June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Wicked Imperial Consort 10



Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, the man ’s voice carried a certain amount of danger while being shrouded in the darkness: “Xi fei Niangniang indeed possesses remarkable abilities. She seemed to knows everything. However, Benwang is very curious. Niangniang, what are you doing here so late at night? Don’t tell me you are here especially to comfort Benwang?”

“No, I’m here to propose a collaboration with Wangye.”

Xia Bei Bei lowered her voice: “The most painful thing in the world is when you can depend on your lover. I fully understand your feelings, Wangye.”

“Really? As far as Benwang knows, Niangniang is very much loved by the Emperor. For Niangniang to come to Benwang to propose for collaboration, don’t tell me that you are planning to rebel?”

Xia Bei Bei: …

Is n’t this Feng Linye is too straightforward? His gut is really not small!

But will this Xia Bei Bei be scared by him?

Wangye is a person who wishes to do great things. What lowly people like Wanchu think counts for little. Maybe Wangye doesn’t need Wanchu’s help, but Wanchu still hopes to offer her small efforts to Wangye. She only hopes that when Wangye succeeds, Wangye can promise Wanchu’s request and let her leave the palace! “


Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, the man inside the water pavilion still had his back turned away from Xia Bei Bei. However, this time his voice seemed engrossed in doubt: “Leaving the Imperial City? Xi fei Niangniang just said that you understand Benwang‘s mood, could it be that you, Niangniang… have a heart for me?”


Yes, why should you rebel? The Mu family is now in the ascending period in the court. Although she is not a person with a genuine sacred heart in the Harem, she still has the Empress Dowager to support her. Her life is still very good, ah.

Xia Bei Bei hesitated for a moment. She can’t really say that she was rebelling for the sake of rebellion, right?

It’s said that every hated villain has a bloody and heartbreaking past. Right, tragic history.


Xia Bei Bei, who acted as if she was possessed by the Oscar winner’s actress at this moment: “Wangye, I haven’t told you the truth. Wanchu, since earlier on, already had a beloved person. However, Wanchu knew that her low status was not good enough for him. For the sake of my mother, Wanchu had to enter the palace as a concubine, and now Wanchu knows that in this life, she may no longer have any connection to him. However, even so, Wanchu still hopes that he can live well, live healthy, and happy. For him … Wanchu is willing to do anything. “

“Who is it?”

At this time, the night wind blew across the clear and crystalline lake, making a gleaming reflection of waves while somewhat carrying a slightly cold mist.

“That person is … Yan Wang!”

Xia Bei Bei clenched her teeth as she spits out the name calmly.

Yes, it was Yan Wang. Feng Linmo. In the capacity of Mu Wanchu, she only had come into contact with few men in a normal day. The only Royalty who is related to her was Mu young master’s close friend. The sixth prince, Feng Linmo.

This is also the only one who will not let Feng Linye doubt.

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, the man in the water pavilion unexpectedly lowered his head as he laughed: “Yan Wang…”

“Heh, Mu Wanchu, so, are you being intentional now?”

The night breeze was gentle, the man adorned in the official minister’s robe slowly turned around. When Xia Bei Bei saw the handsome face similar to Feng Linchen seven to eight points under the dim moonlight, she felt that she was going to collapse.

Feng… Feng Linmo!

Who can tell her clearly why is that the Sixth Prince, His Royal Highness, Feng Linye did not appear here, but instead, the people who appeared here is the Third Prince, His Royal Highness, Feng Linmo!

Is this a ghost?

“Yes, I’m sorry, I … I seem to have gone to the wrong place!”

Xia Bei Bei panicked and turned to escape.

Feng Linmo behind him just chuckled twice: “You didn’t go to the wrong place. The sixth brother did indeed ask Ayu to meet here. This is where we used to play together when we were children.”

Speaking of this, Feng Linmo’s tone carries a trace of nostalgia: “That’s really a distant memory!”

Distant memories?

Hearing Feng Linmo’s words, Xia Bei Bei stopped involuntarily. Could it be that Yan Wang also liked Zhangsun Yu?


Xia Bei Bei turned to look at Feng Linmo under the moonlight.

Feng Linmo smiled at her lightly: “So, Wanchu, do you want to consider cooperating with me?”

Xia Bei Bei: …

It turned out that His Highness also wishes to rebel! Can this world be more reliable?

“I do.”

Xia Bei Bei’s was extremely firm and determined: “For the sake of Wangye, Wanchu would not hesitate to go through the fire!”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, Feng Linmo’s eyes flashed: “OK.”

He strolled towards Xia Bei Bei: “I will send you back. The farce in the banquet should be over by now. If you went back too late, my brother would certainly be suspicious.”

“Oh? Oh, oh.”

Xia Bei Bei didn’t know what Feng Linmo meant by that, but she still obediently left pavilion like a good child with Feng Linmo. When she returned to Luoxia Palace, Cailan was still shivering under the blanket.

Niangniang, you are finally back! You scared nubi to death!”

Seeing Xia Bei Bei’s figure, Cailan girl simply crying tears of joy, ah!

Xia Bei Bei: …

This baby is also scared to death; do you know?

She did not manage to block Feng Linye, yet in her confusion, she ended up teaming with Feng Linmo, ah! But looking at his calm and composed manner, it must be a hidden BOSS, which is reassuring for now.

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