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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Wicked Imperial Consort 20


T/N Ready for tears.. at least for me ah….

Because of the wound on her face, Xia Bei Bei did not dare to go to Mulan’s room to see her on the next day. However, at this time, in the Imperial Harem, at Jinfang Palace.

Feng Linchen sat on the chair and looked at Zhangsun Yu, who was teasing the little prince in her arms. His eyes softened at that sight.

“Ayu, wait for all the troubled to pass, Zhen will confer you as the Empress, okay?”

Hearing Feng Linchen’s words, Zhangsun Yu froze for a moment: “Your Majesty, Ayu is not in a hurry. As long as His Majesty can be good to our son, and His Majesty is all good, Ayu is perfectly satisfied.”

A few days ago, Feng Linchen and her had been in a cold war because of the matter of Feng Linye.  After all, it is normal for a couple to quarrel with each other at the head of the bed and compromise at the end of it. How could husband and wife hate each other overnight? What’s more, Feng Linchen is also the Emperor.

(T/N: to end an intense argument with make-up sex)

Recently, Mu Wanchu had returned home to visit her relatives. Therefore, Feng Linchen had spent almost every day at Jinfang Palace. His relationship with Zhangsun Yu gradually eased and harmonized.

This made Shangguan Man, who has been given cold treatment by everyone, to look at her with so much hatred that her teeth itched. She suddenly hoped that Mu Wanchu’s things to come back sooner.

The incident that happened last night at the entrance of Mu Residence was known by everyone in the harem by now. Everyone is waiting for His Majesty ’s reaction. After all, even though this thing is not a big deal, however, no matter how small it is—

Mu Wanchu is after all the most favorite concubine in the harem. Even if she was at the same place as Yan Wang during the incident, she didn’t need to stop the sword on behalf of Yan Wang. This action seemed to be a bit too much. To say that there was nothing between them, who would believe it, ah?

Feng Linchen has also been thinking about this matter. He wanted to spend a few days with Ayu in a good and comfortable mood, however, he already acted as if Mu Wanchu was his most important person.  For such a big thing to happen, it will be unreasonable if he did not express his feeling about it, right?

Moreover, Feng Linchen was also really curious. So what exactly is Mu Wanchu relationship with his third brother?

“Your Majesty, are you worried about the matter of Wanchu meimei?”

Zhangsun yu gave her sleeping child to the wet nurse before she turned to face Feng Linchen, who was frowning. She could n’t help but walk forward with a faint smile: “Actually, chenqie thinks that everyone is complicating this simple matter. As for the nature of Wanchu meimei, shouldn’t Your Majesty already familiar with it? She is a simple person. Initially, when she was pushed and nearly drowned at that lake, it was His Highness, Yang Wang, who incidentally passing by that had jumped into the lake and saved her. For her to repay this life-saving grace with her action this time, there should not be anything wrong with it, right?

Hearing Zhangsun Yu’s words, Feng Linchen’s eyes lit up. He really felt like he had awakened from a dream! Everyone thought about the relationship between Feng Linmo and Mu Wanchu, but no one remembered that Feng Linmo was also Mu Wanchu’s life-saving benefactor!

“Ayu, you are brilliant and good at understanding others.”

Feng Linchen smiled and pulled Zhangsun Yu into his arms: “If I bring Wanchu back to the palace at this time, I am afraid that it will cause an unnecessary criticism. It would be better to let her stay at ease with the Mu family. Physician Xiao also said that Mulan would not be able to survive past this month. So, let her stay with Mulan. I will send another team to protect her.”

“Your Majesty is brilliant.”

Hearing Feng Linchen’s words, Chang Sun Yu nodded gently, her eyes flashing–

Mu Wanchu, although sometimes I think you are very strange, but I heard that you have an excellent relationship with your mother. I will help you this time. I hope you can accompany your mother through her last journey.

Being an Imperial Concubine, one often did not have the freedom to act independently. Not only you but so I am….

Mu Residence.

Xia Bei Bei hid in the room for two days without going out. Seeing that Feng Linchen unexpectedly did not call her back and instead of sending a large number of people to protect her, Xia Bei Bei finally was feeling relieved.

It seems that this Feng Linchen really took a laborious effort of acting a full set of drama as if he vowed to push himself to the throne and overcome his sorrow all for the sake of the Imperial Concubine. Yet, Xia Bei Bei did not show any trace of politeness as she received the Emperor’s, so-called heart.

After the injuries on her face could not be seen by others, Xia Bei Bei began to accompany Mulan all day. The original Mu family wanted to take advantage of this time to repair their relationship with Xia Bei Bei. Still, in the end, in the entire of Mu family, only Mu Yunxiu had the opportunity to get close to Xia Bei Bei’s yard. Others have been threatened back by a large number of Imperial Guards before they could even come inside.

As for Mu Yunxiu, cough, in fact, Xia Bei Bei also ordered those people not to let Mu Yunxiu approach her yard, but those people are not Mu Yunxiu’s opponents at all, ah!

Therefore, Young Master Mu still come and go freely in her side courtyard.

That’s right; people with high military value are so wilful.

In a flash, it was already the twenty-fifth day of the month.

“Wanchu, Niang feels better today. Let’s take a walk around with me.”

Mulan complexion was looking pretty good as she ordered the servant to dress herself up early in the morning. She then took Xia Bei Bei’s hand without letting it go.


Xia Bei Bei motioned for Cailan to support Mulan other hand. The three of them went all the way to the back garden. At this time of year, the flowers in the garden were blooming brightly. Looking at the colorful flowers, Mulan seemed to recall the things that happened many years ago. When she first came to Mu Residence, amidst this gorgeous flower garden, she had been dancing elegantly while singing gracefully.

At that time, everything was like a big dream.

What if she had not come across Mu Changtian and fell in love with him?

People, the longer the time passed by, the likely for them to indulge in the flight of fancy.

In this world, where would anyone get any chance to redo their regret?

Mulan’s subconsciously clenched Xia Bei Bei’s palm: “Wanchu, you have to remember. You have to remember that everyone only has one heart, don’t … don’t entrust it to someone who is not worth entrusting!”


Hearing Mulan’s words, Xia Bei turned around and looked at her in surprise.

Under the sunshine, Mulan smiled faintly. From the haggard face, she could vaguely see what she looked like when she was young–

Even if she was used to be famous in the capital. Even if she was a magnificent style unmatched in her generation.

As soon as the wrong payment was made, she had to live with the consequences forever.

In the dazzling warm sunlight, Mulan seemed to see a girl in a red dress, dancing on the ground covered with flowers.

She smiled and released her hand as she slowly closed her eyes …


In the back garden of the Mu Residence, Xia Bei Bei’s heartbroken voice rang continuously …

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