July 22, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Wicked Imperial Consort 14


After the Imperial Censor Liu’s accident, the atmosphere in the capital became even weirder.

At this time Feng Linchen and Zhangsun Taifu also felt that someone was planning a terrifying conspiracy behind the scenes—

Who is it?

Is it the missing Feng Linye?

Or other rebels and traitors?

Just when the impending doom was about to hit the capital, the news of Mulan’s being gravely ill was suddenly delivered by the Mu residence to the palace.

Mulan is Mu Wanchu’s biological mother. In Mu residence, she was initially a small concubine. Since Mu Wanchu established a firm foothold in the Harem, she had genuinely become one of the Madams in the Mu residence. Although she is not on the same footing as the main wife, nowadays, no one in the Mu Residence dared to hinder her movement.

Niangniang, the old lady is sick, how can this be good?”

After Cailan received the news from Mu Residence, her whole person was uneasy. She was Mu Wanchu’s dowry maid. She grew up beside Mu Wanchu since she was a child. She has always been very respectful and loves the old lady.

Niangniang, why don’t you talk to the Emperor? Let the Emperor grant you permission to go back and see the old lady?”

Due to the matter Feng Linye’s disappearance, there was some disagreement between Feng Linchen and Zhangsun Yu, so recently, Feng Linchen had run to Luoxia Palace quite a lot.

Although Xia Bei Bei has always been “unhealthy” and cannot serve the Emperor, in the view of other people in the Harem, this Xi fei Niangniang was so pampered that she reigned over the six palaces.

Going back to Mu Residence?

As soon as Xia Bei Bei thought about this, she felt a headache. But Mu Wanchu had been dependent on her mother since childhood. How can she be so indifferent when she knew that her mother is seriously ill? If this is really the case, wouldn’t her character going to collapse?

Although the design of this character has already collapsed since earlier on, cough.


According to Mu Wanchu’s pitiful memory, Xia Bei Bei also knew that Mu Wanchu had an excellent relationship with her mother.

This made Xia Bei Bei envy from the bottom of her heart.

Mother is a particularly great word. It was said that the most exceptional selfless person in this world is the mother. Yet, not all mothers in the world are willing to dedicate everything to their children without complaint or regret.

Xia Bei Bei sighed.

Mu Wanchu’s mother is her mother.

Because she is Mu Wanchu now. From entering this world, she has to forget her identity and treat herself as Mu Wanchu wholeheartedly, and go through Mu Wanchu’s life——

In the original plot, Mu Wanchu died in the cold palace, making the white-haired person sending off the black-haired person. The novel did not mention the ending of Mulan, though.

After all, it was just a passer-by among passers-by.

Xia Bei Bei knows the sadness of a supporting role. For others, it may just be an optional background board. People who have read the book may suddenly forget that there is such a person.

But for the people in the story, everyone is real blood and flesh.

Mulan is not a passerby; she is a great mother.

“Cailan, clean it up for me, I’m going to see His Majesty!”

Xia Bei Bei’s eyes become firm, and Cailan, who is on the side, immediately nodded when he heard Xia Bei Bei’s instruction …

Concerning Xia Bei Bei’s request, Feng Linchen naturally granted his permission. Because the capital was not peaceful recently, Feng Linchen specially sent a large team of Imperial Bodyguard to escort Xia Bei Bei back to Mu Residence.

The mighty team came out of the imperial city, and Xia Bei Bei, who sat in the sedan, from time to time looked at the prosperous Jingcheng Street through the golden curtains.

In the palace, although the things she eats and wears are the best, there is always something missing, which is freedom.

Alas, as soon as you enter the gate of the palace, there was a deep sea of people. From then on, freedom is only a passerby, ah.

Xia Bei Bei lamented the whole journey, and soon she arrived at the Mu Residence. All the Mu’s family members who had received the news of her visit are now waiting for her entourage at the residence’s gate.

From far away, Xia Bei Bei saw a large group of women at the door. A middle-aged woman stood in the middle, adorning a gorgeous dress, presumably the head wife of the Mu family.

Xia Bei Bei did n’t see either Master Mu or Young Master Mu in the crowd. OK, even if Xia Bei Bei saw them, she will not also be able to recognize them. Therefore, it is easier for her to just deal with this group of women.

“Respectfully welcome Xi fei Niangniang!”

Xia Bei Bei slowly walked out from the sedan with the help of Cailan under the courtesy of all the female members of the Mu Residence.

“It’s all family. You don’t have to be polite.”

Although she said so, Xia Bei Bei turned a blind eye to everyone. With Cailan’s help, she walked directly into the residence.

You dead people. How did you treat Mu Wanchu and Mulan before? Now you wanted to hug my thighs? Sorry, there is no place for you to embrace, you can’t even touch my leg hair.

According to the direction in her memory, Xia Bei Bei took those large groups of people straight to the small courtyard where Mulan stay…

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