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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Wicked Imperial Consort 2


“Cailan, you still do not know how to let your master up?!” “

Seeing the appearance of Xia Bei Bei who had been kowtowing desperately until her head badly bruised, The Empress Dowager also could not help but be disturbed. She immediately opened her mouth and commanded.

On the side, the anxious Cailan immediately support Xia Bei Bei up.

“Thank you Empress Dowager! Thank you, Your Majesty! “

Xia Bei Bei graciously expressed her thanked for the favour. Looking at her dispirited voice and half-dead appearance, the Empress Dowager sighed and turned to Feng Linchen at her side: “Chen ‘er, I’m afraid that Xi fei body is not suitable to live in the Cold Palace anymore.”

“En. “

Feng Linchen nodded. He lifted his deep black eyes and looked at Xia Bei Bei: “Since you are aware of your wrong and have been punished for it, from now on, you can move back to Xia Palace.” “

After saying that, Feng Linchen slowly got up: “Muhou, the time it is no longer early. Zhen, will send you back to your palace to rest!”

[T/N: Muhou – Imperial mother (limited to Empress/Empress Dowager); Zhen – I (limited to Emperor)]

“En. Good! “

Hearing the Emperor’s word, the Empress Dowager nodded happily. She slowly gets up with the help from her close attendant: “Xi fei takes a proper care of your health. Wait until your body becomes good, and then come to see Aijia  to pay respect.”

[T/N: Aijia – I (Limited to Empress Dowager)]

Chenqie remember the teachings of Empress Dowager!”

After hearing Empress Dowager’s word, Xia Bei Bei immediately revealed a flattering look. At this moment, her heart finally settled down.

To say who has the most power in this Dasheng Imperial palace? Of course, it’s the Empress Dowager!

This is the guardian against the demon, and notoriously gullible.

After receiving the memory of the original owner, Xia Bei Bei had made her initial strategic plan.

Be sure to cling into the Empress Dowager’s golden thigh. Even if you were to be beaten to death, you absolutely can’t let it go! If the Empress Dowager is alive, I will live! If Empress Dowager is dead, I still need to live firmly and upright!

After waiting for the Emperor, Empress Dowager and their large entourage to leave, Cailan immediately with red eyes, helped Xia Bei Bei to walk to the inner room of the palace: “Niang niang, niang niang, bear for it for a bit. Nubi, will give you some medicine.”

Looking at the busy figure of Cailan, Xia Bei Bei, who sat on the bed, could not help but smile with satisfaction.

Good, good, I already passed the first hurdle smoothly.

After waking up in the Cold Palace, Xia Bei Bei began to receive the original memory. This Mu Wanchu in the original story set was set to become cannon fodder. Therefore, her memory and relationship were also particularly simple.

She was the concubine-born daughter for Mu Shangshu. She was not a pampered child while living in Mufu. Because of this, She and her low-born mother had been dependent on each other for life. When the new emperor ascended the throne, to change her fate as well as her mother, Mu Wanchu decided to enter the palace. When she first entered the palace, she was quickly promoted to Xi fei due to her beauty as well as her singing and dancing skills.

Accompanying a monarch is like living with a tiger. Apart from Zhangsun Yu, who was blessed with Female Lead halo, who else can be the most honoured person in this palace?

Mu Wanchu knew that her birth was low. Therefore, she decided to lean on the big tree of Huang guifei by her own ingenuity.

This Huang guifei, Shangguan Man was the di-granddaughter of the Prime Minister. She was also doted by the Empress Dowager, and at another side, she was also favoured by the Emperor. Mu Wanchu obediently followed Shangguan Man and thought that she could rely on this Huang guifei’s shelter, until one day she was qualified to breed the Emperor’s son which will become her hope for the second half of her life. However, at this time, while she still was trying to hide her intention, Zhangsun Yu was diagnosed to be pregnant!

Upon learning the news, the women in the back palace all had their own thought.

Shangguan Man obviously could let any other women to go ahead of her and give birth to the Emperor’s son. However, she couldn’t deal with Zhangsun Yu directly. So, Mu Wanchu became the cannon fodder.

Speaking of Zhangsun Yu, she is naturally this world’s Female Lead daren. She is the di-granddaughter of the Zhangsun Taifu and Zhangsun Yu had grown up with all the Royal sons.

Originally, she and 6th Prince, Feng Linye favoured each other since they were innocent playmates. However, the Zhangsun Taifu was partial to the current Emperor and arranged her marriage with the then Crown Prince.

[T/N: Taifu – Imperial teacher/ Teacher who taught crown prince on how to become a monarch]

The 6th prince who was robbed of his lover as well as losing his chance for the throne was sealed off as Fan Wang. He then was sent to guard the border. Every year he only had one chance to return to the capital at the end of the year or if the Empress Dowager died.

The so-called distance produces beauty. Feng Linye still believed that his Xiaoyu ‘er was still waiting for him. But what he didn’t know was that the palace harem was a battlefield where no blood was seen shed. Although Zhangsun Yu was prudent as she consolidates each of her steps, however, it was Feng Linchen who had implicitly and explicitly safeguard her through all obstacles.

After escaping several occasion that nearly led to her death, Zhangsun Yun finally opened her eyes towards Feng Linchen’s affectionate feeling and concern.

Can a human continue to be heartless?

After years of infatuation and silent help, Zhangsun Yu’s heart finally melted bit by bit. She and Feng Linchen finally came together and became two people with one mind as husband and wife.

Moreover, although with the obstacles done by Mu Wanchu, Zhangsun Yu still managed to give birth to a prince for Feng Linchen smoothly. This news was spread to the border and made Feng Linye resent and further strengthen his determination to rebel.

According to the original plot, after Mu Wanchu was sent to Cold Palace for framing Zhangsun Yu, because of her weak health, she was soon fell ill and died. Shangguan Man was also started to fell out of favour because of this matter.

In fact, Feng Linchen already knew that Shangguan Man was the person behind the scenes. However, since the time he ascended the throne was still short, his foundation in the Royal court was still not stable. Therefore, he could not rashly eliminate Shangguan’s family. Because of this, he had been pampering Shangguan Man to appease the Shangguan family and let them relax their vigilance.

Prime Minister Shangguan was a senior official who had undergone three changes of monarchs. He already formed his clique and has long engaged in fraud and corruption. He was Dasheng Royal court’s tumour. Feng Linchen had always wanted to kick him off quickly.

With the expansion of his power, Feng Linchen and Zhangsun Taifu slowly began to seize power in the Royal court. Looking at the general trend, the Shangguan family could only take a risk and collaborate with Feng Linye to usurp the throne!

Of course, it is commendable for them to have such ambition. Unfortunately, being a villain bound to have them becoming the stepping stone for the Main Lead, ah! My darling!

Finally, Feng Linye rebellion failed, and he died in that battle.

As for the Shangguan’s family, including the main family, even the nine generations of the clan was annihilated and henceforth being purge!

Ai, how miserable, ah!

So that sister who cross over, for you to defect once who wear the book, you’re a great man! You are an outstanding talent capable of adapting to the circumstances, ah!

Xia Bei Bei felt the pain coming from her forehead. When she thought about the situation that she would face, her heart started to feel cold, ah!

Shangguan Man at least have Shangguan family to act as a betting bet when she cooperates with Feng Linye!

But she had nothing, ah!

Don’t tell me that you wanted me to take advantage of the dark and stormy night to go to Feng Linye’s room and quietly said to him: “Hey, man, let’s form a team to revolt, ah!”

Don’t even consider it; she will absolutely die miserably.

Therefore, regardless of how difficult it was to become a wicked Imperial Consort. It was even more challenging to become a corrupt Imperial consort who planned to rebel.

Niang niang, does it hurt?” “

Looking at Xia Bei Bei who could not stop frowning and still kept sighing on the bed, Cailan could not help but lighten her movement as she asked her with concern.

Niang niang is not hurting. Your niang niang is feeling sick at heart, ah!”

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