May 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Wicked Imperial Consort 25


In the future, if I were to rule this world, I will make you my Empress and take you with me to look over the rivers and mountains.

This is a very beautiful vow. How many emperors have been able to do it since ancient times?

At that time, when Feng Linchen was still the prince, he had loved Zhangsun Yu wholeheartedly. Although he knew that Zhangsun Yu would belong to him, he always believed that he is to be the worthiest man in the world for her.

In the end, he finally embraced the beauty. On the day when the two of them got married, he was still a prince. He took Zhangsun Yu’s hand into her new house and swore to the sky–

If he becomes the Emperor in the future, he will surely make her the Empress!

Now, this oath is finally fulfilled.

No matter the Royal Court or the harem, no one can hinder him. This great rivers and mountains are the best gift he will send to her!

The Shangguan family was finally chopped down, and Qin Wang also failed in rebellion. Now, Feng Linchen is genuinely in high spirits.

When the news came that the Emperor wanted to set up Shu fei as his Empress, there was naturally no opposition in the entire court. Now that the Shangguan family has fallen. Zhangsun’s family, on the other hand, is not only related to the Emperor’s tutor but also the maternal family of the Empress. Therefore, who dares to oppose His Majesty’s decision?

Regarding the matter after the Empress’ establishment, the reaction in the harem was utterly different. Everyone thought that Xi fei Niangniang is finally going to be in power. Unexpectedly, in the end, Zhangsun Yu took the top spot.

Of course, Xi fei Niangniang’s health is not good. The matter regarding her infertility is also not a secret in the harem. At this time, those women who previously envy, jealous and hate Xia Bei Bei are now looking at her with sympathy.

For all this, Xia Bei Bei is just indifferent.

She knew that when a person was most lax, it was when he was the most high-spirited.

Feng Linmo has been waiting for another opportunity. That opportunity that can initiate the palace change, and now, that opportunity is coming!

He has no military power, but as long as he controls the imperial palace, as long as His Majesty dies, as His Majesty’s brother, he can take the throne for granted.

Since ancient times, you will not be blamed for the trick you used while scheming to usurp the throne. After all, regardless of the outcomes of the hero, the one who succeeded was legal and called the Emperor; while the one that failed was illegal and called the thief!

The guards of the imperial palace were divided into two groups, one group is the Imperial guards, and one group is the Imperial Palace Yulin army.

The Imperial Guard are unified and was directly under His Majesty. However, the Yulin Army belongs to a special leader of the Outer City Army. Now the leader of the Yulin Army is Mu Yunxiu.

Everything is ready to go, but what is different from the original plot is that this time the people who have cooperated inside and outside have changed from Shangguan Man and Qin Wang to Xi fei Niangniang and Yang Wang.

There are five days to go before the day of establishment.

Xia Bei Bei has been counting down.

According to the plot she knew, in the original novel, Shangguan Man and Feng Linye’s had breached the palace and almost succeeded. Still, in the end, Zhangsun Yu took advantage of it to make a difference, which gave Feng Linchen a chance to fight back.

Also, in this life and death situation, the two people’s feelings have further enhanced.

Now she is taking the path that Shangguan Man in the original text is going to take. All she has to do is to cooperate with Yan Wang’s people and to seize the Empress Dowager on the day of the palace change. This is an outside and inside offensives to force Feng Linchen to abdicate!

Speaking of the Empress Dowager, Xia Bei Bei thought that she was a good little old lady. Although she sometimes loves to put some airs, compared with other ruthless, shameless, and unreasonable empresses in the TV dramas Xia Bei Bei has watched before, she is still much better…

This time, it was a battle between her two sons. She wonders, who will the Empress Dowager choose to stand by?

Two days later, Empress Dowager’s Qin Palace.

“Wan Chu, this is the Guifei dress that Aijia asked the tailor in my place to make for you. Come and try it!”

After Empress Dowager said that, Xia Bei Bei finally remembered that Feng Linchen seemed to have conferred her to become the as a Huang Guifei.

Now, she is this harem most senior concubine. As for the former Huang Guifei Shangguan Man, no one knows where she is–

There was nothing shocking worth questioning about it. Even Feng Linchen didn’t need to show up for this. He only needed a word to let Shangguan Man disappear silently in this world.

A roll of mat at the bottom of the river may be her final destination.

This is after all the harem.

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