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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Wicked Imperial Consort 15


Mulan has been living in the side courtyard of the Mu Residence. Even after her status has improved, she still guards this courtyard.

She was afraid that one day when her Wanchu returned, she would not be able to find herself.

Xia Bei Bei walked all the way and finally arrived at the gate of the side courtyard, In Mu Wanchu’s memory, this should be a small, cold and neglected yard, but this yard has already changed beyond recognition. Yes, the formerly desolate courtyard was already planted with all kinds of precious and rare flowers. At the door, there were also two maids guarding the entrance of the yard. When they saw Xia Bei Bei, these two maids immediately trembled as they knelt on the ground: “Paying respect to Xi fei Niangniang!”

“Get up.”

Xia Bei Bei quickly walked to the inner room and pushed the door open. The room was still filled with a strong smell of medicine.

“Cough, cough.”

Heavy cough sounds came intermittently, one after another.

“Wanchu, is it Wanchu?” The hoarse female voice sounded with endless expectations.

Hearing that voice, Xia Bei Bei, who stood at the door, suddenly wept.

She sniffed vigorously, and then quickly walked in: “Niang, Wanchu, Wanchu came back to see you!”

While saying that, Xia Bei Bei had already arrived in front of the sickbed. The woman on the sickbed already looked so haggard that it was beyond recognition. The woman who was obviously less than 40 years old was already looked like an older person who was about to die.

“Wanchu!” Seeing Xia Bei Bei’s figure, a flash of light flashed through Mulan’s grey eyes: “Wanchu, it is really my Wanchu.”

It was said that when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs also rise to Heaven. Since Mu Wanchu entered the palace, Mulan’s status in Mu residence also increases linearly. Even when Mu Wanchu was beaten into the cold palace, the Mu family did not dare to be too presumptuous. After all, the ups and downs in the Harem are prevalent things. Isn’t this Xi fei Niangniang become favored once again? The limelight is even better than before.

When the Mu family felt that there was light on their faces, and those ministers from the Mu family thought that they could finally stand straight with their waist and back. Only Mulan was anxious and sick at heart, thus could not sleep at night.

Although she was originally a female singer, after marrying into Mu Residence as a concubine, she did not manage to live well. Despite everything, Mulan had always regarded Mu Wanchu as her precious darling. She always wanted to wait for her daughter to grow up and find a good husband for her daughter. She did not seek someone who is very rich, It is enough as long as his livelihood is sufficient for the couple to live with no worries, and he can be kind to Wanchu.

But this child, Wanchu is very stubborn. She had to fight for her position in the Mu Residence. Because of this, she had actively asked to be included in the concubine selection for the Emperor.

The palace is too far away for a woman like Mulan. She had never been there, but she has heard about the darkness of the Harem and the stories of those concubines.

Harem is indeed a battlefield where people got murdered without any blood being seen.

Her Wanchu was not smart and easily an impulsive person. Mulan had always worried about her daughter. Until now, even when she knew that her time is limited, she was still worried about her daughter ’s life in the Harem…

“Wanchu, you are looking healthier.”

Mulan lifted her thin hands and gently stroked Xia Bei Bei’s white and rosy face. The warm feeling from her finger felt infinitely gentle: “Wanchu, how did His Majesty treat you?”

Although other people always talk about how her daughters are being favored by the Emperor, Mulan is still not at ease! Only when she saw it with her own eyes and heard it with her own ears, could she finally leave with peace of mind.

“Well, His Majesty and Empress Dowager are particularly nice to Wanchu. Mother, Wanchu has already grown up. Don’t worry. I brought a lot of supplements and the best doctor from the palace. Mother, you will be fine. You will definitely get better. When New Year’s Eve arrives, I will pick you up to see the fireworks and the palace lanterns in the imperial city. “

Xia Bei Bei raised her hand to hold Mulan’s palm. As she said, she gave Cailan a wink. Cailan, who was on the side, immediately invited Physician Xiao in: “Physician Xiao, please take a look at the old lady!”


Physician Xiao who came along, also came forward respectfully. He seriously examined Mulan’s pulse. After checking the pulse, Physician Xiao’s eyes fell a little. However, his face still had a peaceful smile: “Niangniang, this officer will prescribe the old lady with medicine to moisten the lungs to warm her up. How about we let her drink it first?”


Seeing that Physician Xiao did not say that Mulan had any illness, Xia Bei Bei already knew the truth: “Cailan, go and accompany Physician Xiao to make the medicine. I am here to chat with my mother for a while.”

After dismissing everyone in the room, Xia Bei Bei helped Mulan sit up: “Niang, His Majesty allowed me to stay at home for a few more days. I will be able to accompany you every day.”

“Is it? That’s great! Niang heard that it was not easy for the concubine in this Harem to come out at will, ah. His Majesty really treats you well. It seems that he is also very considerate of you. Wanchu, this Imperial Harem, is not as good as the outside. You can’t be too willful. You must not anger the Emperor, alright? “

It was said that the mother had always worried about their children even when they were able to travel for a thousand miles by themselves. After all, in the eyes of many mothers, her children will always be a small child.

This afternoon, Xia Bei Bei accompanied Mulan to chat in her room. Xia Bei Bei only returned to her own room after she personally fed Mulan with medicine and watched her fall asleep.

The Mu family originally prepared the best room for Xia Bei Bei, but she prefers to live in her original room. Apart from changing to a more comfortable bed, the other furnishings inside the room had not changed much.

These are still what Mu Wanchu remembered. Xia Bei Bei knew that this must be preserved by Mulan.

She has been waiting for her daughter to return home.

In the original plot, she waited for nothing only to receive the news that her daughter died alone in the cold palace…

Xia Bei Bei sighed as she lay down on the big bed. Now she had become Mu Wanchu. Although she had temporarily changed Mu Wanchu’s fate, she still could not escape from her death. Yet, she can pay Mulan the last respects. There is no need for her to see her child die before her

According to Physician Xiao, Mulan’s lamp had already run out of light, and she will not be able to survive until the end of the month.

Mu Wanchu, although I only needed to complete my mission, however, I am now you. I will definitely help you to take care of your mother…

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