July 22, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Wicked Imperial Consort 1


“Congratulations Junior Villain 109 on picking up the mission. The mission will last four hours in the real world. Connecting to the space channel! Ding! Start binding! Ding! Ready to transfer…”

At one moment, the mechanical sound from the notebook was still ringing in Xia Bei Bei’s ears; however, the next moment, she felt that her body was being shaken by someone so desperately.

Niang niang, niang niang, please don’t abandon nubi alone, ah!”

[T/N: I would like to leave some address as it is. Will it feel more authentic? Niang niang = Imperial concubine/Queen/ Empress; Nubi = This servant (Female)]

Niang niang, if you just die like this, how nubi going to explain to old lady ah!”

“My poor niang niang! “

Xia Bei Bei: …

“Cailan girl, Xi fei Niang niang already left. You stop and let the body go. This nucai will deal with this matter. Although niang niang had made a big mistake and was sent to the Cold Palace, but the Emperor and Empress Dowager are merciful and kind enough to let her be buried in the imperial mausoleum. This is a great thing. Presumably, niang niang who is on her way to the underworld is also very happy! “

[T/N: Nucai = How eunuch addressed themselves]

Xia Bei Bei: …

What do you mean that this baby will be happy!! You’re going to bury me alive, ah!

“Cough! Cough!”

Xia Bei Bei who no longer able to endure finally coughed twice. In a flash, the whole Cold Palace turned silent.

Cailan remained froze. As for the little eunuchs who came to carry the body became frightened as his lips paled and trembled.

People: This is an illusion, right? Is it an illusion that I heard something, right?


Although she is yet to receive Mu Wanchu memory, Xia Bei Bei still slowly opened her eyes.

She knew she had to adapt to all kinds of circumstances and tried to play all sorts of villains’ roles. After all, this is her job! So she must be able to do it herself.

The slender phoenix eye goes from confused to clear.

Xia Bei Bei slowly sat up. Her eyes greeted the cold room, as well as a young girl’s surprised face.

“Ah! The corpse moves! “

The little eunuchs around them all ran out in panic. For a moment, the whole Cold Palace was in chaos.

Only Cailan, with disbelief in her big eyes, looked at Xia Bei Bei as she teared up: “Niang niang, niang niang, is that you?”

Cailan tried to lift her small hand. She gently grasped Xia Bei Bei’s fingertip and felt her temperature. Soon, Cailan immediately become happy as she sobbed: “Great, our niang niang still alive! Niang niang is alive! “

Xia Beibei: Good girl. Come to Bengong’s embrace and cry. I know that you are Bengong’s true love powder.


It’s one thing after another to say about the rare events that happened during summer at the imperial city of Dasheng. First, the imperial concubine, Huang guifei, Shanguang Man who had unexpectedly fall into a lake and become coma finally awakened. What’s more, the usual arrogant and despotic guifei niang niang suddenly seemed to have changed completely. Instead, she started to become a good sister to her arch-enemy, Shu fei, Zhangsun Yu.

Of course, this is not the strangest. The strangest event is that, Xi fei who had been beaten to death and sent to the cold palace on the allegation of poisoning Shu fei. Initially, the hospital already determined that she already reached the end of her life and her breath also stopped. However, in a short moment, she came back to life.

The resurrection of the dead man is absolutely strange! What’s more, it’s still in the imperial palace.

This incident not only shocked the whole hospital. It also shocked the Emperor, and Empress Dowager and even the entire royal family was alarmed by it.

At this time, Xia palace.

Dressed in a black dragon robe, Feng Lin Chen stared coldly at the pale and wan Xia Bei Bei who had been kneeling on the ground. While at the other side of the beautiful couch, sitting straight while dressed in sumptuous attire from head to toe was the Empress dowager.

“Xi fei, is it true what you said just now?”

Although Empress Dowager has a friendly face and elegant posture, her voice was particularly harsh.

“Empress Dowager, chenqie, do not dare to lie. “

Xia Bei Bei submissively opened her mouth as she started to talk: “Chenqie really walk and subsequently reached the Yellow Spring Road, and then the Nai He bridge. At the end of the bridge, chenqie also met Grandma Meng. However, the elderly persuaded chenqie that chenqie is yet to reach my predestined lifespan and asked chenqie to quickly returned to the world of living as soon as possible. Furthermore, he also said that the Emperor is the true reincarnation of the Dragon while the Empress Dowager is the female descended from heaven to the world of the mortal. I was instructed to serve the Empress Dowager properly.”

Xia Bei Bei desperately bit on her tongue. The pain instantly made her pitifully and exquisitely let out a few drops of tears: “Empress Dowager!”

Xia Bei Bei raised her face, with the glistening tears she looked at Empress Dowager: “Chenqie able to come back to life also know that chenqie have been gravely sinful. Chenqie already rejected the world for monastic life and asked the Empress Dowager to take me in! Chenqie is willing to accompany Empress Dowager to recite the Buddha scripture and praying for the good fortune and accumulate good merit for the Dasheng! “

As she spoke, Xia Bei Bei banged her head desperately on the floor towards Empress Dowager.

Since she was lacking in acting skill, she could only make it up through her action. Your Majesty, have you seen Bengong’s sincerity?

She already kowtowed and banged her head until it badly bruised, ah! It’s hurt, ah! Look, it bleeds so much, ah! Beseech you to grant me life or death quickly!

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