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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Wicked Imperial Consort 28


“Wanchu, you are here.”

In the inner room of the palace, she could hear the Empress Dowager’s voice

Xia Bei Bei put away her suspicions and quickly moved up the bead curtain and walked in: “Muhou, why is there no one in this room today?”

In fact, Xia Bei Bei also felt that the Empress Dowager had something to say to her. However, at this time, she still could not figure out her intention, so she decided to act muddle-headed.

“Wanchu, Aijia wanted to talk to you alone today.”

During this, the Empress Dowager’s eyes fell on Xia Bei Bei: “Your jade is exquisite.”

“Ah, is it? This, this is …”

“That was made from the Millennium Warm Jade.”

The Empress Dowager interrupted Xia Bei Bei’s words, and then she rose slowly from the beautiful couch. Her deep eyes still staring at the jade pendant on Xia Bei Bei’s body.

“Cultivated for a millennium, this is the Emperor jade. This piece of jade was carved from the exceptional millennium warm jade that is rare in this world. There is only one in the whole world.”

Speaking of this, the Empress Dowager slowly raised her eyes and looked at Xia Bei Bei with a smile: “Mo’er always thought that Aijia gave the best in the world to his elder brother, in fact … all the good things were given to him! “

Xia Bei Bei: …

Lying trough! It turned out that this warm jade was sent to Feng Linmo by the Empress Dowager and now Feng Linmo gave her such a valuable thing that was said to be unparalleled in the world–

How much does it cost to convert it into soft sister currency?

Feng Linmo, you are the reincarnation of the overbearing president!

Wait, where is your focus, sister, ah! What are you thinking of now?!

Muhou, this jade …”

Xia Bei Bei subconsciously grabbed the jade pendant on her body and looked at the Empress Dowager in horror.

“This jade is equivalent to a love token. Wanchu, how should Aijia treat you?”

Xia Bei Bei: …

I was wrong. I shouldn’t have taken this jade pendant. I don’t know how important this thing is. I really just thought this as a token of cooperation, ah!

At this time, Xia Bei Bei felt that her whole person had turned bad.

Tonight, Feng Linmo will rebel, and she promised that she would hijack the Empress Dowager for him.

And now, the Queen Mother not only knows the relationship between the two of them but also posed a posture as if she wanted to tell you a big secret.

Your mom, this kind of situation usually leads to a bloody dog-blood kind of old history, ah!

And these past events can subvert a person’s life.

“Wanchu, Aijia will tell you a secret today.”

It’s coming! It’s coming!

Xia Bei Bei bit her lip with a tangled expression. Empress Dowager, can I not listen to this?

It’s a pity that the Empress Dowager on the side didn’t notice Xia Bei Bei’s bitter expression as she had fallen into her own memories.

“At that time, when the previous Emperor Xian was still a crown prince, he once inflicted with a foreign poison. At that time, this matter is only known by the Zhangsun taifu, Aijia, Xiao Anzi and the Physician Xiao. Physician Xiao had rummaged through various medical books and searched high and low for out-of-town doctors as well as in the capital and finally found a way to remove the toxins. That method is very complicated. The most important thing is that detoxification requires a drug guide. The drug guide cannot be anything but a baby. It also must be the biological children of the poisoned person. “

Xia Bei Bei: …

This baby is so stunned. Let this baby calm down a bit! This novel world is indeed full of extraordinary things.

“Mo’er is the drug guide, so he has been in poor health since he was a child. Although Physician Xiao has been using the best medicine to regulate his body over the years and making him look like a normal person, but actually, he …”

While Xia Bei Bei was left shocked, the Empress Dowager’s face also became very ugly: “He was destined to live not more than thirty years old. Aijia and the previous Emperor had been concealing this matter. Aijia even had deliberately treated him loosely since childhood. Aijia had never urged him to study, and this is all for his own good. Aijia does not want him to fall into the battle in the court. After all, since immemorial, the Royal Family is a place full of cold feelings. Aijia only wanted Mo’er to be happy, not having to worry about clothes and food. Or chasing after glory, splendor, wealth, and rank excessively throughout his life.”

The most ruthless family in the world is the Imperial family.

From the crown princess to the Empress, and then to Empress Dowager. She has experienced too much in her life and has long known the ruthlessness of the Royal family.

Even after her two sons became adults, the Empress Dowager also saw the ambition and ruthlessness of her eldest son. At that time, she had always deliberately and unintentionally revealed to Feng Linmo that she and the then Emperor valued the Crown Prince. She wished that this will deter any coveting lust from him.

However, things had brought the opposite effect.

The more she did this, the more Feng Linmo wanted that position.

His desire could not be concealed from his mother.

At that time, Emperor Xian was still alive. In fact, the couple’s plan has initially been good. The eldest son could successfully ascend the throne with the assistance from the Zhangsun taifu. In contrast, the younger son stayed in the capital for a lifetime, living a free and unfettered life happily.

This is the best arrangement for these two people. However, they tried to determine the fate of others, but that person does not necessarily want to accept such a fate …

Sometimes we will blame others and hate our destiny, but in reality, life is not about fate but how you choose your future.

Feng Linmo chose his own way, which is his destiny.

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