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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Wicked Imperial Consort 18


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Anyway, last month (the month where I went missing LOL, I was addicted to this song by Stella Jang – Villain. It is a Korean Song [mixed with lots of English] but it reflect this novel well I think? An English cover by mayrunal is very good in my opinion in terms of voice as well as the transliteration of the lyric. Do check it out.

Because Feng Linmo and Mu Yunxiu had a good relationship, he was also a regular visitor at Mu Residence. Everyone in Mu Residence has long been accustomed to the figure of Yang Wang that often appeared at the residence.

It was only Xia Bei Bei who could not help but become stunned when she saw Feng Linmo wearing a plain blue brocade at the back garden of the Mu Residence.

In her impressions, Feng Linmo had always worn an official minister’s robe, exuding the aura of nobility and elitist. Now Feng Linmo’s prince aura seemed to fade a little bit. The whole person looks more like a handsome and dashing young master.


Xia Bei Bei stepped forward a few steps and opened her mouth gently as she called out to Feng Linmo.

Niangniang, how is the old lady’s condition?”

Feng Linmo turned his head and nodded at Xia Bei Bei, then immediately asked about Mulan’s condition.

Muqin, she … has been fine recently.”

Xia Bei Bei sighed: “Many thanks to Wangye concern.”

“This is what I supposed to do.”

Feng Linmo turned to stare at those struggling flowers in the garden, his tone deeper and more profound: “Niangniang looks a lot more haggard these days, in fact, for a flower , it was fated for it to bloom and wither. This is similar to humans who are fated to born, to grow old, to get sick, and to die. This is the fate of humankind.”

He had thought that it would be better to live in such a muddled way, but in the end, he was still not reconciled.

It was just a small flame of hope that made those desires in his heart instantly become a massive fire …

The cool breeze slowly floated a subtle fragrance.

Looking at the scene of Xia Bei Bei and Feng Linmo standing together and chatting, Mu Yunxiu who is not far away is still spouting a calm appearance——

Feng Linmo is the one who negatively influenced the original trajectory of this world.

But this effect is not severe, and if not necessary, he did not want to kill this person.

Mu Yunxiu lowered his eyes. Although obliteration is the easiest way, however, this is not something that a good law enforcement officer would do.

He has always been accustomed doing the best in everything, and no flaws are allowed in his mission record.


Wangye, Wanchu, it’s windy outside, let’s sit in the hall!”

Mu Yunxiu, who had come back to God, took a step forward and softly made a suggestion.

“Alright, Yunxiu, you lead the way.”

Hearing Mu Yunxiu’s words, Feng Linmo nodded with a smile. The three of them went out of the garden together. Just in the corner of the back yard, the two young ladies of the Mu family looked impatient as they stared at Feng Linmo’s back, spellbound—

His Royal Highness Yan Wang is so cool, ah!

His Royal Highness Yan Wang is so handsome!

It was said that the appearance of His Majesty Yan Wang and His Majesty is quite fanciful. It was unknown what kind of virtue did this annoying Mu Wanchu had accumulated in her life that she is unexpectedly being pampered by His Majesty. Even now, she still can stand shoulder to shoulder with those Royal Princes.

The two young ladies of the Mu Family could not help but feel very sad ah-

When the new Emperor chose the concubine, how could they not show that kind of courage?

If Xia Bei Bei knew the thoughts of these two young ladies, she could only say one thing. People always feel that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, ah!

Because it was already too late, Feng Linmo did not stay in the Mu Residence for too long. When the sky was dark, he proactively offered to bid his farewell. In order to show her reluctance implicitly, Xia Bei Bei insisted on sending Feng Lin Mo to the entrance of Mu Residence.

Niangniang, please go back, it’s windy at night.”

Feng Linmo stared at Xia Bei Bei’s thin body. There is a touch of concern in his tone.

Xia Bei Bei heard his words and smiled gently: “Wangye, please walk slowly. Wanchu already… Wangye, be careful!”

In the darkness, a silvery light seemed to cut through the sky!

There are assassins!

The cold light came fast and fiercely, and it was too late for Feng Linmo, who was standing directly facing Xia Bei Bei to respond.

Your mom, this is obviously to push someone to do something way beyond their ability, ah!

Xia Bei Bei’s heart jumped violently as she pushed Feng Linmo’s body to the side. She greeted the cold light tenaciously as she closed her eyes tightly–

Beseech you not to abuse me.

As long as baby is not killed in seconds, everything is still hopeful, ah!

Really made a mistake, step by step!

Why did she pretend to be a smitten girl, ah! She will undoubtedly play a high cold goddess next time she enters the mission!

At the moment when Xia Bei Bei thought that she was screwed and about to die, suddenly, her body becomes lighter. Her whole body was hugged by someone as she flies high up to the sky-

Fuh~ I’m saved!

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