April 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Wicked Imperial Consort 9


In an instant, it was the day of the Empress Dowager’s birthday. This was a grand event for the Dasheng Dynasty. Therefore, the whole city became even more lively.

All the Imperial Princes, noble’s families, and officials, both civil and military, entered the palace to send regards and wishes to the Empress Dowager.

Xia Bei Bei, as well as other concubines in the Harem, had been busy from early in the morning inside the Cining Palace of Empress Dowager. The women in the Harem could not meet the outsider so casually. However, they were allowed to attend the family banquet, which will be held at the Harem at night. At that time, several other princes will also come to the palace to celebrate the birthday with the Empress Dowager.

Xia Bei Bei had already made her plans. Her frail condition was well known to the whole Harem. When the feast was ongoing, she will pretend to be uncomfortable as an excuse to left the banquet in advance. After returning to her palace, she will change her clothes with Cailan and allowed Cailan to impersonate herself to go to bed with a quilt to hide her body. With that disguise, she will go out and wait for the opportunity to meet the Qin Wang, Feng Linye, and explore his intention.

For this plan, Xia Bei Bei had prepared for a long time, and there was no room for loss.

At night. The night banquet in the Imperial City was full of singing and dancing to show off the scene of happiness and prosperity.

Xia Bei Bei ’s seat was relatively high due to the improvement of her status during this period. From her position, she can see Feng Linye, who adorned the official minister robe. Feng Linye was four years younger than Feng Linchen, but he had been staying at the frontier as a military commander all year long. Due to this, the man does not look immature but was full of aggressive, manly masculinity.

At this time, Feng Linye was drinking a glass of wine while his eyes absentmindedly remained on Zhangsun Yu’s body.

Although Zhangsun Yu also noticed Feng Linye’s eyes, things have changed over time. Now she is no longer the girl who was not familiar with the affair of the world. For the sake of the royal’s face and even more in regards to her affection towards the Emperor, she deliberately turned her face and ignored Feng Linye’s eyes.

Seeing Zhangsun Yu’s movements, Feng Linye’s eyes dimmed as a deep cold light flashed in his fierce eyes.

Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but sigh when she saw her partner’s situation.

Since ancient times, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman, ah!

You said that you have so much passion for your lover, no wonder you failed in your revolt!

Failure. Failure, ah!

“Cough, cough.”

Xia Bei Bei sighed and coughed twice while covering her lips.

“Xi fei, what’s wrong with you?”

Xia Bei Bei’s coughing sound caught the attention of the Empress Dowager immediately. There’s nothing one can’t do about it. The relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been too harmonious recently. The Empress Dowager also wishes to use this chance to show off her kindness, ah.

Muhou, chenqie was feeling a little uncomfortable and has disturbed you!”

As Xia Bei Bei said that, she looked at the Dowager Queen apologetically.

“It’s no matter. Xi Fei‘s body is weak, and it is really not easy to sit still for a long time. Ai Jia knows your situation. You can go back to rest first. The condition of your body is the utmost important!”

The Empress Dowager, sure enough, you are really awesome.

“Thank you, Muhou. Chenqie will retreat in advance then!”

Xia Bei Bei weakly stood up and bowed towards the Empress Dowager and the Emperor. She then turned around and slowly left the hall with the help of Cailan.

After returning to Luoxia Palace, Xia Bei Bei first make an action of action preparing to take a bath and changed her clothes while pretending to do so.

According to her guess in regards to the Emperor’s dark guard’s habit, even if that person had been monitoring her nonstop, however, there was still a period of slacking, especially when she was sleeping or taking a bath.

Of course, she did not know that at this time, the person that had been monitoring her had left.

With the mind-set caution is the parent of safety, Xia Bei Bei bathed and changed her clothes before letting Cailan put down the bed curtain and wait for herself to rest. At this time, she quickly changed clothes with Cailan and asked Cailan to help her combed her hair. After settling her hair, she quickly walked out of the palace’s inner room with her head down.

At this time, the night banquet in the palace continued, but Xia Bei Bei was going to another place.

According to the plot that she had received, just before the end of today’s party, Feng Linye had sent someone to meet Zhangsun Yu and give her a small note that asked her to meet him in a very secluded water pavilion inside the Harem.

Of course, in the end, Feng Linye had waited for half an hour but still did not see the person he had been waiting for. He could only leave with frustration.

Today, Xia Bei Bei is planning to go to that place. Although she did not have any strong backer, however, the news that she is favored by the Emperor was well known all over the Harem. She believed that this could be her bargaining chip.

Even if Feng Linye despised herself as a partner, at least he would still consider one or two things, let alone reporting Feng Linchen about herself.

Therefore, this meeting is still vital.

It’s just that Feng Linye ’s appointment place with Zhangsun Yu was too remote. Although Xia Bei Bei had quietly told Cailan to find the location and drew a map for herself, right now, it was dark in the night. It still took a long time for her to find the secluded water pavilion.

Compared with the brilliant lights in the other parts of the Harem, this place was very quiet. Inside the shaded pavilion, you can vaguely see the figure of a man.

Xia Bei Bei took a deep breath and then sauntered in that directi.

The man in the water pavilion has been facing away from Xia Bei Bei. Through the shallow moonlight, Xia Bei Bei can vaguely see the official minister’s robe on his body.

Wang ye?”

Xia Bei Bei quickly stepped forward and whispered.

The figure seemed to be turning around when he heard the footsteps, but when he heard Xia Bei Bei’s voice, he froze for a moment. His turning movement also stopped there: “How come you are here? Xi fei Niangniang!”

There was a trace of surprise in the deep and low male voice.

Oops! He unexpectedly recognized me from the sound of my voice! Could it be that this baby is so popular now?

Cough, cough.

Xia Bei Bei had no time to drown in the sea of narcissism. She lowered her head as she smiled: “Wang ye indeed has a good hearing, however knowing that this is Bengong, you must have been disappointed, right? I know who you are waiting for. Unfortunately, she will unlikely to fulfil this appointment.”

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