April 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Wicked Imperial Consort 29


Qin Palace. The incense in the bedroom has burned out, leaving a subtle fragrance.


The Empress Dowager recovered from her memory as she looked up at Xia Bei Bei: “Aijia knows that Mo Er had the intention to force the Emperor to abdicate. Aijia knows his mind since a long time ago. Even then, the late Emperor Xian also saw through his thoughts. Before the death of Emperor Xian, he suddenly altered his edict. He just felt that he owed this son too much in his life.”

It was said that those who are dying are also good at their words.

Maybe Emperor Xian suddenly realized it before he died?

Hearing the Empress Dowager ’s words, Xia Bei Bei ’s eyes flickered: “Empress Dowager, did you and Zhangsun Taifu tampered with the edict?”


Empress Dowager lowered her eyes: “Aijia doesn’t want to see these brothers destroyed each other. Furthermore, Mo’er’s body is also not suitable …”

“So Feng Linchen is suitable?”

For the first time, Xia Bei Bei called the name of the Emperor in front of the Empress Dowager that made the Empress Dowager froze for a moment. She looked at Xia Bei Bei in an unfathomable manner.

[T/N: It is taboo to call Emperor by his name]

The Empress Dowager appeared as if she did not expect Xia Bei Bei to ask her this. Did she really seem so weak and harmless on the surface?

Muhou, have you ever thought about why His Majesty, the late Emperor Xian, temporarily altered the edict? You might have wishfully felt that you have done everything right. Have you considered the feelings of His Majesty, Yan Wang? Maybe he thought that you did not value him. Or perhaps that he is not good enough? So he will be more and more strict with himself. However, in these years, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get your affirmation. Have you ever experienced this kind of feeling? Do you understand it? The late Emperor Xian might have suddenly figured it out before he died. What if the throne was handed over to him? Even if he was destined to be short-lived, even if he had no heirs, wouldn’t he have your other son? “

At this moment, Xia Bei Bei suddenly felt sorry for Feng Linmo.

They are all children of the same father and mother. Yet, from childhood, both of them always receive entirely different treatments. If you were replaced into their position, what will you think? What would you do?

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s remarks, the Empress Dowager was also stunned.

She always thought that the late Emperor Xian was confused, or that he felt too guilty and therefore decided to change his edict before he died. She never thought about it. This was a very rational and wise decision of the late Emperor Xian …

And now, it’s too late to say anything.

“Wanchu, it’s Aijia who is wrong. It is Aijia who is wrong!”

The Empress Dowager stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.

Now, she is really in a dilemma. She is not sure what to do.

Muhou, I don’t want to mention anything about the past again. Wanchu wanted to ask you a sentence. If one day these brothers were to face each other, who will you stand behind?”

Looking at Xia Bei Bei’s deep and serious eyes, the Empress Dowager sighed and slowly closed her eyes: “Aijia … is tired, Wanchu, you can go back.”

“Yes, Wanchu will retire first. Muhou, you have a good rest.”

Xia Bei Bei turned and left, but when she left, her eyes were firmer.

Feng Linmo, it turned out that you are also a child abandoned by your mother.

Although the Empress Dowager didn’t answer Xia Bei Bei’s question, Xia Bei Bei already knew the answer in her heart—

The Empress Dowager, she is on Feng Linchen’s side. Always on his side.

Today, the Empress Dowager told herself about Feng Linmo. In addition to telling her, she also had gained insight into the relationship between them. She also wanted to borrow Xia Bei Bei’s hand to persuade Feng Linmo to dispel the rebellion. The idea of-

After all, even if he became an Emperor, so what is his time is limited?

However, speaking of it, Xia Bei Bei, who was still worried about her mission this time, after hearing the words from Empress Dowager, she genuinely wishes to restore the justice-

She will contribute to this worthy deed even if her bone dried out!

This is the Royal family; this is the battle of power!

So, what are you waiting for?

Feng Linmo, I am willing to help you ascend to the throne, even if you only become an Emperor for one day, you are also the ruler of the world!

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