May 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Wicked Imperial Consort 6


“Much better?”

Looking at Xia Bei Bei’s haggard and dispirited appearance but continue to endure with all one’s will as she showed him a smile, Feng Linchen could not help but lowered his eyes: “I will send someone to give you some supplements tomorrow. You must make up your body. Cailan, take good care of your master. “

As he said that, Feng Linchen stood up and walked out of the inner room.

“Respectfully sending His Majesty off.”

Seeing Feng Linchen’s figure disappear, Xia Bei Bei finally feeling relieved from the bottom of her heart.

“Congratulations, Niangniang! This is a joyful matter, Niangniang!”

At this time, Cailan suddenly turned back as she knelt excitedly in front of Xia Bei Bei’s bed: “Niangniang, His Majesty finally changed her mind. Niangniang, this is a hopeful prospect!”

Xia Bei Bei: …

What hopeful, my ass! This Feng Linchen is the kind of people bearing the sign of [Beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts as they are sure to be ill-intentioned]. Only make other people feel uneasy, ah!

Although it was said like that, Xia Bei Bei was still happy. Aiya, the Emperor, came to visit Bengong. Tomorrow, he will also bestow Bengong with some supplements. Tomorrow, all those 3000 beauties in this Harem should be envious, jealous, and hate Bengong! Bengong can finally become high and mighty.

What a beautiful thing, indeed. Rather than dealing with these meddlesome things, might as well get a good night’s sleep! Tomorrow she still needs to act her scene properly….

On the second day, beyond Xia Bei Bei’s expectations, not only His Majesty, even the Zhangsun Yu and Empress Dowager sent her some supplements.

Of course, this is not uncommon. What was strange is that even Yan Wang specially sent someone to give her some supplements!

Yan Wang, ah!

Yan, Wang, ah!

It is a pity that there is nothing delivered from her supposedly cooperative partner, the Sixth Prince.

“Cailan, did Yan Wang had some kind of idea sending me this?”

Xia Bei Bei first opened the golden box sent by Yan Wang, which contained Korean ginseng.

Oops, this looked quite expensive, will there be some kind of secret mechanism inside this box? Will there be any false compartment stuffed with notes?

Facts have proved that Xia Bei Bei was worrying about nothing.

It’s not good to watch too many palace dramas! Yan Wang knew that she had fallen into the water. In the spirit of family, unity, and friendship, he sent her a little ginseng to express his condolences.

There are absolutely no other schemes.


Seeing Xia Bei Bei vigorously flipping through the box, Cailan on the side couldn’t help but quietly leaned on her ear and whispered: “Niangniang, don’t look at it too much. What if His Majesty saw how you act, ah? After all, Yan Wang …


Your mom!

This baby is most afraid of this kind of plot twist, ah!

Don’t tell me that Yan Wang is Mu Wanchu’s first love? Childhood sweetheart? Old lover? Or maybe the former fiance rejected by her, ah! Wei!

“Cailan, in the end, that Yan Wang, he and Bengong …”

Xia Bei Bei suddenly felt tongue-tied

Niangniang is really confused.”

Cailan lowered her voice again: “His Highness Yan Wang and Mu’s family eldest young master are a close friends. Naturally, he will take care of Niangniang. However, His Majesty hates people who gang up for personal interest and mixed the Harem with politics. So you should keep a good distance from Yan Wang!”

Xia Bei Bei: …

Your mom! Scared this baby so much, ah!

Xia Bei Bei raised her hand and threw the ginseng into Cailan’s hands: “Hurry up. Go and stew it. Stew the ginseng with the black-boned chicken. You have to make up for startling Bengong so much!”


Cailan glanced swiftly at Xia Bei Bei. In the end, she turned around and quickly walked out.


After Cailan left, Xia Bei Bei looked at the other supplements on the table.

Aiyo, ​​is she still being monitor like before, ah?

Having to put a play every single day, really made her feel anxious.

Speaking of which, Xia Bei Bei did not receive much memory regarding the Mu Residence from the original owner.

The Mu’s family eldest young master?

Did anything happen in the past?

She did not have any impression of it, ah!

Really good, OK?! Author-dashen, is this how you treat the female cannon fodder, ma? Apart from remembering that she and her mother were not favored, can’t she remember anything else, ma?

[T/N: Dashen – Deity / (Internet slang) guru / expert / whiz]

It is estimated that if the young master Mu were to stand in front of her now, she would not even be able to recognize him, OK?

Cough, it turned out that Xia Bei Bei’s assumption was right. One day, when the young master Mu stood in front of her, she really unable to recognize him!

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