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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Wicked Imperial Consort 5


On the same night, inside the Qifeng Palace, which was located at the center of the Imperial city, Shangguan Man was soaking in the warm pool. Her eyes were closed as she let Lengjin massage her shoulders from behind.


Lengjin’s voice was low, and her tone was particularly cautious: “The news has come from the Luoxia Palace. It Xi fei Niangniang illness is not light. Even Imperial physician Xiao diagnosed that it will be hard for her to ever get pregnant in this life. “


Hearing Lengjin’s words, Shangguan Man slowly opened her eyes. Those pair of bright moon-like eyes flashed a cold light.

Mu Wanchu, you should be a dead person in the original book. So why did you still alive?

Is it because my traversing that somehow changed the world’s trajectory?

Or is it because … you also came from another world like me?

Shangguan Man could not help but showing ridicule look as she recalled Mu Wanchu’s pitiful cry in front of Changsun Yu early in the day. Even if you wanted to hug the female protagonist’s thigh, you are already too late!

If there is only one person who can change their fate, then it can only be me, Shangguan Man, ~


Imperial city, Jinfang Palace.

It was said three women are enough to make a drama. At this moment, Zhangsun Yu, who lived at Jinfang palace, was also thinking about Xia Bei Bei’s matter.

“Master, don’t you think that this is her retribution for calculating you before, ah?”

Ruo Liu, who served beside her, was a frank and straightforward person. Especially when she thought that Xi fei Niangniang had almost killed the little prince in his mother’s belly, Ruo Liu could not but feel angry.

“Ruo Liu, don’t speak nonsense things.”

Zhangsun Yu shook her head at Ruo Liu. There are many ears inside the wall of the Imperial city. How many people were found buried at the bottom of the lake just because they said the wrong sentence?

“Xi fei meimei is also quite pitiful. Ruo Liu, didn’t the Emperor bestowed me some supplements last time? Help me organize some of it and send it to Luoxia Palace tomorrow.”

Zhangsun Yu was born in a family with a literary reputation. Since childhood, she has read the book of the sages. She knows how to put one’s safety before the matters of principle in this Harem. At the same time, she also knows the difficulty of women in this Harem.

Isn’t she a living example herself?

When you were favoured, countless people rush to hold you. At the same time, countless people also wish for her to die.

When you fell out of favour, everyone could not wait to push her down.

In this few years inside the Harem, she had encountered wind and rain. If there was no His Majesty who had been secretly protecting her, she is afraid that this Zhangsun Yu had died a long time ago…

The night was getting darker. The news of Xi fei Niangniang falling into the water has now spread throughout the Harem. Now everyone knows that she may not be able to get pregnant in the future–

So what if she was able to resurrect from the death and moved out of the cold palace?

Mu Wanchu, you couldn’t even give birth to a child now. You might as well die!

While everyone was waiting to see how miserable she was, a sedan suddenly appeared outside the door of Luoxia Palace.

“His Majesty is here!”

Hearing the rumbling announcement, Cailan, who was covering Xia Bei Bei’s body with the quilt was immediately become stunned–

His Majesty! Is His Majesty coming now? Oh my god, oh my god! What should I do? Do I have to wake Niangniang up?

With great difficulties, we finally managed to get His Majesty to visit the palace this time, ah! I don’t know when the next visit will be next time. But Niangniang’s body was so bad, and it was so difficult that she finally able to get a good rest and finally able to sleep well.

While Cailan was tangled and running in full circles, Feng Linchen already slowly made his way into the inner room of the palace.

The room was filled with incense that was meant to soothe one’s nerve, and Xia Bei Bei, who had been sleeping on the bed, appeared to be particularly smooth and steady.

“Your Majesty!”

Hearing the incoming footsteps, Cailan immediately kneeled and saluted respectfully: “Your Majesty, Niangniang, she, she just took medicine and fell asleep, she didn’t mean to …”

“I know; you can withdraw now.”

Feng Linchen waved his hand while he sat on Xia Bei Bei’s bed.

“Xi fei?”

He leaned down as he gently called out from the top of Xia Bei Bei’s head.


Xia Bei Bei, who was sleeping frowned. Who is it?

Why did he call her Xi fei? Isn’t Xi fei the mother of the Qianlong Emperor? Um, that’s wrong, it seems that Xi Fei should be… Mu Wanchu?

As she thought of it, Xia Bei Bei was so startled that her body started to produce cold sweat.

Your mom. Fortunately, this baby did not have any habit of sleep-talking. Who is this, ah?! Do you like playing night raids in the middle of the night, ah?

While she secretly brewing a small feeling of moodiness, Xia Bei Bei slowly opened her eyes. However, as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Feng Linchen’s face in a proximity.

She has to say that as a male character in the world of fiction, having a high face value is a necessary factor. In particular, for the Emperor who needs to confuse ten thousands of people to attack them. If he was too unpresentable, he would become unworthy of those three thousand beauties that are currently living in his Harem, ah!

All in all, Feng Linchen appearance is quite refreshing. His facial features are handsome and dashing. The proportion of his figure is also perfect. Even his gaze was like those of legendary evil charm capable of tempting others to do crime.

Ai, in the middle of the night yet this male protagonist, why are you climbing into this baby’s bed and looked at baby with a face full of tender feelings? Do you wish for this baby to eat and wipe you clean, ma?

It is a pity that this baby is a villain with integrity. This baby requests you to turn back, so that this baby can continue her confession to senior Gu. So, female lead’s man, please conduct yourself with dignity!

“Your Majesty.”

After Xia Bei Bei finished with her roast, she slowly gets up while pulling the quilt on her body to the side. At the same time, she looked at the man in front of her with the look of gratitude: “Your Majesty, why are you here? Chenqie’s body is currently in terrible condition. Therefore, I should not be allowed to serve you. I could only ask for your pardon. Your Majesty, you also need to take care of your health! Where is Cailan? Cailan! Go and move the chair for His Majesty. Your Majesty, chenqie, is sick. It will be bad if you were infected by it.”

Xia Bei Bei’s tone of voice already brought the unique effect of being a delicate and weak white flower.

“Don’t bother too much about it.”

After listening to her, Feng Linchen waved his hand at Cailan, who came to move the chair to the bed: “I just passed by Luoxia Palace and came in to look at your condition. Do you feel better?”

“Many thanks for His Majesty’s pity. Chenqie already feel much better.”

Xia Bei Bei gave Feng Linchen a weak smile. However, inwardly she was calculating the real intention behind Feng Linchen’s sudden appearance-

Passing by?

My ass, who are you trying to fool, ah?

This is undoubtedly related to some kind of shenanigans. Yuan Fang, what is your thought of this?

[T/N: Yuan Fang is a character who originated from Amazing Detective Di Ren Jie’s series. Whenever Di Ren Jie is facing a problem, he will ask Yuan Fang’s opinion. Surprisingly Di Ren Jie Tan An has a 2020 version!]

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