May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Wicked Imperial Consort 24


Luoxia Palace.


In front of Xia Bei Bei, An Ming was still very respectful and humble. He was once used to serve the previous Emperor. After the death of the Emperor, he followed the current Emperor. Step by step, he raised from an ordinary to the highest position, the Emperor’s General Manager [Come back to me if you have the ability]. In this harem, it can be regarded as a very qualified and influential person.

“This is what Wangye asked nucai to hand over to Niangniang.”

An Ming took out a small brocade box from his sleeve: “Here is a thousand-year-old warm jade. If it wears on a body, it that can warm people all year round.”

Wangye is indeed considerate.”

Xia Bei Bei raised her hand to pick up the box. An Ming suddenly raised his head and took a deep look at Xia Bei Bei: “Niangniang, please don’t turn your back against Wangye.”

Xia Bei Bei: …

Want to buy this baby with a broken stone?

She didn’t forget how Feng Linmo had probed her out.

Now that he had finished probe her out, he did not forget to throw sweet jujube. His Royal Highness, Yang Wang, power play is indeed really beautiful. He will not give you any promises, but still, provide you with hope.

However, those who live in hope given by others are too miserable.

Bengong will not disappoint Wangye, but Wangye …”

Xia Bei Bei smiled faintly: “Bengong aware of Wangye’s heart.”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, An Ming sighed. Some words he shouldn’t say, he didn’t dare to say. Today, his sentence is already going over the top.

“An Ming, do you believe in fate?”

Xia Bei Bei took the brocade box, but she did not open it. Instead, she looked up at the person in front of him.

Fate, what a mysterious word.

Nucai believe in fate. Sometimes people need it in their life, or else they won’t be able to insist.”

“General Manager An is indeed optimistic.”

Xia Bei Bei glanced at An Ming: “It’s not too early. Thank you, General Manager An for visiting Bengong on behalf of His Majesty. Please tell His Majesty that my body is fine. Let him concentrate on managing the rebellion!”

Nucai will do as you bid. Niangniang, nucai will naturally tell His Majesty your word and persuade him!”

With that said, An Ming turned around and walked out quickly from Xia Bei Bei’s palace.

After An Ming left, Cailan came in from outside. The little girl was immersed in the joy of having her master being favored by the Emperor. Looking at the busy Cailan, Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but sank her eyes——

Once the matter between her and Feng Linmo exposed, then the entire Luoxia Palace and even the whole Mu Family will be implicated.

For the Mu family, Xia Bei Bei has no feelings for them. However, the people in Luoxia Palace are innocent.

That day, she deliberately “spoken her heart” in front of Zhangsun Yu. In case she failed and was forced to depart this world, she hoped that Zhangsun Yu could speak for herself in front of Feng Linchen and keep Luoxia Palace from this up and down.

This is the only thing Xia Bei Bei can do.

She wanted to become a villain that able to kill people without blinking, but she still wants to do something to save people close to her—

Even if she wanted to become a big villain, she should have her own feelings and not a simple killing machine.

People are such complicated creatures.


When the northern rebellion was in full swing, the long-lost Feng Linye finally appeared. At this time, he had torn his face entirely with the court and flagrantly rebelled.

It was just this time that his rebellious actions were somewhat passive. In the beginning, he was suppressed by the army of the imperial court. Later, the Shangguan family, who had secretly allied themselves with him, was imprisoned, which led to the failure of the incident.

It turned out that to regain the favor of Feng Linchen, Shangguanman in the palace had secretly stolen the evidence related to the rebellion plan of the Shangguan ’s family and presented it to Feng Linchen, ah!

Regarding Shangguan Man’s trick of courting disaster, Xia Bei Bei could not help but become intoxicated–

She really thought that when she crossed, she had become the Female Lead?

Reported his family in exchange for the Emperor’s heart? Did she leave her IQ at home when she crossed?

Here are the ancient times, ah. It is the Dasheng Dynasty!

Without the support of her own family and being the daughter of a criminal, is Shangguanman planning to take the tragic route?

Are you planning to be abused and forced into a sadomasochism relationship and later on achieving becoming each other’s sunshine kind of ending?

Cough, my dear sister, this is actually a kind of frequently re-occurring disease that often happens to females who cross over. The full name is-I always thought that I was the protagonist, but in the end, I was not!

In short, with the unremitting efforts of our Shangguan sister, Shangguan family, OUT! The army of Feng Linye, OUT!

It should have been a violent rebellion, but it turned out to be a joke.

The victorious army that deters the rebellion is now on the way to triumph, and at this time, Feng Linchen, who has been holding a big stone in his heart, can finally relax.

The Shangguan family, which had ganged up for personal interest, finally fell. In the end, no one in the court dared to become impudent.

In the royal family, Feng Linye, who had the greatest ambition and the most significant threat, also failed to rebel. His failure also brought a wake-up call to other princes. This is dripping with blood lessons. He believes that others should not be planning for any wrongdoing.

At this time, Feng Linchen, with a pleased heart, finally thought of rewarding the minister who had shown outstanding services. Simultaneously, he also wishes to declare his Empress to the world!

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