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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Wicked Imperial Consort 2


On the first night at Xia Palace, Xia Bei Bei slept like a pig while being accompanied by the fragrant spice. Yes, yes. Even though she felt that her heart was stifled by the current predicament, but the importance of eating and sleeping will never be the same in the eyes of this silly but witty person.

Due to the reason that she was still in her “rest and recuperation period”, regardless of the strict rules in the harem, Xia Bei Bei was still excused from having to wake up early in the morning to greet to Empress Dowager. As for the Empress? Oh yes, Feng Linchen is yet to confer a person for the Empress’s seat. Therefore, in term of position Huang guifei Shangguan Man was the highest-ranking concubine in the harem.

Alas, it is a pity that this big villain decided to renounce the dark and seek the light to hold the Female Lead’s golden thighs.

Uh, holding the Female Lead’s thigh?

Xia Bei Bei suddenly sat up from the bed. Her face was full of joy, Your mom! I got an idea!

Countless palace dramas tell us those who fight against the Female Lead are all lining up for their reincarnation! Show IQ! Die fast!

The correct way for harem fighting is to have honeyed words yet with a sword in the belly—a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance. And to backstabbed the enemy!

To sum it up in a sentence, that is – to be a qualified wicked Imperial Consort, you must be brave enough to act like a shameless bitch.

“Cailan! “

Xia Bei Bei learned how Mu Wanchu often acts based one her memory as she called out weakly as if she had no strength.

Niang niang! “

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s voice, Cailan immediately rushed in: “Niang niang, did you feel unwell?”

This was not to blame Cailan girl for thinking as such. After all, Mu Wanchu suffered a lot of injustice while staying at Mu residence. The little body was finally able to raise little by little after entering the palace. Yet due to her action of seeking death against the Female Lead, she was finally being beaten down to the Cold Palace.

Cold Palace is a place that even ordinary people could bear, what’s more of the fragile and weak Mu Wanchu?

“Cailan, what time is it?” “

Xia Bei Bei weakly asked. Hearing the question, Cailan immediately replied: “Back to the niang niang, it is chenshi three-quarters.”

[T/N: Chenshi – 7-9 am; so in this context, should be approximately 8.30 am]

“Oh. “

Xia Bei Bei gently nodded: “Cailan, you help me prepare. I want to have a bath and changed my cloth, en, also prepare something for me to eat along the way. You also help me check where Shu fei niang niang is?”

Shu fei?

When he heard her master mention Shu fei, Cailan’s expression change: “Niang niang, you, you, don’t tell me that you still …”

“What are you thinking about? Bengong already rejects the world for monastic life. “

Xia Bei Bei exposed an enlightened face as if nothing in this world will move her: “Bengong had made a big mistake. Even if the Empress Dowager and the Emperor forgive me, Bengong still can’t forgive myself. I will go and see Shu fei to kneel!”

Niang niang, how could it work like that, ah!”

When Cailan heard Xia Bei Bei’s declaration, the pure-hearted girl immediately took the matter seriously: “If you want to kneel, you should let nubi do it on your behalf. Your body is still so weak. You can’t have another accident!”

It was said that every wicked Imperial Consort has a loyal servant. It seemed that those palace dramas did not deceive her, ah!

Hearing Cailan’s words, Xia Bei Bei immediately shook her hands while showing a moving expression: “Good Cailan, then let’s go and kneel together! “

Let’s kneel for our future!

So, half an hour later, in the Royal Garden.

“Shu fei jiejie, please forgive me!”

Dressed in white attire, Xia Bei Bei with a plain face, looked pitiful and lovely as she knelt near Zhangsun Yu’ foot. A pair of small hands gently pulled her skirt corner: “Jiejie, I was wrong. If you are not going to forgive me, I will continue to kneel!” “

This is……

Initially, after Zhangsun Yu came out from the Empress Dowager’s palace, she was invited by Shangguan Man to go to the Imperial garden to enjoy the lotus flower. Who knows that when the two of them just walked to the lotus pool, Mu Wanchu suddenly rushed out, and kneel and held into her without saying anything.

Speaking of this, Zhangsun Yu was also a clear-minded and intelligent woman. She already long knew that the real culprit who tried to harm her last time which nearly led her to miscarry was Shangguan Man. That Mu Wanchu was only being used by others as a shield.

Fortunately, in the end, both mother and son were safe and sound. Shangguan Man had also repented, and she already forgives her. As for Mu Wanchu …

“Xi fei meimei, what are you doing here?”

Seeing Xia Bei Bei kneeling and crying hard, Zhangsun Yu immediately bent down and wanted to help her stand. Unfortunately, Xia Bei Bei was so determined that no matter how forceful Zhangsun Yu was, she will not stand up.

Looking at the current situation where Zhangsun Yu also unable to make any progress, Shangguan Man who stood on the side looked at Xia Bei Bei suspiciously as she loudly shouted: “You group of dead slaves, what are the use of having you all around? Why don’t you pull Xi fei niang niang up?!”

“Yes! “

When the large group of palace maids heard that Shangguan Man had spoken, all of them hurriedly and started to approach to encircle Xia Bei Bei.

Xia Beibei: …

Your sister, ah! Who stepped on this baby’s feet? Ai yo who is pushing me? Your mom!  You self-centred slave, you all planning to kill this old lady, right? Isn’t it?

The old lady decides to die for all of you to see.

[Putong] A white figure fell into the lotus pond in the Imperial garden.

“Come on, somebody! It’s not good! Xi fei had fallen into the water! “

Not knowing who had been quaking like a male duck at the shore. At the current moment, Xia Bei Bei who had fallen into the small lake, was quite tangled.

When she thought of those days, to be healthy and disease-free until she was twenty-four, Xia Bei Bei had specially learned a lot of survival skills. Naturally, swimming is one of them!

But this has become a pit since Mu Wanchu did not know how to, ah!

If she acts nothing and just swims to the shore on her own, not to mention the crossing woman Shangguan Man, even others will feel that the original body was being possessed by someone else.

In short, the palace’s backyard are full of traps. Your mom, let this old lady know who just pushed me into the water, I’m going to kill her!

“Help, help! “

Now Xia Bei Bei could only desperately acted as she tried to float and shouted for help as she went up and down the water.

“Tong Tong! “Another figure jumped into the water. The people on the shore all looked at the figure, watching him swim towards  Xia Bei Bei’s side as he put his arm around her neck and took her to the shore.

Xia Bei Bei: …

Dude, the way you save people, is very professional ah! But can you put a little bit of effort into it? Bengong are currently being smothered by you!

The people at the shore started to make a fit of noise. Xia Bei Bei only managed to come to her sense after she landed in Cailan’s embrace.

“Cough. “

She bowed her head and spat a few mouthfuls of the water. When she looked up, her sight finally fell on the unknown figure for the first time.

This one should be the one who saves me, so, my benefactor?

Well, looking from his back, it is quite familiar, ah!

“Cailan, why don’t you support your master back? Liu, you go and call the imperial physician. “

While Xia Bei Bei was still in a daze, Zhangsun Yu started to give a command in systematic order. Shangguan Man who was at the side also smile while looking at the wet man.: “Yan Wang, thank you for your help today. Bengong on behalf of Wanchu meimei thanked you.”

Yan Wang….

Xia Bei Bei searched for the original memory. Oh, no wonder that when she saw this figure, she felt a little bit familiar. Isn’t this the 3rd prince, Feng Linmo?

Both Feng Linmo and Feng Linchen were the biological sons of the Empress Dowager. Therefore, the brothers’ backs were naturally very similar to each other. After Feng Linchen ascended to the throne, he was the only prince who was given the privilege to stay at the capital. However, Feng Linmo was merely an idle king.

Ai, in word, the royal affair is complicated, and the woman in the back palace is like a snake scorpion, ah.

Xia Bei Bei sighed at the bottom of her heart. He small face was pale as she leaned against Cailan’s arm. With difficulties, she walked back to Xia palace –

Right, right. She must keep this pace. She had to keep this rhythm and keep looking miserable. There are the Emperor’s dark guards everywhere. Bengong must successfully shape a docile poor image of the little white flower for them to see.

Hum! Don’t look at my mess today. I’m going to settle this debt with those people in the future.

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