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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Wicked Imperial Consort 7


Not only the matter of Xi fei falling into the water alarmed the Emperor, but even Empress Dowager also sent someone to express her sympathy by giving her tonic. After hearing the news, the women in the Harem started to get panicked for a moment. Is this a signal that Xi fei was currently under favour again or what?

When everyone was hesitating whether to go up to start fawning, the Imperial City’s Internal Affairs Department began to detain all the eunuchs and palace maids that were presented at the lotus pond on that day’s incident, including Cailan. Everyone was interrogated without a miss.

Here we go!

His Majesty, the Emperor, has started to make his move. This is obviously someone who is having an ulterior motive, ah!

Although Xia Bei Bei is the kind of person that is silly yet witty, this baby is definitely not mentally disabled, ah! It was as she had summed up. Feng Linchen is someone with no good intention. It turned out that he planned on using her as a guise and wanted to clean up others.

And this other person, if nothing is unexpected, it should be Shangguan Man.

A traversal girl thought herself as gifted, however unknowingly, she was actually intoxicated to this level. You girl are so notoriously for one’s misdeed previously, but then you suddenly changed and became a good person which is already dubious in the eyes of others. Now, you feel that this baby is no longer pleasing to the eyes and wanted to take this baby’s life?


Shangguan Man, ah, Shangguan Man. You have finished reading the novels; however, why is it that you still don’t understand?

Whether it is Feng Linchen or Zhangsun Yu, which one of them is any easy to be dealt with? As soon as the Shangguan family was destroyed in the future, do you think that you will be safe if you take refuge with the female lead?

To cut the weeds and eliminate the roots was the most reassuring and accustomed practice of every Emperor. How can Feng Linchen leave anyone with the blood of Shangguan’s family to exist in this world?

You’re crossing the novel this way, is truly making a mistake, step by step, ah!

You said that you are familiar with the plot. With such a big cheat, you can prepare for the revolt in advance and be a good villain, ah! Unfortunately, you thought of yourself as a good person and wanted to become a good individual. Good person, my ass, ah!

Xia Bei Bei leaned on her chaise couch while eating the fresh fruits sent by Empress Dowager. My heart is so satisfied, ah——

Shangguan Man, Bengong is sitting here and waiting to see how you are going to die, um, I will also send you off along the way. Please don’t thank me; I am, after all are a selfless model citizen, just like that legendary Lei Feng.

Cailan’s face was not very good when she returned from the Internal Affairs Department, but her eyes showed a happy mood.

Niangniang, Niangniang, his Majesty has made great efforts this time. The person who calculated Niangniang had already been found out!”

Although she was also interrogated by the internal affairs department, Cailan felt that everything was worthwhile.

“Oh? Cailan, who is it?”

Hearing Cailan’s words, Xia Bei Bei showed a curious look: “Bengong has been in the cold palace for many days. I can’t remember anyone who has a deep hatred towards me?”

“Well, who else can it be?!”

Seeing that Xia Bei Bei still looked blank, Cailan couldn’t help but whisper to her master: “Niangniang, at first, Huang Guifei had secretly instigated you to do something hurtful on her behalf, and you ended up being harm by it. Now, Niangniang was no longer affected by her and managed to gain Emperor and Empress Dowager’s forgiveness. Huang Guifei must have been jealous and resented you that she conspired with Lengjin to plot against your life, ah. “

“Ah! It turned out to be Huang Guifei jiejie!”

Hearing Cailan ’s words, Xia Bei Bei exaggeratedly covered her mouth, her eyes were wide open in disbelief: “Originally, Bengong has always treated her like a sister and never resented her. Why is she so ruthless that she wanted me dead?”


Due to her lack of acting skills, Xia Bei Bei could only raise her sleeves to cover her face as she made a sad expression: “Cailan, then this matter … how did the Internal Affairs’ department handle it?”

“Hum, His Majesty said that even if the Emperor were to commit a crime, they would be tried similar to how the common people are! That Lengjin had already confessed, and His Majesty had ordered Huang Guifei to be confined in the Qifeng palace, waiting for trial.”

“Like this, ah.”

Xia Bei Bei took a deep breath: “Cailan, do you think that jiejie might be having other difficulties? You help me change my clothes. I’m going to Qifeng Palace!”


When she saw her master was still thinking about defending Shangguan Man, Cailan’s could not help but become entangled: “Niangniang, you, you are so kind!”

Alas, since Niangniang was revived, she seemed to become a different person. She became so generous and kindhearted that it distressed people who looked at her.

In this deep palace, which is like dragon pond and tiger cave, a good person will not live long, ah, Niangniang!

Qifeng Palace.


When Xia Bei Bei sauntered into the palace, she heard the sound of something breaking inside.

Guifei jiejie?”

Xia Bei Bei walked in with a calm face. When Shangguang Man saw her figure, the anger in her eyes disappeared as it turns cold. “Oh, Mu Wanchu, you came so quickly, is it to see my joke?”

Guifei jiejie, this is not the case, I’m just here to care …”

“Don’t call me like we are so close. I don’t have any meimei.”

Shangguan Man’s cold eyes glanced at Xia Bei Bei. She was wearing such a white dress from head to toes inviting the pity from others when she is obviously a little white flower!

[T/N Xiao Bai Hua/ Little White Flower: Refers to a woman with a weak and pitiful appearance. Look beautiful and flowery with constant tears in her eyes, when she was someone with strong, insidious and vicious heart, who often gains sympathy and compassion through her weak appearance – Baidu]

Jiejie, why did you talk like that? Wanchu really came to visit you.”

Seeing that Shangguan Man didn’t appreciate it, Xia Bei Bei immediately made a pitiful appearance. En, by all means, she should never waste the original owner white lotus’ attribute.

“Heng, there’s no one else here. What are you pretending to be? Don’t think that I don’t know who you are.”

When Shangguan Man saw the appearance of a small white flower in front of her, she was so angry. Was she so incapable that she couldn’t even fight this little white flower?

Jiejie, what you are talking about, Wanchu didn’t understand.”

Hearing Shangguan Man’s words, Xia Bei Bei again showed a puzzled expression.

However, although Shangguan Man is a bit smart and still angry, she is not stupid: “Mu Wanchu, I know your origin, I believe that you also know mine. I will not admit defeat, let’s just wait and see! “

After she finished talking, Shangguan Man flung her sleeves and took a big stride towards her inner room.

Now Shangguan’s family is still in power. She believes that Feng Linchen wouldn’t dare to take any drastic measures against her.

This unimportant Mu Wanchu, so what if you were also traversing? You don’t even have power in your hand. For Bengong, killing you is like killing an ant.

Seeing Shangguan Man left, Xia Bei Bei sighed: “Meimei will not disturb jiejie’s rests. Meimei asks to be excused.”

While saying that, she turned around and left gently and calmly.

This palace struggle is a long and endless road. It seemed that if she wanted to become a powerful and wicked Imperial concubine, first of all, she must get rid of this Shangguan Man.

And now, there is a ready-made partner beside her-His Majesty, the Emperor, Feng Linchen!

Cough! Cough! To kill and eliminate this small elite Shangguan Man, Emperor-dashen, should we form a team?

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