July 22, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Wicked Imperial Consort 27



While feeling that today’s Feng Linmo was so strange, Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but look down at the man beside him: “Wangye, this is the harem!”

Benwang knows.”

Feng Linmo straightened up and looked quietly at the woman in front of her: “Wanchu, live well, Benwang is waiting for you.”

Feng Linmo already left by the end of his sentence.

Even the usually slow-witted Cailan was stunned at the moment when Feng Linmo left.


After a while, Cailan recovered and looked around nervously. Fortunately, no one passed by this hour.

Niangniang, let’s go back to Luoxia Palace quickly!”

At this moment, Cailan girl finally feels the unusual atmosphere that permeates between her Niangniang and His Royal Highness Yan Wang …


Xia Bei Bei’s eyes also sank in contemplation. Today’s Feng Linmo is a bit strange.

He should not be that towards her …

Impossible, is this a joke?

Isn’t this the routine of the Female Lead in a tyrannical love novel? That kind of high end I love you, but I want to kill you plot is impossible to ever happen to her.

Xia Bei Bei strengthened her belief-

As a villain who is about to die, she wanted to play up the heat in Yan Wang’s rebellion, and then die violently.

Um, to have one’s heart pierced by thousands of arrows, I hope it won’t hurt too much.


In a blink of an eye, it is another two days. Tomorrow is the day Feng Linchen will be forced to abdicate.

Thinking that this may be her last night in this world, Xia Bei Bei lay on the bed one night, tossing and turning.

The last world was her first task. In that world, she didn’t stay for too long. Now, as long as she thought about that world, Xia Bei Bei’s only feeling is that her chest hurts a little.

That was the only feeling when the bullet penetrated her body. That one shot was fatal.

That man. Aiya, she doesn’t even know the name of that smelly policeman. You really don’t have any marksmanship.

Don’t let this baby meet you again, hum! Although she knew it was impossible to meet him again, but, what if? In case I might have a chance of entering that world one day, your mom, this old lady, must practice excellent marksmanship to abuse him!

At the thought of this, Xia Bei Bei’s nervousness unconsciously becomes much better.

Perhaps this is what it calls finding joy in sorrows? Something to relax yourself?

That’s right, Xia Bei Bei will not admit it that she is a little bit nervous.

Within a day, from ordinary people who is on the verge of death to a member of the Star Villain Club.

The ups and downs are more exciting than riding a roller coaster.

Although Xia Bei Bei has the determination to become a villain BOSS, she knows that Rome was not built in a day. She is aware of her situation, IQ, and rough personality. For her to become an elite villain, she really has a long way to go–

Xia Bei Bei, this is just the beginning.

If you dare not kill people if you can’t even pick up your sword, what kind of villain are you going to be? How could you earn your life span?

Just happily roll back home and waited to die!

Some roads, once you have chosen it, you should no longer look back. You just need to move forward steadily.

Even if someone tells you that this is a black road, you must firmly believe that darkness will always pass. Only those who have experienced the long darkness can  understand the beauty of the sun.


Xia Bei Bei chuckled. Finally, she closed her eyes at ease, and slowly entered the dreamland …

On the second day, after the Empress was being sealed, the entire capital was covered with red makeup.

This is the biggest event in the Dasheng Dynasty. The whole capital was filled with a festive atmosphere. No one feels that under this celebration, there are hidden endless murderer intention …

In the harem, Luo Xia palace.

Guifei Niangniang, Empress Dowager request you to go and see her!”

Originally early in the morning, Xia Bei Bei had put on the cumbersome guifei attire and asked Cailan to dress herself up. She wanted to wait for the time to come quietly. After all, the post-sealing ceremony would take a whole day, and she knew Yan Wang would start his plan after nightfall.

But what Xia Bei Bei did not expect at this time was for the female official, Ruoying, who served next to the Empress Dowager to suddenly came to Luoxia Palace.

The Empress Dowager wants her to come and please her?

Xia Bei Bei did not feel too surprised. After all, her excellent relationship with the Empress Dowager was something that everyone in the entire Imperial Palace knows.

When Xia Bei Bei and Cailan followed Ruoying, she was brought to the Empress Dowager’s bedroom. As soon as she entered the door, she could not help but frown. The palace was too quiet.

She comes here almost every day, but it has never been as quiet as it is now, which is a little strange.

Niangniang, please, don’t let the Empress Dowager wait for a long time.”

During the speech, Ruoying had stopped walking. She even stopped Cailan, who was following her from behind: “Cailan, you follow me outside to guard. Today, Empress Dowager does not want to be disturbed!”


Cailan looked at Xia Bei Bei and saw that Xia Bei Bei consented to it. Cailan then obeyed Ruoying and went outside the palace gate.

Xia Bei Bei then dragged the Guifei long skirt and walked alone, step by step, into the bedroom.

No maid is waiting at the Empress Dowager’s bedroom today. The entire bedroom is quiet, and inside the elegantly furnished room, the Long Dan fragrance was burned calmly…

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