May 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Wicked Imperial Consort 4


“Ah- Achoo! Achoo!”

Xia Bei Bei continued to sneeze miserably along the way while being supported by Cailan to return to Xia Palace.

As soon as her feet reached the front door of the palace, Zhangsun Yu’s maid, Liu girl, had finally invited the imperial physician to come over. Looking at the old doctor, who looked euphemistically, Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help nodding.

Your mom, this is the correct look of an Imperial Physician! Which emperor would recruit a large group of small fresh meat to go in and out of the harem and see his own woman whenever they ill, ah? He is not a professional green head man.

“Xi fei niang niang.”

The senior professional doctor used a wire to give Xia Bei Bei’s pulse of diagnosis. He immediately showed a look of worry: “Xi fei niang niang, your body is in a cold state. You need a good rest. If the rest is improper, I’m afraid, I’m afraid …”

At this point, the old doctor seems to have some desire to stop talking.

“Imperial Physician Xiao, please speak directly.”

Xia Beibei looked at the old doctor in front of her. Seeing the physician posture of swallowing his throat, she also knew that the next words will be critical.

“Xi fei niang niang, please forgive the old courtiers for bluntly speaking. Your body is all along had been bad. This time for you to accidentally fell into the water had resulting the cold to enter your body. If it was not correctly reared, I am afraid that later … It will be hard for you to get pregnant! Ai! “

At this point, Imperial Physician Xiao could not help but sigh.

If the woman in the back palace could not have children, isn’t that equal to the death penalty?


Sure enough, when Cailan heard Imperial Physician Xiao diagnose, she immediately becomes panicked: “How can this be good? Imperial Physician Xiao, please save our niang niang.  You must help our niang niang!”

Between her speech, Cailan knelt on the ground and kept banging her head.

“This … unacceptable, unacceptable, ah! “

While Cailan and Imperial Physician Xiao were talking, Xia Bei Bei who sat on the bad did not feel much emotion: “Cailan, don’t be so excited. Please send the Imperial Physician Xiao out. I’m fine, really.”

Cannot get pregnant is simply awesome.

Who’s going to give that dead emperor a monkey, ah? What Bengong want is the country, humph.

When Cailan went out to escort Imperial Physician Xiao, Xiao Bei Bei saw that she was finally alone in her room. She immediately stumbled off the bed as she kneeled on the ground. With a pious look, she started to pray: “God, I know that this is your punishment to me. This faithful girl, Mu Wanchu has sincerely repented. I swear to God today! I, Mu Wanchu, in this life, will not bring harm to others! If I violate this oath, let this Mu Wanchu heart be pierced with 10,000 arrows. Only to die!”

That’s right. Precisely as it is. The villain end was doomed not to be good. So let this Bengong not carelessly bring harm to other people!


When Cailan came back, she saw that Xia Bei Bei had already lied on the bed asleep. Looking at her pale face, Cailan was full of worry and self-blame.

Niang niang, why nubi is unable to protect you? Why nubi is unable to swim in the water?


Night. Zhongzheng Palace’s hall.

Feng Linchen sat in his high chair, quietly listening to the Dark Guard’s report.

Xi fei who returned from the death.

This is indeed strange and rarely seen. Regarding Mu Wanchu, Feng Linchen may appear as if he did not care; however, in fact, he had no choice but to be careful and guard himself against everything.

It can be said that from the time Xia Bei Bei entered the mission world, she had always been living under the watchful eye of Feng Linchen.

Fortunately, our baby, Bei Bei has the plot as her golden finger. She knew the suspicious and cunning nature of Feng Linchen. She also knew that he has a large group of dark guards. So until now, she did not show too much foot.

“That’s what Xi fei said?”

Hearing the report from the dark guard, Feng Linchen narrowed his eyes and recalled the memory of the fresh smiling Mu Wanchu. It had to say that although she is a woman with no brain, in fact, it really cannot be count as very vicious.

In this back palace, the people who are more vicious than her are numerous like cow hairs.

“How about the Royal Garden thing? Who pushed her into the water? “

Xia Bei Bei falling into the water was not an accident. Even though she stood near the water, after all, there is such a large group of slaves watching over her. How can they easily let their master fall into the water?

“Back to His Majesty, the maid who had been pushing Xi fei niang niang into the water was Huang guifei’s maid, Leng Jin.”

“Someone at Shangguan Man’s side?”

It is said that the seal of lint involuntarily sank the sun, this time he has been monitoring the official’s every move, but also thought that she had sincerely repented. Still, he did not expect her to harbour malicious intention against others.

But why did she start against Mu Wanchu? Mu Wanchu did not pose any threat against her at all!

Could it be that…

What secret did Mu Wanchu had in her hand? Or did she had something against Shangguan Man?

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