July 22, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Wicked Imperial Consort 19



In the darkness, the weapons collided, and the sparks burst.

Seeing that he had failed, the assassin turned away to escape and immediately ran away.

“No need to chase.”

Xia Bei Bei’s ear suddenly heard Mu Yunxiu’s indifferent voice. She quickly opened her eyes, only to realize that the person who hugged her turned out to be Mu Yunxiu. She was in an extreme panic previously that her hands and feet were tangled around Mu Yunxiu’s body.

Cough cough.

“Thank you, big brother.”

Xia Bei Bei immediately loosened her hands and feet. As a result, she was so frightened that her strength seemed to drain out. With her losing the support, her body immediately fell to the doorstep.

Nissan-daren, save me!

Despite Xia Bei Bei’s small eyes full of expectation, Mu Yunxiu just stood at the same place as he unfeelingly watched Xia Bei Bei rolling down the steps.

Xia Bei Bei: …

You two conscienceless goods, go die!

Night, Mu Residence’s side courtyard.

Finally, those who came to visit her were sent away. Xia Bei Bei sighed as she lay on the bed. Cailan carefully applied the medicine on Xia Bei Bei’s swollen forehead: “Niangniang, what should we do about this matter, ah?”

“What do you want me to do?”

Xia Bei Bei also sighed along with Cai Lan.

Niangniang, what should we say if the Emperor saw the wound on your face?” Cai Lan continued to whisper. Her eyes watered.

Xia Bei Bei also could not help but think of it from the bottom of her heart-

When the news arrived at the palace, and Feng Linchen finally knew that his favourite concubine had almost sacrificed her life to save another man, how will he react to it?

Feng Linmo, ah, Feng Linmo, you are really cruel!


Seeing Xia Bei Bei’s tangled expression, Cailan thought Xia Bei Bei and her were thinking of the same things that she couldn’t help comforting her: “Niangniang, this, maybe after His Majesty sees your injury, won’t he feel more concerned about you? “

Although, in reality, she did not manage to utter such a sentence with more confidence than intended.

Cailan took care of Xia Bei Bei’s injury and looked at the wound on her wrist distressedly: “Ai, this is really an innocent disaster, Niangniang, don’t you think that the capital is getting restless nowadays, ah? Unexpectedly someone dares to plan an assassination of His Royal Highness Yan Wang at the gate of Mu Residence. In the end, it was you, Niangniang, who got hurt.”

Cailan was also at the gate when Xia Bei Bei was involved in the attack. However, she stood a bit far away. After she recovered from her shock, Xia Bei Bei had already fallen off the steps. In the end, it was this Cailan who had run to Xia Bei Bei and help her to break her fall.

Not to mention anything, this Cailan, is the true love powder of Xi fei Niangniang, ah!

As for the assassination …

Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but gritted her teeth silently. In this whole Dasheng, there were indeed only a few people who are courageous to plan an assassination. Feng Lingye is still missing, and his people are still at the border.

As for Feng Linchen, he is in the Imperial Palace. Therefore he could not start with others so quickly at this time.

Then the biggest remaining suspect is Feng Linmo himself.

He is the one who self-directed this assassination drama. The reason why he chooses to do it at the entrance of the Mu Residence is first to test how reliable and infatuated his ally is and secondly is to check whether that person is qualified to become his allies.

This matter must have alarmed Feng Linchen at this time. With his suspicious personality, if she didn’t handle it well, she might end up being sentenced to cold palace and forced to eat cold bun once again as soon as she stepped into the palace.

If she really could not handle this matter, I am afraid that Feng Linmo would abandon his ally without hesitation.

What is being affectionate and righteous; those who possessed that kind of mind frame is stupid and talking nonsense!

Those Imperial people are fighting desperately to prove themselves. What is about proving oneself? What is about true love? All of those words are only excuses. After all, what they want is that high position!

Of course, Feng Linmo sang this play today is not only because of that. He had another more important purpose. He did this to reduce Feng Linchen’s suspicion of him. After all, it was a troubled time recently, and Feng Linmo was also afraid that Feng Linchen would doubt and noticed his movement at this time. So, he came with this assassination play in advance. He plans to use this to deflect his source of calamity to others so that other people will not suspect him for the time being.

Geez, Your Royal Highness, Yan Wang, ah, you are truly a natural conspirator. You have no love for your ally at all. Therefore, this baby will give you a bad review!

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