June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Wicked Imperial Consort 26


Maybe it was because she really liked Xia Bei Bei, or perhaps it was because of the grievances that she had accumulated while spending her life in the harem. However, recently, the Empress Dowager had been super attentive to Xia Bei Bei.

This is not the first time she sent Xia Bei Bei’s new clothes. However, this time the clothes look more gorgeous and expensive.

Seeing the Empress Dowager smiled at hers, Xia Bei Bei brought Cailan to behind the screen and put on her new dress.

Muhou, what do you think?”

When Xia Bei Bei, who was wearing a magenta-colored Guifei dress, came out from behind the screen, the Empress Dowager nodded at her appreciatively: “Pretty good, pretty good. It fit you well. Wanchu, ah! You …”

Halfway through the words, Empress Dowager suddenly stared at Xia Bei Bei’s body with a foolish expression.


Xia Bei Bei tentatively called out, and the Empress Dowager soon recovered. She looked at Xia Bei Bei with complicated eyes: “Wan Chu, Aijia is tired. You go back first.”


Although she didn’t know what happened to the Empress Dowager, Xia Bei Bei resigned respectfully. Cailan, who was behind her, held the clothes and accessories that Xia Bei Bei wore previously and quickly followed her.

“Ruoying, just now, did ­Aijia see it wrongly?”

After Xia Bei Bei left, Empress Dowager turned her head to look at the close female officer behind her and asked gently.

“Empress Dowager, you did not see it wrongly, nubi … also can see it. That jade pendant in Cailan’s hand is the warm jade that you gave to His Royal Highness Yan Wang, ah!”

In the entire of Dasheng, that jade is matchless, and there is no second one!

Hearing Ruoying’s words, the Empress Dowager slowly closed her eyes——

“Mo’er, you have been in poor health since childhood. Muhou will give you this piece of warm jade. Remember to keep it close to you, alright?”

Muhou, this looks like something that girl will wear. When Mo’er grows up, I leave it to my wife, okay?”

“Stupid boy, this warm jade is unparalleled in the world, who is worthy of it?”

“Perhaps, someday, there will be someone who will deserve it.”

Has that day arrived?

Empress Dowager couldn’t help but sigh. Her whole person seemed to become much older instantly—

This fate cannot be escaped!

At that time, she had done everything to let him give up Zhangsun Yu, but she did not expect that now …

Mo’er, Muhou knows that you have been suffering, and you had always resented Muhou, who only loves your brother emperor.

However, there are some things that you do not know, and Muhou does not want to tell you.

Aijia is tired.”

Empress Dowager slowly stood up and turned to look at Ruoying, who had followed her for many years: “Ruoying, help Aijia to go back to rest.”


Feeling that The Empress Dowager currently low in mood, Ruoying immediately lowered her eyes and reverently helped the Empress Dowager walked to the inner room …

At this time, Xia Bei Bei, who had changed back her dress, took Cailan out of the Empress Dowager’s palace. As a result, she met Feng Linmo, who came to pay his respect to his mother.

This time the two did not agree to meet in advance. It was purely an encounter.


Seeing Feng Linmo’s figure, Xia Bei Bei immediately smiled at him.

Feng Linmo nodded: “Guifei Niangniang, how is your health today?”

Although many days had passed, he still remembers the day when she cried bitterly in the side courtyard of the Mu Residence.

Later, it was known that she had been comatose after returning to the palace. Feng Linmo was also worried. Until he got the news that Xia Bei Bei had woke up, did he finally feel relieved.

However, her body is not optimistic. Feng Linmo also knows about this matter.

Therefore, he gave her a warm jade.

Mu Wanchu, I can believe in you, right?

On the quiet palace road, the two of them stared at each other silently.

Hearing Feng Linmo’s words, Xia Bei Bei smiled softly: “My body is still the same as before. And it was unlikely to change anyway. Bengong is already used to it. However, it is different with you Wangye. Recently, the weather has become colder. Wangye, by all means, please take good care of yourself!”

After saying that, Xia Bei Bei nodded at Feng Linmo as she staggered and prepared to leave. However, at that moment, Feng Linmo suddenly raised his hand and grabbed her hand.

The coldness of her fingertips made him frown involuntarily: “Did you wear the jade I gave you?”


Xia Bei Bei froze for a moment. Cailan looked at Feng Linmo inexplicably, and then carefully took out the jade in her arms: “Wangye, are you talking about this? Niangniang just changed her clothes and took it off.”

“Wear it all the time from now on.”

Feng Linmo took the jade and bent down as he carefully tied it to Xia Bei Bei’s waist.

Xia Bei Bei: …

Wait a minute. My good teammate had suddenly changed his style. This baby could not help but feel that he was broken somehow?

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