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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The villain club mission


When Xia Beibei opened her eyes again, it was already dark inside her room.

Yeah, her assignment took her four hours to complete.

In just four hours, she had gone through so many separations in life and death in the Dasheng Dynasty.

Mulan, as well as Feng Linmo.

Previously, Xia Beibei just merely saw the cruelness of the monarch from her daily soap opera. However, this time, she truly experiences it all.

The empress dowager’s calculation as well as Feng Linchen’s heartless suspicion.

Xia Beibei stared at the ceiling until a familiar “ding” sounded from her notebook

“Evaluation complete! Congratulations to junior villain 109 on completing the mission Rank E! You are awarded three months of lifetime!”

[Warm tip: Your completion of the mission only reached the passing line. Junior villain 109, your state of mind, was very unstable throughout the mission. You need to ease the task first for your mission-

All the characters that were fated to doom in the novel space will not be able to avoid themselves from being perished! That’s the fate of humankind for the sake of having those talents grow and multiply without end!

Therefore, in the same way, that every world is created, there should be good and evil, rich and poor –

Everyone is born into their caste system, but this is not a fixed matter.

Everyone has the right to choose their own destiny. When they choose a different life, then they should pay the price for their choice

Since you chose the road, you should bear your own consequences.

In the event of that world, is it really good for a wretched person to insist on living?

Because there are so many people like Shangguan Man, they think that they are in control of their own destiny that they wanted to change everything. However, in the end, they hurt not only themselves but also others.

Junior Villain 109, the Star Villain Club’s responsibility is the same as that of the time and space enforcers. We are responsible for maintaining the stability of the entire space and the proper functioning of all interstellar space-time

So, when a world loses its villain, it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes it can lead to an even bigger disaster.]

Even after hearing the reminder voice from the computer, Xia Beibei took a long time to respond.

Everyone exists for a purpose.

Shangguan Man was originally the villain of that world. However, after she passed through, everything changed.

It’s not getting better. It’s getting worse.

Xia Beibei took a deep breath. She remembered the original plot. In the original plot, Zhangsun Yu saved the day, Feng Linmo rebellion failed, and the Shangguan’s house perished

From beginning to end, there is nothing related to the death of Feng Linmo. Perhaps, he also has that idea, but due to Feng Linmo’s failure, he did not act upon it.

Why is that?

Perhaps he had experienced something that made him see through it all?

For this matter, Xia Beibei couldn’t know about it. Because of a random female who passed through and disrupted all people’s life –

When you passed through, when you were born again, do you think that you are only changing your own fate? Did you think that it won’t affect the life and death of other people at the same time?

Some people may be saved because of you, but many more will die because of you…


Xia Beibei stared at her computer screen: “You didn’t tell me the existence of the villain is to save the world!”

At this point, Xia Beibei doesn’t know how to express herself. Maybe the existence of the Star Villain club is necessary, or perhaps she is not mature enough to understand something so profound.

“If only Shangguan Man did not pass through how good will it be.”

Xia Beibei secretly sighed. This time, a familiar sound came from her computer: “Ding! You have a new mail!”

New mail?

Xia Beibei froze for a moment. She clicked on the mail and immediately became very excited

If you want to change the fate of those supporting characters in the novel world, you have to make yourself as strong as possible! When you become a true elite villain, when you have saved enough time and space, you will get a second chance to enter the junior mission world and change the destiny of the designated supporting actor!

It was only one paragraph, and it was signed by [Ultimate Villain 001]

At this time, Xia Beibei did not notice the signature used at the end of the e-mail, she merely feels happy from the bottom of her heart after reading the e-mail’s content –

A second chance to enter the junior mission world!

Chance to change the fate of supporting actors!

Does that mean Mulan will be able to live well? Feng Linmo also will not have to die?


At this time, A city, Yan’s family villa.

Yan Yicheng’s computer was on, and he was currently on a video conferencing with a person. Yet on the screen, it only showed the thin jaw of the man while his whole body was covered in darkness.

“I sent it.”

The man in the video was full of an evil charm as he smirked: “Yan Yicheng, you seemed to care so much about that 109 things. You and her are friends?”


Yan Yicheng still had a serious look on his face: “She is a seedling worth cultivating.”

Is that all?

The man in the video who heard Yan Yicheng’s response could not help but smile thoughtfully: “You think I will believe you?”

“Suit yourself.”

Yan Yicheng did not hesitate to close the video.

A man thousands of miles away: …

Your mom!!! This is the legendary of burning the river after crossing the bridge, ah! However, not afraid, let this young master see from where does this sacred 109 come from.


Xia Beibei.

Yan Yicheng, who had turned off his computer, sat quietly in his seat and closed his eyes. What flashed through his mind was the look in her eyes before her death.

He killed her twice.

The first time was done in the passing. The second time was intentional.

Every villain is doomed from the beginning –

The villain must die.

Over the years, the people of the Villain Star Club have come and gone. In this time and space, Yan Yicheng also had many dealings with them.

He knew that everyone in the Star Villain Club had a mission just like him.

The difference is that they can use any technique to maintain the regular operation of space and time, while the people of the villain club, was called as the most helpless and painful labor force in the space and time.

In every world, there are leading roles, supporting roles, passers-by, as well as the evil villains.

A lot of supporting characters wishes to counterattack, and a lot of bad people end up being reborn, so much that space and time has become more and more chaotic and corrupted –

No one wanted to be the thankless person.

But there must be such people in every world, which is why the Star Villain Club was founded.

The become the one who was abandoned by the whole world, but, still need to save the world.

You won’t be a hero, but at least you’ve done your duty.

You have a clear conscience though you are full of evil!

Xia Beibei, can you do it?

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  1. Rather than villains, aren’t they treated as stepping stones? So what if a person wanted to change their fate from dying? Since they refused to be the stepping stone of the so called child of destiny, they’re destroying the world? You mean your child of destiny need to leach people’s life to grow up and step on people’s bones to get together?

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