June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Wicked Imperial Consort 11


Xia Bei Bei, whose mind had undergone roller coaster ride the whole evening, had already changed her clothes and should have rested directly. Yet, when she touched her belly, she subconsciously felt so hungry, ah. She didn’t eat anything during the dinner banquet, and she had been running from east to west. After half a night, it was genuinely demanding her human life, ah!

“Cailan, Bengong is hungry. You go to the kitchen to see what else I can eat and bring me some of it.”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s request, Cailan immediately nodded and quickly retreated.

Hey, the days when the clothes are at your arms reach and the food will arrive as soon as you open your mouths were quite comfortable, ah.

Xia Bei Bei comfortably rolling two times on the bed, and not long after, there was a sound of footsteps coming from outside, making its way inside.

“Cailan, why did you come back so soon?”

Xia Bei Bei raised the bed curtain and glanced outside. When she saw Feng Linchen’s handsome and grave face, she was startled: “Your, Your Majesty.”

Xia Bei Bei didn’t expect Feng Linchen to appear, which caught her off guard.

“Your Majesty, why are you here?”

“Why? Are you not even welcoming me now?”

Seeing Xia Bei Bei’s surprised look, Feng Linchen’s face was even colder.

“No, it’s not like that.”

Xia Bei Bei immediately shook her head nervously: “Chenqie is not in good health. It is chenqie’s fault that she cannot serve the Emperor. How can chenqie not welcome Your Majesty? Chenqie just afraid of her sickness … coughing.”

Speaking of which, Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but cough hard. Seeing her pale and haggard look, Feng Linchen’s eyes finally warmed up a little bit: “I’m here to see you, did your body get any better?”

“Well, Cailan had given medicine to chenqie. Er, chenqie had already fallen asleep, but just suddenly woke up feeling hungry again.”

Speaking of which, Xia Bei Bei shook her eyes embarrassedly: “It may be because chenqie didn’t eat anything at the dinner. Your Majesty, don’t laugh at me.”

“How could that be?”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s word, Feng Linchen somehow suddenly remembered that An Qi had reported that Mu Wanchu had eaten four meat buns at a time. His eyes and brows involuntarily brought a smile: “You, if you are not in good health, you should make up more. I heard people say you like meat buns very much? “

Xia Bei Bei: …

Who is daring to gossip about her, ah! Uh, no, it must have been told by the Dark Guard!

“Your Majesty is jesting. When chenqie living in the Mu Residence, chenqie lived with my mother in a secluded side yard. Don’t talk about eating meat every month. It is already thankful that both of us able to eat our fills.”

Xia Bei Bei searched for the poor memory of Mu Wanchu in her mind and said with a bitter expression on her face.

“Now, in Luoxia Palace, with the care of Your Majesty and the love of the Empress Dowager, Wanchu feels that she is the happiest person in the world.”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, Feng Linchen’s eyes flickered: “Wanchu, as long as you like, you can always order the Imperial kitchen to help you to prepare good food. Eat whatever you want. You are my woman, Zhen own the whole world, would Zhen still starve my own woman?”

This is how humans should talk, ah!

Although it was just a sugar-coated bullet, this baby still accepts it.

“Your Majesty!”

Xia Bei Bei tried to imagine Feng Linchen in front of her a large, thin skin, full of filling, dog buns, steamed buns, and meat buns!!

Unconsciously, her two eyes sparkled immediately: “Your Majesty, you are really good to Wanchu.”

Seeing Xia Bei Bei’s eyes glowing, he looked at her with satisfaction, and Feng Linchen’s heart was moved.

There are three thousand beautiful women in this Harem. Everyone is fighting for favour. Everyone is fighting for their own glory and the interests of their families. There are only several people who can be like Mu Wanchu. She was particularly easy to be satisfied.

Thinking of this, Feng Linchen’s eyes flashed a trace of guilt: “Wanchu, I will treat you well in the future. After your health is good, I will give you the token to go out of the palace, so that you can bring your entourage back home to see your parent. How’s that?”

Back, back home?

Hearing Feng Linchen’s words, Xia Bei Bei froze.

And everything was in full display in the eyes of Feng Linchen. He could not help but thought that Xia Bei Bei was so happy that she had no idea how to react?

Feng Linchen: It seems that Wanchu really had changed, but Zhen didn’t expect her to be so easily satisfied! Zhen will treat her well in the future.

Xia Bei Bei: Go home to see your parents? What the heck, ah? Apart from her body’s mother, Xia Bei Bei, she didn’t even recognize her brother and dad. Isn’t it necessary to go back to visit? Cough, she still can’t afford to get well because of this…

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