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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Intermission 8:  Trip to Hong Kong 3


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Hong Kong night was gorgeous and colourful.

Yan Yicheng stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows on the villa’s top floor, looking at the sea under the night. His eyes gradually deepened——

“Elder brother, I still like this place the most. I will live here with Chu Ran in the future.”

On that day, she also stood in this position, watching the sunset on the sea; Yan Yan’s face was full of yearning.

At that time, she thought she could be with Chu Ran forever.

Born in a family of law enforcement officers, they have encountered too many things that ordinary people could not experience. From a very young age, this pair of brothers and sisters were forced to perform various tasks, and they never had any choice over it.

In those years, each and every world were full of bloody storm.

They all walked together.

On that road, some people left, some people stopped, but they continued to move forward until that day—

Yan Yan, who rarely wears cosmetics, put on light makeup and went out on a date with Chu Ran from early in the morning. She got Chu Ran drunk before she returned to the villa alone.

That year, she was only sixteen years old.

And Yan Yicheng was only one year older than her.

Both of them are less than eighteen years old, but they have to shoulder missions and responsibilities that many people cannot shoulder in their entire lives——

The law enforcement family’s duty was also the source of sorrow for the law enforcement family.

“Brother, if only one of us could live, that person can only be you, do you understand?”

When she talked about one’s life and death, she was more like an old woman who had seen through the world.

She always knows what is right, what is the best, and what… she should do!

“A’ Yan…”

Yan Yicheng could not help but gently put his hand on the glass. It seemed as if he still could see that familiar and tender face faintly on it…

There are countless free law enforcers in the Time and Space Law Enforcement Alliance. They have become an agent by chance. Some people have been an agent since childhood. These people, like Yan Yicheng, come from law enforcement families.

These families, in fact, are as blessed and cursed as the villain families of the Star Villain Club…

When you possess special abilities, you must also abandon something, such as your loved ones.

In the entire Yan family, only Yan Yicheng and his sister, Yan Yan, have inspired the ability to travel through time and space.

Yet, it was destined for the two of them that only one person would survive to inherit this family and take charge of the one thousand and one planes under the Yan family.

Hence, Yan Yan chose to die.

And, Yan Yicheng had personally sent her on the road.

He told himself that he must remember that moment. The blood of that moment and the pain of that moment.


Someone will repay him for that.


He can reverse all of this by himself

“Boss Yan?”

It was unknown since when Xia Beibei, who was in her nightdress, stood behind Yan Yicheng, gently calling his name.

In the dimly lit room, Xia Beibei did not notice the expression on Yan Yicheng’s face. She just could not sleep and ended up walking here in a daze and then saw this slightly lonely figure.


A person will indeed feel lonely sometimes.

However, Xia Beibei had never felt such loneliness coming from Yan Yicheng’s body.

It seemed as if he was born to be lonely. Even though he usually kept those strangers away, yet, in his noble, glamorous, calm and indifferent self, there are no such things as loneliness.

However, at this moment, Xia Beibei felt the lonesomeness breathe shrouded his body.

She is most familiar with this breathe—

It was when there is no one cares about you anymore in the whole world.

The kind of loneliness where you are the only one being left behind.


Yan Yicheng turned around and looked at Xia Beibei with a gentle gaze: “Why are you still up?”

“Can’t sleep.”

Xia Bei took a few steps forward: “Your house is huge. Have you always lived alone?”

Yan Yicheng could not help looking out the window upon hearing her question. Even though it was dark, he still could see the flower swing in the garden.

“My grandfather left this house to my mother.”

Yan Yicheng whispered in a low voice: “My mother is from Hong Kong, and then she married my father and went to City A. Perhaps, have you heard of it too? Ten years ago, she and my father had a family gathering. There was an accident on the board, and everyone in the family died in that accident.”

There was only one heir left in the entire Yan family.

This incident was also a sensation in City A that year!

It even alarmed many departments to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident, but in the end, they could not find out the reason behind the accident.

Of course, they could not. There are not many people in this world who know the truth about it.

Father, mother, and others…

They are actually…still alive.

Living in time-space prison.

That was…the Alliance’s special means to restrict each senior executive.

This was also the fate of most members of the law enforcement family.

These things had been pressing at the bottom of Yan Yicheng’s heart. He has not told anyone about it–

To be a qualified law enforcement officer, you must cut off your emotions and desires so that you can deal with the bugs on each plane impartially and selflessly.

No relatives, no friends, no lover. When there are no ties, there will be no weaknesses.

This is the kind of executive officer most wanted by the Law Enforcement Alliance.

Back then, Chu Ran, who was unable to accept the cruelty of the Alliance, betrayed the Alliance after Yan Yan’s death.

Yan Yicheng had thought of this a long time ago.

That is why he did not stop Chu Ran.

Although he and Chu Ran chose utterly different paths, Yan Yicheng believed that the two of them would still meet again at the end of the terminal.

After all… they have always had the same goal, and they are all fighting for that goal.

Moreover, Yan Yicheng now has a further goal and more people to protect…


“Boss Yan, don’t think about the past. People must live in the present and the future.”

Thinking that the death of his family still saddened Yan Yicheng, Xia Beibei could not help but muster her courage as she raised her hand and patted Yan Yicheng on the shoulder, trying her best to comfort him.

“Xia Beibei.”

Yan Yicheng suddenly turned around, raised his arms and hugged Xia Beibei tightly around his arms.

The thin body in his arms was full of warm breath.

This is the temperature that belongs to his lover.

“Yan, Boss Yan?”

Xia Beibei froze. She did not even dare to make the slightest move. At this moment, her whole heart was beating in panic.

“Xia Beibei.”

The deep voice mingled with the familiar breath sounded softly in Xia Beibei’s ear: “Xia Beibei.”

Yan Yicheng kept muttering Xia Beibei’s name in a low voice as if he wanted to engrave this name in his blood.

At this moment, he just wanted to whisper her name.

Because your lover’s name is always the most beautiful vocabulary in the world, it will make you forget all your troubles and sorrows. Every time, as long as you think of this name in your mind, what lingers in your heart will always be the softest and sweetest——

Your name, my dear love.

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