May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Wicked Imperial Consort 17


Ever since Xia Bei Bei returned to Mu Residence, Mulan’s spirit has been getting better day by day. She who has been bedridden in the beginning, finally able to get out of bed and walk around after three days.

“Wanchu, didn’t you like to eat the thousand-layer cake made by Niang before? Niang will make for you tonight.”

Seeing that Mulan was still so energetic, Xia Bei Bei nodded happily: “Niang, let me do it with you. Let me learn your craft, OK?”

“This kid.”

Mulan’s subconscious wanted to refuse, but it was unknown what she thought at that moment. Her eyes flashed, and finally, she smiled and took Xia Bei Bei’s hand: “OK, Niang will teach you, Niang will teach you!”

That afternoon, when Mu Yunxiu came to the side courtyard, Xia Bei Bei was studying how to make a thousand layers’ cake with Mulan in the kitchen.

“Young Master.”

Cailan, who stood outside the door, saw Mu Yunxiu’s figure and subconsciously wanted to call Xia Bei Bei, who is in the kitchen, but Mu Yunxiu stopped her.

Looking at the mother and daughter who are busy in the kitchen, this scene was really warm that he had no heart to disturb them.

When Xia Bei Bei took out the container containing the hot cake and put it on the plate did she finally realized the existence of Mu Yunxiu, who had been standing outside the kitchen and staring at her.

Oops, ​​scared this baby.

“Big brother, why are you here?”

Xia Bei Bei had always maintained a vigilant attitude towards Mu Yunxiu. When he heard her words, Mu Yunxiu remained expressionless as he stared at the plate in her hand.

“This cake looks very fragrant, Lan Yiniang, can I eat it with you?”

[T/N: Yiniang – the way of addressing ones’ father’s concubine]



Xia Bei Bei and Mulan’s answers almost coincided.

“Thank you Lan Yiniang.”

Young Master Mu obviously had automatically ignored Xia Bei Bei’s refusal.

Xia Bei Bei: …

I’m such a pampered Imperial Concubine, and yet you didn’t see it, did you?

Do you want to experience prison times like that of Imperial Censor Liu? Uh, no, Imperial Censor Liu has gone to drink the Meng Po soup.

Xia Bei Bei watched Mu Yunxiu turned around and left the kitchen with Mulan. She continued to hold into the plate of cake as she gritted her teeth.

Heng, didn’t you have a good relationship with Feng Linmo?

Won’t you die together with us once the rebellion failed in the future?

When she thought of this, Xia Bei Bei went out of the kitchen in a good mood. Seeing that you are also a short ghost, this baby will be very compassionate and allowed you to eat this meal with us.

Alas, this is really a worrying topic.


Their dinner was very simple. There were cakes and soups. Furthermore, Mulan also personally cooked her hometown’s stir-fry dishes.

For the foodie Xia Bei Bei, this was already a very sumptuous dinner. After all, this is a meal prepared by her mother’s hand. This kind of taste cannot be replicated even by the famous chef in the palace.

Compared to Xia Bei Bei’s who wolfing the food down, Mu Yunxiu was looking particularly elegant when he ate. Looking at him sitting there as he chewed slowly, made Xia Bei Bei feeling disturbed- How can he eat like that, ah? How can he eat with that kind of tiny bite?

“I have eaten well.”

While Xia Bei Bei was still inwardly spouting her criticism, Mu Yunxiu had already put down the chopsticks, and then took a piece of silk from his lapel and wiped his mouth gently: “Lan Yiniang, you can continue eating slowly. Wanchu, come with me! “

Xia Bei Bei: …

What are you doing?

This baby is not yet full!

“Big brother, I still …”

Xia Bei Bei was about to refute. Mu Yunxiu, who was on the side, has already stood up: “Daren is here, and he wanted to see you.”

That Daren could it be His Royal Highness, Yan Wang?

Alright. She still needs to give some face to her cooperative partner after all. Not only that, Xia Bei Bei also had not forgotten that she was now playing the infatuated girl who loves His Royal Highness Yan Wang with all her heart——

If His Highness Yan Wang knew that even a piece of cake was more important than him, I really don’t know how he would feel, cough, cough.

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