

Even so, Yu Hongmei still felt very uncomfortable. After all, these children were also her own flesh and blood.


Aunt Man Chun spat at Yu Hongmei.


After scolding her, she hugged the two children and went back to the house. It was good that Huakai could come back. If Hongmei were to raise the daughter, Jiang Liu would not break the relationship with her. Now all is fine. Huakai was already back, and that woman, Yu Hongmei, could finally disappear from Jiang Liu’s life.

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“Do you really have to move?”

Aunt Man Chun helped Jiang Liu pack his luggage. Her face was full of dismay.

“Well, I heard that there is a good orthopaedic hospital in Qing’ an, which may be able to cure my leg injury. Anyway, Huakai and Fugui are Yu Hongmei’s children. Her sin will inevitably affect the lives of the two children. Yet, if they move to a new place, they will meet new friends and classmates, which is a good thing for children.”

Although Jiang Liu feels a little distressed that Huakai had to experience bullying from her classmate, this matter will eventually come. Children are the megaphones of their elders. How parents evaluate, Yu Hongmei was how the children would treat Fugui and Huakai in due course. Hence, for the sake of these two children, the best way was to move to another place and start over.

What’s more, Jiang Liu also should find a proper reason for his leg to return to normal.

“That’s true.”

The old lady knew that this decision was the best for the three of them. Yet, the old lady was really reluctant to see them go, especially after getting along for such a long time.

“Auntie, don’t worry. Wait for us to settle down over there, and I will call and pick you up for a round of fun at Qing’ an.”

Jiang Liu said earnestly, “I remember your kindness to me these days. In my opinion, there is no difference between you and my mother. Auntie, thank you.”

“There is nothing to be thankful for, ah.”

Aunt Man Chun was embarrassed; she patted Jiang Liu on the shoulder in exasperation. She then turned her head and wiped her tears, speeding up the action of helping Jiang Liu to pack his bags.


Yu Hongmei did not know the news until several months after Jiang Liu moved with the children.

Since the scandal was exposed, she had subconsciously severed her contact with those friends in the countryside. It was only after meeting someone from Sanlin Village while shopping in a mall that Yu Hongmei knew that Jiang Liu had moved with the children.

“What’s wrong? Haven’t you kept in touch with Jiang Liu all these times?”

The middle-aged woman looked at Yu Hongmei contemptuously. To think that as a mother, she could really become this cruel. Regardless of her abandonment of her disabled ex-husband, she could not even bother to contact her son and daughter.

No wonder she could have an affair with an outside man. It turned out that this woman’s heart was cold, and nothing could make it warm.

Yu Hongmei smiled awkwardly and went home in a hurry regardless of her early intention to purchase baby’s products.

“Who is that?”

The curious man asked the middle-aged woman.

“Did you remember in the news a few months ago that there was a woman who was having an affair with the disc store owner and was beaten up by the disc store owner’s girlfriend? She divorced her husband a few months ago and married her cheating partner. She was pregnant with that cheating partner’s wild seed before divorcing her husband. I thought that it was good for her to take one of the children from the ex-husband. However, I did not know why that after a few days, she threw her daughter back to her ex-husband. I pity her ex-husband. Before the exposure of the scandal, his leg broke due to a work accident, and he could be considered disabled. Not long ago, the man moved with his children and went where no one knew them. As a result, the woman did not even know that her children were not in Fengyang County. I cannot imagine how long she has not contacted her children. You tell me, how could there be such a mother in the world?”

The middle-aged woman unceremoniously helped Yu Hongmei publicize the good things she had done before. When she mentioned the previous news about the affair, immediately, people who had forgotten the news remembered who Yu Hongmei was.

On the other hand, Yu Hongmei hurried home. Before she went back to put down the things in her hands, she saw her stepdaughter Jiang Ruyi coming out from her room with Jiang Tiancheng.

“Yiyi, why did you casually enter my room?”

Because of her emotional instability, Yu Hongmei naturally did not have the cautiousness she used to have when treating her stepdaughter.

“I entered my dad’s room.”

More than three months was enough to intensify the conflict between this stepmother and stepdaughter. Jiang Ruyi was having a hard time at school. It was unknown who had said it, but someone let out the news that the third party in the marriage was not Yu Hongmei but her father, Jiang Tiancheng. Hence, the previous school violence against Jiang Hua had turned to attack Jiang Ruyi.

The arrogant Jiang Ruyi could not stand such an uproar, so, on the same day, she revolted and refused to go to school. Jiang Tiancheng had no choice but to help his daughter transfer to the city’s junior high school and go through boarding procedure. Hence, Jiang Ruyi would only go home for two days each week.

 The two elders of the Jiang family and Jiang Ruyi took this hatred on Yu Hongmei. They always felt displeased while looking at her. Yu Hongmei had tolerated all these things because she knew that she had yet to give birth to a child. Hence, she could only bid for her time.

 “What are you holding in your hand?”

Yu Hongmei pointedly saw Jiang Ruyi holding a box in her hand. The box contained the platinum necklace Jiang Tiancheng had bought for her when they got married. This necklace was inlaid with diamonds and something that Yu Hongmei regards as precious.

“Give it back to me, you thief.”

Yu Hongmei was anxious and stepped forward to fight for the jewellery box.

“I’m not a thief. My father bought and paid for it. You are the thief. You stole my dad. You are a bad woman.”

Jiang Ruyi jumped angrily. How could Yu Hongmei, this bad woman, scold her as a thief?

“Give it back to me!”

Yu Hongmei stretched out her hand to grab it; Jiang Ruyi naturally refused to return it to her. She immediately bypassed Yu Hongmei and decided to go downstairs to find her grandparents to file a complaint.

The two people were chasing and running. Due to the slippery floor, Jiang Ruyi was gently pushed by Yu Hongmei and fell directly down the stairs from the second floor. The Jiang old lady who came out for a cup of hot water stumbled upon this scene and let out a heart-rending scream.

“Oh heaven, Oh heaven!”

The old lady’s blood pressure soared rapidly as she leaned against the wall with one hand. Her eyes turned black as she fell directly to the ground.

Yu Hongmei was utterly panicked when she saw Jiang Ruyi being pushed down the stairs by her. She looked at her hand, yet she felt that her lower abdomen was getting more painful before she could think of any excuses. She wailed and immediately covered her belly.

“Child, my child.”

A warm current gushed from her lower body. As she watched the blood between her legs, Yu Hongmei even felt like she wanted to die.


This day was a devastating day for Jiang Tiancheng.

During the day, he received the news that the owner of the leather goods company in which he had invested had run away.

Because the disc business was not doing well, he has successively sold off the disc stores in the past few months in exchange for cash to buy some real estate. At that time, a good friend approached him and introduced him to the rumoured 100 per cent profit leather goods business.

This was not Jiang Tiancheng first day living in the society. As early as receiving the news, he had inspected the other party’s leather goods company and looked through the other party’s business qualifications. Yet, he had never expected that the factory was rented out, and the business qualifications were fake. That prosperous Hong Kong businessperson was actually a fraudster who immediately ran away after cheating his investment.

He called the police, who said they would open an investigation but gave him no specific timeline.

Jiang Tiancheng found a lot of relationships in his case. Yet, those insiders told him that this kind of case is difficult to solve. Even if it is solved, there is a high probability that the stolen money will not be recovered.

In other words, in addition to the current villa and the commercial house in the city, his years of hard work have been completely lost.

That was not the worst of it. While Jiang Tiancheng was drunk, he got another call from the hospital.

His mother suffered a stroke and hemiplegia while his daughter fell from the stairs and broke her calf. Fortunately, she was rescued in time. After the operation, there should be no sequelae. As for his wife, who was five months pregnant, she had a miscarriage because of emotional excitement and could not keep the child.

Jiang Tiancheng stood in the hospital lobby in a daze, not knowing which department he should go to see which family member first.

He could not help but want to ask himself. Which evil god had he offended, and how his happy and prosperous life disappeared all at once?


“Break, break…”

The Jiang old lady speech was unclear. When she woke up and realized that her pampered granddaughter’s leg was lame while her hated daughter-in-law had a miscarriage, her first reaction was to let her son divorce Yu Hongmei.

At this time, Jiang Tiancheng also knew the ins and outs of the matter. In the final analysis, it was his daughter who was at fault first. Hongmei never thought that his daughter would fall down the stairs. Besides, she also miscarried, making the blow of this matter considerable huge for her.

Jiang Tiancheng did not want to divorce Yu Hongmei just for this reason. In addition to that, his mother’s hemiplegia and her daughter’s broken leg required long-term care. Jiang Tiancheng was also busy looking for the liar who cheated him. Therefore, Yu Hongmei will be responsible for their care after she finishes her confinement.

The partial old lady’s temperament became more and more bizarre. Seeing her son refuse to divorce the woman who harmed her and her granddaughter, she only felt that Yu Hongmei, this fox spirit, was more and more proficient in confusing men and hated her even more. When Yu Hongmei finished her confinement and started to take care of the old lady, the old lady became picky with everything, making Yu Hongmei’s life even more difficult.


“What did I tell you at the beginning? You kid just didn’t want to listen to my advice.”

Fan Fang’s life was not easy. Due to Yu Hongmei’s affairs, both sons have moved away from their ancestral home. It seems that after tasting the benefit of opposing the old lady, the two daughters-in-law are getting worse and worse when dealing with her.

While thinking about her daughter, she also had to fight with her two daughters-in-law. In just six months, she was visibly aged.

“How did I know it would be like this?”

Yu Hongmei felt miserable. God seemed to envy her living a good life. He did not only took away her children but also took away Jiang Tiancheng’s money.

“Mom, you have to help me.”

In Yu Hongmei’s heart, her mother has always been the most capable person.

“If I can, do you think that I won’t help you?”

Fan Fang looked at the daughter with a meaningful glance. Her mouth was bitter.

At this moment, she could not help but reflect on herself, whether she had really spoiled her daughter too much. If she had stopped her behaviour when she knew that she was having an affair, would her daughter’s life not be as messy as it is today?

Nevertheless, there are no ifs. From the time Yu Hongmei took the wrong path, nothing could be turned back.


Eight years later

“Aunt Man Chun, what good stuff did Liu-zi send you again?”

Sitting under the big banyan tree at the entrance of Sanlin Village was a bunch of idle people. Seeing Aunt Man Chun riding a tricycle with a cart full of express boxes, they knew that she had gone to the town’s express station to get the packages.

The people in the village could not help showing expressions of envy, jealousy and hatred. They were annoyed that when Jiang was in trouble, why did they not squeeze to the front like Aunt Man Chun and take care of him personally. When Yu Hongmei affair was exposed, why did they not come forward and support Jiang Liu?

Maybe at that time, they looked down on Jiang Liu and thought he would have no chance of turning over after being lame. Who knew that Jiang Liu was so capable that he not only healed his legs but also formed a team of contractors? In the early years, he ferociously made a lot of money from the business. After accumulating enough capital, he started his real estate business.

The houses nowadays are so valuable. Jiang Liu owns several real estates, and the money flows from those houses were like a faucet.

“That child Liu-zi is kind, always remembering this old lady.”

Aunt Man Chun smiled from ear to ear. When Liu-zi moved with his two children, there were still many people in the village chewing their tongues, saying that Liu-zi had no conscience, saying that she had taken care of Liu-zi for so long, yet, in the end, he ran away. They also said that he was not her son anyway, and was not related to her by blood, hence how he could remember how good she had been to him…

Anyway, some people love nitpicking. Fortunately, Aunt Man Chun did not care about these sour words. Jiang Liu also quickly redeemed her face. At the end of the first year, he directly sent her six boxes of merchandise sold for Chinese New Year, one box of Guangdong sausages, three seafood boxes from Zhou City, and relatively expensive clothes and shoes. Those villagers who have been gossiping immediately shut up.

In the second year, Jiang Liu bought Aunt Manchun’s son, his good brother, Linye, to do business. Although Linye was not as good as Jiang Liu, he could also be considered a small boss. He bought several houses and paid fully for them while helping the brothers and sisters in the family to live a good life.

Now, Aunt Man Chun’s life was full of happiness. Except for Jiang Liu’s reluctance to find a wife after being broken by that woman, Yu Hongmei, which let the old lady sigh, there is nothing wrong with her life.

“Liu-zi didn’t just remember me. He also sent several boxes of things for the sixth aunt and others. I’ll split them up and distribute them later.”

Jiang Liu was a conscientious person. None of the people who helped him at the beginning was being left off. He would always send things back to express his gratitude during the holidays. Others cannot envy these things. As the saying goes, there is a cause and an effect. They are the blessing accumulated from all good deeds back then.

“If Yu Hongmei knows that Liu-zi was so capable now, I’m afraid she will regret it so much.”

Seeing Aunt Man Chun left with her tricycle, the villagers couldn’t help but sigh.

These years, Yu Hongmei was said to have had a bad time. Jiang Tiancheng was cheated and lost all his liquidity when doing business. Since the Jiang family was used to spending money without a thought, the pension fund of the two elders of the Jiang family was simply not enough to cover their expenditure.

Seeing no other way, Jiang Tiancheng sold the villa in the county seat, and the whole family moved to his house in the city.

Yu Hongmei not only could not spend money lavishly, but she also had to take care of her hemiplegic mother-in-law.

Compared with the current Jiang Liu, Yu Hongmei must be regretful.


“What is your relationship with that man? Yu Hongmei, you are simply shameless!”

In the shopping mall, a portly middle-aged man grabbed a woman by the collar and yelled at her.

“Jiang Tiancheng, let me go. I have nothing to do with that person.”

Yu Hongmei was really being wronged. Because the money from selling the villa was almost reduced to nothing, she decided to come out to do some part-time job to earn some money for the family. Who knew that when she was entertaining a male guest, Jiang Tiancheng would come from the side and crazily slap her a few times.

“Do you want to divorce me? I tell you, no way!”

Over the years, Jiang Liu’s words at the beginning always came up in Jiang Tiancheng’s mind. The more he failed in his business, the more he worried that Yu Hongmei would abandon him like Jiang Liu.

Even when Yu Hongmei came out to work part-time, he would always stalk her secretly. As long as she smiled brightly at any male customer, Jiang Tiancheng would not be able to control his temper as he immediately showed up to fight with her. Therefore, his guard over Hongmei became tighter and tighter.

 Many of Yu Hongmei’s jobs were lost because of this.

“I really cannot live this kind of life anymore. I want to divorce you!”

Yu Hongmei breathed a sigh of relief as soon as she said that.

In recent years, housing prices have become higher and higher. Eight years ago, Jiang Tiancheng’s house in the city was only worth more than 200,000 yuan. Yet, now this house cannot be bought for less than 1.5 million yuan. Yu Hongmei’s continued to live with Jiang Tiancheng all these years was for the sake of this house.

After all, she is no longer young. She also did not have a good reputation. If she leaves Jiang Tiancheng, how would she live her life? Now, Yu Hongmei wanted to separate. After all, Jiang’s family did not treat her as a human being. The big deal is she could just return to her natal house. Her mother would definitely welcome her.

“Okay, you finally said what is in your heart.”

Jiang Tiancheng was extremely angry. He regretted that he actually fell in love with such a vain, ruthless and unrighteous woman.

He clenched his fist and was about to hit Hongmei but was stopped by a man.

“Mind your own business, get out… You are Jiang, Jiang Liu!”

Jiang Tiancheng wanted to warn the interrupter to mind his own business, yet, halfway through his words, he recognized the person who was stopping him.

Eight years did not leave any traces on Jiang Liu. Perhaps it was time, or maybe the aura accumulated by his current status and identity, made some people dare not look at him directly. If he had to comment on it, Jiang Liu has become more elegant and calm.

“Yes, it’s you.”

Over the years, Yu Hongmei has also heard about Jiang Liu.

He became a contractor and then started a real estate business. It was said that his assets are conservatively estimated to exceed one billion.

One billion. She could not even count the number of zeros behind it. If she did not divorce Jiang Liu, she would share this wealth with him.

No, Yu Hongmei glanced at Jiang Liu with complicated eyes. If she had not left, perhaps Jiang Liu would not have achieved such an accomplishment. In her opinion, half of the reason why Jiang Liu can have today was all due to her stimulation.

She heard that Jiang Liu has never remarried; does it mean he still has her in his heart?

“Are the children okay?”

Yu Hongmei straightened out her messy hair and started chatting about a topic that is easiest to pull others into a common ground.

“You haven’t asked about the children all these years. Whether they are good or not has nothing to do with you.”

Jiang Liu looked at the woman who looked older than he did by more than ten years, whose thick makeup couldn’t even hide the spots and wrinkles on her face.

“Do you have to talk to me like this? In fact, you should thank me. It was me who made you achieve what you have today.”

Hard life makes Yu Hongmei more and more prone to hysteria. Her body was full of angles and barbs. As she experienced pain, she also wished to inflict those pain on others.

“Without you, I would become very strong. Yet, the hurt you gave me will always be hurt and nothing more.”

People who make mistakes always like to beautify their mistakes. Yu Hongmei has always been like this.

“I just want to come and see you. I’m relieved to see that you are not doing well.”

After saying that, Jiang Liu let go of Jiang Tiancheng’s hand and then left with a smile.

The appearance of Jiang Liu that day was like a dream to Jiang Tiancheng and Yu Hongmei. He came fast and left as quickly. Yet, his image and words deeply burned into their heart.

After that, Jiang Tiancheng and Yu Hongmei’s life continued to be turbulent. Yu Hongmei was determined to divorce; yet, Jiang Tiancheng dragged on and refused to leave. In the end, Yu Hongmei had no choice but to choose a paper petition for divorce.

The lawsuit went through for the first and second trials. The two were finally sentenced to divorce. However, Yu Hongmei did not manage to get anything because the most valuable house of the Jiang family was written in Jiang Ruyi’s name. Apart from eight years of hardship in marriage, Yu Hongmei basically got nothing.

After the divorce, Yu Hongmei chose to leave her hometown and work while looking for Jiang Liu and her two children. Only a few years later, she got the news that her two children had immigrated abroad. Hence, her attempt to force them to support her in her old age was a complete failure.

Jiang Tiancheng’s old age was not easy either. Without money, he could only take care of his hemiplegic mother and elderly father. Because of that thing that year, his only daughter has long been estranged from him and was unwilling to pay more except for the necessary maintenance.

Compared with their previous lives, the gap lives of these two was simply between heaven and earth.


For the rest of his life, Jiang Liu sent Aunt Man Chun away and watched his son and daughter get married and set up their business. With this, Jiang Liu had fulfilled the original body’s request.

As for the requirements of the main system to fulfil Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng, Jiang Liu had done it as requested. As for whether the two would get divorced after they got married or not, Jiang Liu did not care, as the task did not require them to love each other for a lifetime.

Thinking of the ending of Yu Hongmei and others, Jiang Liu closed his eyes comfortably and ended the mission of this world.

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