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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Wicked Imperial Consort 16


It was a night with a clear moon and no star.

Xia Bei Bei watched Mulan fall sleep and then returned to her room tiredly. She did not care about bathing or changing her clothes as she lay down on the bed. Looking at his master’s tired appearance, Cailan said nothing as she silently covered Xia Bei Bei with a quilt, and then turned around to go out.

Not long after, Xia Bei Bei fell asleep.

Outside the window, the night wind whimpered. It was unknown when, but suddenly Xia Bei Bei’s room’s door was blown open by the wind, and a tall figure flashed in.

The shadow came slowly to Xia Bei Bei’s bed. It seemed to stare at her for a long time. A pair of cold hands gradually placed on her neck.

It was so cold.

In the darkness, Xia Bei Bei was suddenly awakened.

She opened her eyes. Amidst the darkness, her eyes clashed with a pair of bright and sharp eyes.

Uh, WTF is this condition?

Xia Bei Bei hesitated for a while and smiled stiffly: “Well, why are you here? Why did you come here so late in the night?”

A certain man: …

“Do you want to eat something?”

Seeing the people at her bedside froze, Xia Bei Bei immediately took the opportunity to turn over and jump off the bed: “This night the sinister wind is so loud, no, I mean the moonlight is shining brightly, it is fit for a midnight snack. What do you want to eat? I will get it for you, ah?”

As Xia Bei Bei said that, she quickly retreated to the door of her room. The person who stood beside her bed previously turned around quietly, staring at her with his eyes.

Lying trough! It’s so dangerous. If baby is so unresponsive, won’t I get strangled by him?

Seeing that the man didn’t move, Xia Bei Bei opened the door and ran out without saying anything. As soon as she got out, she shouted, “Come! There is an assassin!”

Originally, knowing that Mu Wanchu came back home, the Mu family had arranged more guards around her courtyard. Xia Bei Bei also brought a team of Royal Guard from the palace. Therefore, when she shouted this, immediately, the entire courtyard was already fill up with the guards. The light came from the fire, shone through the small yard, made it appear to be like daylight.

“Where’s the assassin?”

The chief guards of the Mu Residence and the captain of the Royal Guard from the palace came over as they pushed Xia Bei Bei behind them.

“Just inside the room …”

Xia Bei Bei hadn’t finished speaking yet when a man’s figure appeared at her bedroom door. Due to the fire, Xia Bei Bei finally could see that man’s face. This man was not the kind of man who made people shocked at a glance like those celestial beings, but as he stood there, his whole body exuded the aura of being noble, excellent, and unrivaled. Notably, his pair of sharp-edged eyes added a bit of shocking momentum to his entire person.

“Young Master?”

“Mu Daren?”

The guards in the yard were shocked when they saw the person coming out of from the room, and then there was another look of joy: “Young Master, what about the assassin?”

The people of Mu Residence naturally knew the skill of their young master, so they immediately ran forward to inquire about it.

Mu Yunxiu looked at the stunned Xia Bei Bei, who was hiding in the crowd and gently lowered his eyes: “The assassin has fled, and everything is gone. I’m here to protect the Xi fei Niangniang.”


Now that Mu Yunxiu has spoken, both the Mu Residence’s guard and the Royal Guard resigned obediently.

Xia Bei Bei: …

Hey, are you guys listening to him or me, ah?

Cough, but speaking of it, it turned out that this man was Mu Yunxiu, the young master of the Mu family, and also the buddy of that Yan Wang.

Just now, it appeared as if he wanted to … kill me? Uh, is it only my illusion?

Maybe Nissan-daren just wanted to tuck me in?

[T/N: Nissan (In Chinese) homonyms to Ni-san in Japanese… Did you get the joke here??]

Your mom, does tucking one in include covering their neck?

Xia Bei Bei shrank her neck subconsciously. Only after she and Mu Yunxiu were left alone in the yard did Xia Bei Bei stared at him and then slowly spoke: “Big, big brother?”

“What is the matter?”

Mu Yunxiu slightly raised his eyes and gave Xia Bei Bei a light look.

“No, it’s fine.”

Xia Bei Bei shook her head, and then her eyes flashed. She quickly walked to the Mulan’s room: ” Shoot! I need to go and see my mother. Brother daren, you are free to do whatever you want!”

Looking at the fleeing figure of Xia Bei Bei, Mu Yunxiu’s eyes deepened.

At this moment, in front of his eyes, a translucent screen was suspended. No one could see this screen except himself. At this time, a few lines of small blue letters are constantly scrolling on the screen-

[Soul contact identification is completed.

The opponent’s soul is a member of the Star Villain Club and is initially determined to be a friendly member.

Whether to open the senior executive authority to view the other party’s details?]

Check it out!

Mu Yunxiu silently gave instructions in his mind, and at the next moment, the blue word on the screen changed slightly–

[Details of Soul Body: Star Villain club, Junior Villain 109, name Xia Bei Bei, gender female, aged 24 years old. Soul Body belongs to G Space-Time, where senior executive Yan Yicheng is.]

Xia Bei Bei again?

Mu Yunxiu froze for a moment, then slowly turned around and walked towards the darkness. The translucent screen disappeared as he turned around.

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