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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Wicked Imperial Consort 8


When Xia Bei Bei returned to Luoxia Palace, she was greeted by the pleasing smiles of the concubines in the Harem who came with numerous gifts-

“Xi fei jiejie, you finally came back!”

“Xi fei jiejie, your face looked so white and rosy today.”

“Xi fei jiejie, your white dress is so beautiful, ah. You are looking like a fairy.”




Xia Bei Bei: …

You’re all are so shameless, and your tongue is so glib that it really comfort Bengong’s heart, ah!

“My sisters are so polite and cautious. Come, come, let sit inside Bengong‘s palace. Cailan, go to the kitchen and wash the fruits rewarded by the Empress Dowager. Bengong will eat with my sisters.”

Xia Bei Bei smiled and brought the crowd to her palace. Without batting an eyelid, she quietly showed off her relationship with the Empress Dowager.

Upon hearing her words, the concubines on the side became even more enthusiastic…

In this way, the front gate of Luoxia Palace was as busy as a marketplace as the attendants continued to welcome the new arrival and sending off those departing nonstop.

While enjoying the treatment of a favored concubine, Xia Bei Bei also run to the Empress Dowager’s Cining Palace almost every day to pay her respect. If she had nothing that occupied her for that day, she will also copy the Buddhist scriptures and read old practice story with Empress Dowager, too. Soon she already managed to hold into Empress Dowager.

When it comes to the matter of Harem, the most important person you need to settle with is obviously the Empress Dowager. She had the habit of being aloof and remote. Therefore, as long as you obey her and being submissive, it was surefire that she will be fond of you.

Every mother-in-law likes a daughter-in-law who can grin and bear with whatever command that was given to them. This is after all the typical customs of the ancient.

After getting along well with the Empress Dowager, Xia Bei Bei’s position in the Harem also becoming more and more stable. Then there is also Feng Linchen, who came to her Luoxia place every few days to show his concern. In these two months, there is no concubine in the Harem that could be compared to her. Soon, her popularity has far surpassed that of Zhangsun Yu, becoming the thorn in the eyes of the entire Harem.

Good. Your Majesty, your calculation has already started.

Xia Bei Bei was actually very clear that she was the target erected by Feng Linchen to attract the hidden dark arrow not only from Shangguan Man and other harem concubines but also the various ministers from the Royal Court.

However, if this target was not used well, it will cause some problems.

Xia Bei Bei had carefully counted the days. In a few days, it will be the event to celebrate the Empress Dowager’s birthday. All the princes that were scattered to various regions are already on their way back to Beijing.

These princes naturally included the Qinwang, Feng Linye.

At the thought of seeing her partner soon, Xia Bei Bei was in a good mood. With this joy, she forgot her disguise as a delicate and frail woman, and soon, she started to eat a full course for every meal.


In the Zhongzheng Palace——

“Your Majesty, Xi fei Niangniang has a good appetite recently. She can eat four meat buns in one meal.”


Hearing the report of the Dark Guard, Feng Linchen could not help but pinched his chin. Four? It’s possible to eat that much, but why did she suddenly have such a good appetite?

Seeing that her master seemed to be a little thoughtful, the dark guard beside him could not help but whispered: “The subordinates also saw the Xi fei Niangniang had repeatedly urged Cailan girl to carefully prepare the palace dress and head ornaments for the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet. Niangniang is already intimate with the Empress Dowager on normal days. Presumably, because Empress Dowager’s birthday is approaching, therefore Niangniang’s mood is also getting better!”

The dark guard who has been responsible for monitoring Xia Bei Bei was a young woman. This girl was simple and naive, ah. She has been trained as a dark guard since childhood.  So, the word like white lotus or green tea bit*h had never appeared in her life. Consequently, when the little girl looked at the kindhearted and weak Xi fei Niangniang, the little girl could not help but feel distressed for her, ah ——

Xi fei Niangniang is so kind. She had always been thinking about the Empress Dowager and His Majesty, but she didn’t know that she was just a forsaken chess piece in the hands of His Majesty. She is really, truly pitiful!

Mu Wanchu …

Hearing the dark guard’s supplementary report, Feng Linchen looked down at the information in his hands: “An Qi, you can stop monitoring Mu Wanchu. There should be no problem with her. Sixth brother is about to return to the capital. I am afraid that he is still going to find some trouble with Ayu. So you should go back and protect Ayu!”

[T/N: An – Dark guard; Qi – Seven… Just feeling that putting the Pinyin sounds better than translating it to Dark guard seven. Ayu – Endearment term for Zhangsun Yu]

“Yes, subordinate understand!”

Hearing Feng Linchen’s words, An Qi nodded. Her figure disappeared again.

At this time, Feng Linchen was the only person left inside Zhongzheng Hall. He slowly closed Mu Wanchu’s surveillance report in his hand—

If you wish to protect your loved ones, there will inevitably be a sacrifice.

To protect Ayu, I can only sacrifice you. Mu Wanchu, if you can escape this calamity, I will bestow you a lifelong glory and splendour….

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