June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Wicked Imperial Consort 23


T/N Now the start of intrigue

When Xia Bei Bei opened her eyes again, she realized that she had returned to Luoxia Palace.

“Cailan! Cailan!”

She sat up from the bed and called out hoarsely.

Niangniang! Niangniang, you finally woke up!”

When Cailan heard Xia Bei Bei’s voice, she immediately rushed over and hugged Xia Bei Bei. The little girl’s eyes were swollen like a walnut.

Niangniang, nubi, nubi, was afraid that you would never wake up again!”

Hearing Cailan’s low cry, Xia Bei Bei hesitated a bit: “I, how long did I fainted?”

“Five days. Five days and five nights.”

Five days?

“How about my mother?” Xia Bei Bei asked with a pale complexion and a hoarse voice.

“Old lady, the old lady has been buried according to the custom.”

Speaking of which, Cailan’s cry got even louder: “Madam, the old lady, has already gone. You must take care of your body, ah! His Majesty has been worried about your body for the last few days. The physicians in the Royal Hospital had come to the palace every day to diagnose your body. I had been praying that you will wake up as soon as possible. Thank Heavens! Thank God for the blessing and protection! Niangniang, you finally woke up. Nubi will go to the Buddhist hall and put a few more incenses on it.

Hearing Cailan’s words, Xia Bei Bei still sat on the bed looking foolish.

It is already five days later. Mulan’s was also already been buried.

Alright, everything is okay.

Xia Bei Bei sighed. At least, Mulan was still smiling when she passed away. She was feeling at ease.

At least this is better than in the original …

Oh, I almost forgot, in the original novel, there is no mention regarding the birth and death of a small passerby who is only a background board.

“Cailan, when I fainted that day, did I …”

Niangniang, don’t you know? It was His Majesty who brought you back to the palace, ah! The Emperor also went to the mourning hall to lit some incense to the old lady in person. Nubi was moved to tears. His Majesty really treats Niangniang good.


Feng Linchen?

Xia Bei Bei rubbed the corners of her eyes. When she fainted that day, she vaguely remembered that someone was hugging her.

“Okay, I know.”

Xia Bei Bei took a deep breath and cheered up: “Cai Lan, help me prepare some food and hot water.”


Watching Cailan turn around and leave, Xia Bei Bei involuntarily raised her hands. Her white and thin palms were cold without any temperature.

Her soul was repelled by this body because of her mental fluctuations were too great. Because of this, she was unconscious for five days and five nights.

Time is running out.

This time should be used to settle everything down.


The news of Xi fei Niangniang awakening gradually spread in the harem. All the harem concubines came to offer their condolences to Luoxia Palace. Even Shangguanman, who had always wanted Xia Bei Bei to die, sent some supplements.

Zhangsun Yu, who came to visit Xia Bei Bei late at night, was forever tranquil and graceful. She smiled and sat in front of the bed as she gently pulled Xia Bei Bei’s hand. Feeling the coldness of her fingertips, Zhangsun Yu froze for a moment: “Meimei, why are your hands so cold?”

Jiejie, I’m afraid … I am running out of time.”

Xia Bei Bei smiled at Zhangsun Yu: “Shu fei jiejie, why do you think that God let me escape from time to time?”

“Wanchu …”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s word, Zhangsun Yu froze for a moment. At the next moment, Xia Bei Bei suddenly opened her arms and gently embraced Zhangsun Yu: “Jiejie, you and His Majesty must be well, I … will clear all the obstacles for you.”

Mu Wanchu …

Zhangsun Yu stared at the pale white woman in front of her with amazement. Xia Bei Bei just showed her with a weak but brilliant smile.

When she came out of Luoxia Palace, Zhangsun Yu was deeply worried and sick at heart as she traveled back to her palace.

Ruoliu, on the side saw Zhangsun Yu’s absent-minded look and couldn’t help but whispered a question: “Niangniang, what’s wrong with you? Did Xi fei Niangniang said anything bad things to you?”

“Stop guessing!”

Zhangsun Yu glanced coldly at Ruoliu: “Wanchu meimei … she is an unfortunate person.”

The war on the border finally broke out. When the news arrived at the capital, Feng Linchen immediately sent troops to the border to suppress the rebellion. For some time, the entire Dasheng Dynasty was in a state of alarm.

Taking advantage of this time, Feng Linmo also began to speed up his pace. Now he completely trusted Xia Bei Bei, so he often asked his spy in the palace to send Xia Bei Bei some instructions.

This is also the first time Xia Bei Bei knows that Feng Linmo’s foundation in the Imperial palace was so deep because he should unexpectedly manage to grab the most important servant in this Imperial palace–

Feng Linchen’s General Manager, An Ming.

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