April 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Wicked Imperial Consort 21


The night is as cold as water. The entire Mu Residence was surrounded by plain white clothes.

The death of Xi fei niangniang’s mother was naturally a significant event in the capital. Taking advantage of the night, many dignitaries, nobles, and princes came in a hurry to pay their respect.

“Cailan, what about your master?”

When Feng Linmo came to the side courtyard, the courtyard was already empty. There is only Cailan, who was packing things in the room alone.

Hearing Feng Linmo’s words, Cailan slowly looked up: “Wangye, our niangniang is in the kitchen.”


Feng Linmo followed Cailan’s direction and walked to the small kitchen in the side courtyard. The kitchen was full of smoke and soot, and a figure could be seen bustling around there.

It’s Xia Bei Bei.

Looking at her busy figure, Feng Linmo’s eyes dimmed a bit as he couldn’t help but called her out: “Wanchu!”

Xia Bei Bei, who is in the kitchen, didn’t seem to hear Feng Linmo’s words as she continued to busy herself in her own way.

“Cough! Cough!” The smell of oily smoke in the kitchen made her cough nonstop. As she continued to cough, there were tears in her eyes.

“Mu Wanchu!”

Feng Linmo who stood at the door, couldn’t see her acting like this anymore. He immediately strode in and dragged her out of the kitchen: “Don’t you know how your body is? Do you have to torture yourself and make your body sick to be happy? Looking at you like this, will the old lady feel at ease? “


Hearing Feng Linmo’s words, Xia Bei Bei vigorously shook his hand away: “I don’t want you to control me. Why do you want to control me? It is easy for you to speak, ah! Do you think I will feel happy after my mother pass away? It ’s all fucking fart! My mother is now gone. I don’t have a mother anymore, how can I be happy? How is that possible?”

She raised her eyes and stared at Feng Linmo’s unwavering pair of phoenix eyes: “Feng Linmo, how could you realize it? How could you understand me? I didn’t have my mother anymore. I didn’t have anyone…”

No one can understand her mood, no one.

If Mu Wanchu knows her mother is now gone, what is her mood?

Xia Bei Bei was abandoned by her mother when she was very young. She told herself to be happy. She told herself to be heartless. To be a silly yet witty person. So much so that she would not be unhappy. So much so that she would not feel sad.

Even if the whole world does not want me. Even if people all over the world think I am stupid and silly, what does it matter?

As long as I am happy, all other people can go to hell!

All along, she has comforted herself so much. She has lived heartlessly.

However, in this world. Although only for a short time. Mulan had let Xia Bei Bei realize the warmth of the maternal love that she had never experienced before.

The one who put all her efforts and all her feelings on you. The person you call mother.

No matter where you are, no matter how old you are, someone who will worry about you all day and night, she is your mother.

“Mother told me that she taught me how to make a thousand layer cake so that, whenever I miss her, I can make it on my own, so that I will be able to have a flavor that I familiar with. But what should I do, I just can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t make the correct flavor like hers! “

During the conversation, Xia Bei Bei squatted on the ground as he hugged her shoulders with of her both hands. She buried her face between her knees as the whole person sobbed and wept bitterly.

Under the moonlight, watching Mu Wanchu trembling and crying helplessly, Feng Linmo stretched out his hand. For a moment, he suddenly wanted to rush over and pull her into his embrace, but … he knew he could not do that.


A sigh came from the gate of the side courtyard. Under the moonlight, Mu Yunxiu strode in.

Seeing Xia Bei Bei on the ground, Mu Yunxiu’s eyes flashed as he bent down and held Xia Bei Bei in his arms directly: “Wanchu, you sleep for a while. You need to rest now.”

During his speech, Mu Yunxiu immediately tapped on Xia Bei Bei’s sleeping point.

“Yunxiu, she …”

Feng Linmo, on the side, saw Mu Yunxiu’s movements and couldn’t help but opened his mouth. He suddenly wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to.

“I will let her sleep for an hour. She will wake up automatically after an hour.”

Mu Yunxiu held Xia Bei Bei and brought her to the side room of the courtyard. The dim candlelight in that room reflected her tearful face.

In fact, Mu Yunxiu has always been outside the courtyard. He actually heard the conversation between Xia Bei Bei and Feng Linmo.

Mu Yunxiu knew that Xia Bei Bei was not acting. No one could act so realistically in front of him, so much that he could not find any trace of flaws.

Looking at the cheeks covered with tears, Mu Yunxiu’s eyes were a little complicated. He couldn’t help remembering the encounter that he had with Xia Bei Bei in the company before entering this world. He was a little surprised to think that she had such a side in her.

Women are really a mysterious creature.

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