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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Wicked Imperial Consort 22


The moonlight is white, and the night breeze is slightly cold.

In the mourning hall of the Mu Residence, a plain white Xia Bei Bei with a loose long hair was kneeling straight in front of Mulan’s coffin.

She was stunned by Mu Yunxiu at dusk. When she finally woke up, it was already night. She immediately asked Cailan to find her mourning clothes and then came to mourning hall.

The Mu family, including Mu Changtian, who didn’t show up often, was also in the hall, weeping endlessly.

“Get out. Roll out for Bengong!”

As soon as Xia Bei Bei entered the hall, she scolded everyone away.

These people had contributed to Mulan’s suffering before she died. Now that she died, these groups of people are still pretending to be good people in front of her coffin.

In front of dead people, are you so happy putting on a play as a living person?

It is so disgusting!

She drove everyone away, including Cailan. Xia Bei Bei knelt in the mourning hall alone as she talked to Mulan while throwing the money paper at the brazier.

“Mother, I’ll burn for you everything that you want. You couldn’t enjoy it in your life. Don’t forget to enjoy it down there.”

Xia Bei Bei’s voice was hoarse. Her eyes were red and swollen.

The feelings between people are so subtle. When she came to this world, she can clearly distinguish between reality and illusion. Even when facing people like Feng Linchen and Feng Linmo, she can always calmly inferred the things that she should and shouldn’t do. However, when she was facing this older woman who had a bumpy life, half her life, she was somewhat at a wit’s end.

In front of Mulan, she has forgotten her identity and forget about everything else. She only remembered that she is her child, a child who needs a mother.

Perhaps because of her hope and expectation for love had been going on for far too long. Therefore, when this love comes so suddenly, she ended up wild with joy and inevitably suffered from the gains and the losses.

Xia Bei Bei slowly closed his eyes, remembering the fall of the maple leaves many years ago-

“Bei Bei, don’t move from where you stand. Mama is going to play hide-and-seek with you!”

That woman smiled and turned away.

She walked away very decisively and walked away with confidence and at ease.

She thought that the seven-year-old Xia Bei Bei knew nothing. In fact, Xia Bei Bei knew what she was going to do.

Hide-and-seek, your mom.

Isn’t it that you wish to abandon this baby and run away with other men?

Heh, what’s so great about you?

Looking at the woman’s back, Xia Bei Bei gritted her teeth fiercely. Cold tears ran across her childish little face involuntarily.

She was not crying. Her eyes were only sweating.

She is not a child that no one wants. She still has the world to love.

She … didn’t want such a mother.

Dad said that even if life is short, you must live a colorful life. Someone will leave you today. Tomorrow, there will be better people who will come and love you.

There will be that person. There will be …

There must be such a person who will replace the world and come to love me …

Xia Bei Bei’s emaciated body shook a few times. The next second, she had fallen over. Before she completely lost her consciousness, she just vaguely felt that she was falling into the arms of a man.

“Young Master? Niangniang, she …”

Cailan came in from the outside and saw Mu Wanchu falling into Mu Yunxiu’s arms at first glance.

“She is too tired.”

Mu Yunxiu whispered. This time, without his intervention, she really fainted from being too tired and sad.

The person in his arms was skinny and pitiful. He held her, almost effortlessly.

At this time, Mu Yunxiu also remembered that Mu Wanchu was originally has a sickly body. This body almost died in the cold palace not too long ago.

Xia Bei Bei was lucky that she managed to use this sickly body and still acted so bouncing and vivacious.


At this time, a large group of people came and walked from the front yard powerfully. The man at the front saw Mu Yunxiu and Mu Wanchu in front of the mourning hall and anxiously called out.

“Ah! Your Majesty!”

Cailan heard Feng Linchen’s voice and knelt nervously and respectfully on the ground. She didn’t expect that the Emperor will come to Mu Residence despite being so late at night. This is simply heavenly grace!

“Your Majesty.”

At this time, Mu Yunxiu also saw the figure of Feng Linchen. Since Xia Bei Bei was still in his arms, he just gently gave Feng Linchen a salute.

“What happened to Wanchu?”

Feng Linchen hurried to look at Mu Yunxiu’s complexion. He stretched his hand as he speaks.

“Wanchu fainted from over-grieving.”

Mu Yunxiu’s eyes flashed as he whispered softly: “She was covered with soot. Please don’t stain your robe, Your Majesty. Chen will send her directly to the room to rest.”

During the speech, Mu Yunxiu was holding Xia Bei Bei and walked outside towards her courtyard. Towards the people in this world, Mu Yunxiu did not have any feelings for them at all. He merely looked at Xia Bei Bei, who had been crying the whole day pitifully. What she needed the most right now is a real rest and not the hypocritical show of affection from the Male Lead.

Obviously, tonight Lin Fengchen’s posture was perfect. But that’s all. No one expects an Emperor full of conspiracies and tricks to pay true feelings to anyone, even if this is just a novel world……

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  1. I suddenly understood why she kept calling herself ‘baby’. When you don’t have parents, you will unconsciously parent yourself.

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