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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Wicked Imperial Consort 12



Just as Xia Bei Bei and Feng Linchen were lost in their thought, Cailan happened to come in from the outside and saw Feng Linchen sitting by the bed. Cailan immediately respectfully bowed down to pay her salute. She had already seen His Majesty’s dragon guard standing outside as well as the stewards who often accompanied His Majesty. Therefore, she is naturally prepared.

Niangniang, this is the pastry that nubi had prepared for you. There is really nothing to eat at this hour, so niangniang, you can eat this to appease your hunger for now!”

During the speech, Cailan opened the food box and took out what she had just heated.

When she smelled the scent, Xia Bei Bei almost drooled. However, Feng Linchen was still here. Therefore, she could only restrain herself while exposing an obedient expression: “Your Majesty, do you want to eat together with me?”

Of course, Xia Bei Bei was just asking for the sake of being polite. She guessed that Feng Linchen should have just come out from the banquet hall. How could he possibly wish to have another dinner with her?

But, contrary to Xia Bei Bei’s expectation, when he heard her words, Feng Linchen, who had been sitting at the edge of the bed, let out faint laughter: “Good, ah. It happened that I didn’t eat much before, so I’ll join Wanchu for dinner!”

Xia Bei Bei:…

Calling you cheap! Your mouth is so cheap!

Do you think that this is enough for two people to eat together?

My stomach, baby is sorry for you.

However, the spoken words are like water that has been spilled out, and Xia Bei Bei could only suffer for now.

Of course, at this time, Xia Bei Bei was also harbouring a suspicion that Feng Linchen had purposely acted as such. Yet, on the next day, she realized that she had wronged His Majesty, the Emperor. As it turned out, during last night banquet, Feng Linye originally planned to hand a small note to Zhangsun Yu, but Shangguan Man already knew about everything since earlier time. Thus, she deliberately intervened and let Feng Linye’s plan to be exposed to the public eye.

Everyone saw Qin wang’s letter that was intended for Shu fei, therefore what do you think how is the Empress Dowager going to act? How could the Emperor deal with this matter without tarnishing his integrity?

In a fit of fury, Empress Dowager ordered the people to behead Feng Linye immediately. However, Zhangsun Yu, who was at the side, couldn’t just sit and watch Feng Linye die because of her. So, regardless of everything, she pleaded for Feng Linye desperately.

Seeing her beloved woman kneeling on the ground and begging for the life and death of another man, what kind of feeling did the Emperor taste at that time?

Who can still eat after enduring something so uncomfortable, ah?

As Feng Linmo said, the last banquet hall had turned into a farce, and everyone was unhappy. Feng Linchen also suffered from pent-up frustration and came to Luoxia Palace unconsciously …

Although the matter of the last night’s banquet was sealed, some people still told Xia Bei Bei about it intentionally.

Xia Bei Bei only now understands that all Shangguan Man’s actions were turned out to gain Feng Linchen.

She not only became the best friend of the female lead. She also wanted to kill Xia Bei Bei when she suspected that Xia Bei Bei was also a traversal. It seemed that all her action was because she is in love with the male lead!

The ambition of the crossing woman is not small, but her IQ is a bit worrying.

Last night, whether it was Feng Linchen or the Empress Dowager, she had let them lost their face. Shangguan Man might have thought that she had done things beautifully. However, in fact, she had made a great blunder.

Nowadays, the Emperor and the Qin Wang had shed all pretense of cordiality. According to Feng Linye’s personality, he will definitely go back and raise his army to rebel, but will Feng Linchen give him a chance to go back?

He will surely squash this person halfway, ah!

As soon as Feng Linye died, the obstacles and knots between Feng Linchen and Zhangsun Yu will immediately disappear.

Then the time for him to settle all accounts will finally arrive. Shangguan Man, the behind-the-scenes man who had made His Majesty lost his face in public, will definitely be the fastest one to die.

Alas, it turns out that this is the correct posture to court for disaster. Xia Bei Bei was finally able to gain some knowledge…


At night, Yan Wang’s Wangfu.

Wangye, this is the intelligence report of the things happening in the palace last night.”

A man in black clothes respectfully placed a stack of information on Feng Linmo’s desk. Feng Linmo raised his eyes and glanced a little at it. His eyes slightly paused a moment later: “His Majesty went to Luoxia Palace last night? Stayed for two hours?”


Seeing Feng Linmo asking about the things happening at Luoxia Palace, the man in black nodded gently: “His Majesty seems to trust and love Xi fei Niangniang now. The dark guards who had initially been sent to monitor her had already been withdrawn from there. Wangye, our people.… “

“Continue monitoring.”

Feng Linmo gently placed his hand on the information bamboo slip.

Mu Wanchu, should Benwang believe in you?

The things that you told me last night?

Feng Linmo’s eyes deepened involuntarily-

Not many people in the entire Dasheng Dynasty knew that when the Emperor passed away, he had left an oracle to change the original decree intended for the Crown Prince and instead of sealing Feng Linmo as the new Emperor.

But in the end, the Queen at that time, who is now the Empress Dowager and Zhangsun Taifu, had both concealed the then Emperor’s oral remarks and continued to support Feng Linchen to the throne according to the original decree.

Feng Linmo had always known that although he and his elder brother are both sons of their mother; however, their mother only loves his brother and not him.

From small to large, all the best things are meant for his brother.

In fact, when he was a child, not only Feng Linye, Feng Linmo also liked the smart and kind Zhangsun Yu. He even asked the Empress Dowager to let her and Taifu discuss how to let him marry Zhangsun Yu, but in the end, Zhangsun Yu become Feng Linchen’s Imperial concubine.

All the things that should have been his—including his mother ’s love, the throne, his beloved woman—was taken away by Feng Linchen.

Even now, fearing that Feng Linmo will have some bad intentions in his heart, Feng Linchen had deliberately let him stay at the capital. It might have seemed like he had infinite scenery, but in fact, he has no rights in his hands.

The more he was suppressed, the more Feng Linmo hated it.

He secretly planned for many years and had coordinate both outside and inside offensive. During these years, he had also bought a lot of people and had a lot of power, but it was still much worse than Feng Linchen.

Feng Linmo once thought that he might not have the opportunity to recapture everything that belonged to him in this life. Still, last night he inadvertently heard the dialogue between Shangguan Man and her maid at the side palace hall. Feng Linmo knew that his opportunity has come.

Perhaps, this time, he really got the favor from Heaven. Initially, he didn’t want to get involved in the farce. Therefore, he deliberately hid in the water pavilion. Who knows that he will meet Mu Wanchu there!

This is Heaven’s will! This time even God is helping him. He can definitely take back everything that belongs to him. He can!


At this time, in the real world, city A, Yanjia Villa.

Yan Yicheng had just finished his work and returned home when a sudden alarm sounded in his ear—

Alarm! Alarm! Senior Executive Officer Yan Yicheng! There is a main line offset in the lower time and space under your jurisdiction! Please check the specific situation as soon as possible and send law enforcement to deal with it!

This siren can only be heard by Yan Yicheng.

He has long been accustomed to this kind of alarm that will appear suddenly anytime, anywhere. After all, as a senior executive, he has ten time and space law enforcement officers under him, and he has to manage one thousand and one times and spaces.

Over the years, the times and spaces have been in disorder due to multiple traversing and rebirth cases. Therefore, he will receive various warnings almost every day.

“View the time and space details of the problem.”

Yan Yicheng lowered his head as he inputted his speech command. A suspended translucent page appeared immediately in front of him, which recorded everything about that time and space in a detailed manner.

“Feng Linmo?”

Yan Yicheng muttered that name irresolutely. As a matter in fact, he was free at the moment: “I will deal with this time and space myself!” After saying that, Yan Yicheng selected a person who had a good relationship with Feng Linmo in that time and space based on the character details column and clicked to enter…

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