April 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Wicked Imperial Consort 13


After the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet, all the princes left Beijing to return to their fiefdoms. Feng Linye left one step earlier than anyone else, but his troop was met with an ambush on the way, and the causalities were disastrous. Feng Linye was seriously injured and seemed to be missing. This incident had caused an uproar throughout the Dasheng Dynasty, and secretly all parts of the capital began to circulate various versions of the “truth” in regards to the assassination of Qin Wang …

The peaceful and prosperous capital city in the past had now led the undercurrent to surge.


Imperial City, Cining Palace.

These days, due to Qin Wang’s affairs, Empress Dowager was also deeply worried and sick at heart, so much that her smile had disappeared.

All the concubines in the Harem had acted more obediently in front of the Empress Dowager. No one dared to touch the Empress Dowager’s moldy mood.

As usual, Xia Bei Bei accompanied the Empress Dowager to chant the sutra in the Buddhist hall. When she was about to leave, the Empress Dowager suddenly stopped her: “Wanchu.”


When Xia Bei Bei heard Empress Dowager calling her name, she immediately stopped: “Muhou, do you have any other instruction for me?”

“Wanchu, in this Harem, only you are Aijia’s confidant. Recently, you must also have heard those rumours in the Harem and Royal Court. Wanchu, what do you think about it?”

The Empress Dowager looked at Xia Bei Bei’s eyes and asked in a low tone. When she heard the question, Xia Bei Bei lowered her eyes as she said: “Muhou, you don’t have to take those rumors seriously! How can His Majesty ruin his own brothers?”

Ruin his own brothers…

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, Empress Dowager seemed to recall something, and her face got even paler.

The mountains and rivers are picturesque, and the beauties are beautiful.

Which man doesn’t yearn to rule the land under Heaven, and to sit over the mountains and rivers?

In those days……

The Empress Dowager subconsciously tightened her hold over the brocade handkerchief in her hand: “Wanchu, the Emperor is most distressed about you. You should persuade him if you have the time. Recently, due to the matter of Qin Wang, the Emperor had been under pressure.”

Feng Linye had disappeared, and the generals of his enclave has long prepared to move.

Those people are waiting and waiting for an opportunity to unravel their intention to revolt.

Chenqie will naturally persuade His Majesty, but …”

Xia Bei Bei sighed: “Chenqie is of humble talent and shallow learning. So she didn’t understand the significant events of this dynasty. It just that recently she had often heard that the Imperial Censor named Liu had often made trouble for the Emperor. Still, chenqie just didn’t understand. The supreme court should have their own rules and discipline, why did that minister dare to offend His Majesty time and time again, who … gave him that courage? “

Speaking of which, Xia Bei Bei deliberately showed a respectful and panic look: “Muhou, Wanchu is talkative, but Wanchu was just feeling distressed for the Emperor.”

“En, Aijia knows.”

The Empress Dowager nodded her head as she secretly took note of the Imperial Censor mentioned by Xia Bei Bei.

After coming out of the Cining Palace, Xia Bei Bei went back to Luoxia Palace peacefully and calmly. On the way, she encountered Yan Wang, Feng Linmo, who came into the palace to visit the Empress Dowager.

“His Royal Highness Yan Wang!”

Xia Bei Bei nodded at Feng Linmo.

“Xi fei Niangniang.”

Feng Linmo also nodded at Xia Bei Bei lightly. At the moment when the two passed by, Xia Bei Bei whispered: “The thing is done, Wanchu will be waiting for Wangye’s good news.”

“Wanchu had been working hard.”

The two of the brushed past each other as if nothing had happened. Feng Linmo came to the palace gate of Cining Palace and looked at the familiar palace. His eyes looked complicated for a while…

Three days later, Imperial Censor Liu was sent to jail for offending the Emperor.

This has caused a great uproar in the Royal Court. Due to this, on that very night, Zhangsun Taifu entered the Emperor’s palace to meet with Feng Linchen, and unexpectedly he learned that this matter was instructed by the Empress Dowager. Zhangsun Taifu could not help but feel somewhat awkward. This will not only allow them to warn the Imperial Censor Liu but also give them an excellent chance to test the reaction of other people in those factions.

It just that, to everyone’s surprise, on that very night, Imperial Censor Liu had crashed himself into the wall of the prison and died. In the prison where he died, he left four words with his own blood—

Brutal regime, incapable ruler!

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