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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Wicked Imperial Consort 32


Muhou, what are you talking about?”

Hearing the Empress Dowager’s word, Feng Linmo on the side immediately asked with a complicated face.

“Mo’er, Muhou should have told you about this matter earlier on.”

The Empress Dowager once again showed a reminiscent expression as she slowly re-telling the story of the late Emperor Xian’s poisoning.

Your mom, Xia Bei Bei, seriously doubted whether the Empress Dowager had memorized the story since a long time ago, and was ready to use it at any time. She had already listened to it twice, and the up and down of the Empress Dowager’s voice was exactly the same when she told it to her before.


The night breeze was blowing, and the voice of the Empress Dowager resounded in everyone’s ears. Not only Xia Bei Bei, but even Feng Linchen, who stood under the loft also heard everything clearly.

Of course, the one who was hit hardest by this incident was still Feng Linmo.

It turned out that it was already a mistake the moment he was born.

Because his Father Emperor needed a baby guide, and that’s why he was conceived.

“And so……”

Feng Linmo’s voice had begun to tremble: “So, Father Emperor suddenly changed his edict before his death, not because he believed in me, but because he felt that he owed me too much, right?”

“No, it’s not like this, the late Emperor Xian definitely didn’t think so!”

Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but persuade him with a low voice, but the Empress Dowager looked directly at Feng Linmo’s eyes, and said firmly: “Yes, that’s it, Aijia and the late Emperor Xian owed you. If you wanted us to compensate, Aijia could use her life today to make up for past mistakes! “

“Shut up!”

Xia Bei Bei couldn’t bear it anymore. She couldn’t help interrupting the words of the Empress Dowager: “Shut up, or I will kill you immediately!”

After speaking, Xia Bei Bei turned to look at Feng Linmo on the side: “Don’t believe her, she made up a story to deceive you. Feng Linmo, let’s leave here. I will take you out of the capital!”

Stay away from the fighting, away from the conspiracy, away from this impersonal Imperial Palace.


Feng Linmo smiled. He raised his hand and gently stroked Xia Bei Bei’s long hair: “Wanchu, I suddenly fell in love with you. Would you like to … accompany me to die?”


This most burdensome word is also the most precious promise in his life.

Feng Linmo was not a stupid person. His mother has kept this secret for so long, and now she decided to reveal it. Was it really for him? No, it was not.

This secret was even crueler than the death of a thousand cuts.

[T/N Death by a thousand cut is the punishment for a rebel]

Muhou wholeheartedly wished to support his elder brother, Feng Linchen.


At this time, Feng Linmo had utterly lost his faith in the Imperial Palace and the world.

“Do you want to?”

Feng Linmo grabbed Xia Bei Bei’s hand, and then a little bit, took the hairpin from her hand and threw it to the ground.

At this moment, there was only silence.

Seeing the despair in his eyes, Xia Bei Bei involuntarily raised her hand and held Feng Linmo’s hand——

Although I can’t feel the same thing as you, we are fellow sufferers who empathize with each other.

“Feng Linmo, I am willing, I am willing to accompany you to die!”

This may have nothing to do with love.

But it was also her most sincere response.

Wanchu …

At the next moment, Feng Linmo suddenly hugged Xia Bei Bei’s body, and the two people’s bodies leaped from the high loft.


Above the loft, the Empress Dowager watched as the two fell. She who had been so calm before finally became panicked and yelled in horror.

“Moer, don’t! Don’t!”

Everything is already too late.

Some people will not realize the taste of heartache until the moment you lose that person.

Mo’er, why are you so determined to sever all relationship?

There was a roaring wind in her ears. Xia Bei Bei was sealed in Feng Linmo’s arm. She thought that she would die without doubt. Is this time her mission successful or failed?

Not relevant anymore, really not necessary anymore.

Next time, she will never take any tasks related to the Royal family and will never take any of it anymore …

“Wanchu, I …”

I am pleased with you.

At the last moment, Feng Linmo suddenly threw Xia Bei Bei’s body hard, and then he slowly closed his eyes.

The last sentence, which cannot be said, is the most authentic confession.

When life reached the end, he had no complaints or regrets.


“Feng Linmo! Feng Linmo!”

Xia Bei Bei didn’t hurt when she fell on the ground, but she watched Feng Linmo fall not far away, his blood flowed into the river.

“Feng Linmo!”

She struggled to run over to see him, but the tingling sensation from her back suddenly put Xia Bei Bei’s body in one place. This familiar feeling was …

Xia Bei Bei turned hard, and her eye caught Mu Yunxiu’s usual calm face and the bow and arrow that hadn’t been put away—

It doesn’t take ten thousand arrows to pierce the heart. One arrow from young master Mu is enough to send her to the afterlife!

Watching Xia Bei Bei’s body fall and gradually lose her breath, Mu Yunxiu’s eyes sank—

Xia Bei Bei, you still haven’t learned how to be a qualified villain.

This road is really not easy to walk to. Maybe, it is much harder than you think. Can you … can you keep going?

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