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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 127

Chapter 127: The Villainess 10


Fourth Army, shooting range.

“Deputy Commander.”

Jian Ning hesitated. She looked at Xia Beibei, carrying the M107: “Deputy Commander, are you sure that you want to learn from sniper? Actually, we can go to the indoor shooting range and practice shooting, um, well, what I mean…”

“I know what you mean.”

Xia Beibei held a dashing grip over the sniper rifle before putting it on her shoulder. Yes, she wanted this feeling!

What is the meaning of shooting? The gunners who can play pistols are not very sought-after. In fact, the real gunners are those who can lie in an ambush while handling this monster——

That smelly police officer, it’s not too late for a woman to take revenge after ten years. When this old lady has a chance to go back, she will definitely give you a headshot and let you die.

“This is it!”

Xia Beibei looked at Jian Ning, who was at her side, and said: “Adjutant Jian, no, Instructor Jian, let’s start the class! You must not show any mercy to me. This is an order!”

“Yes! Guarantee to complete the task!”

Jian Ning gave a military salute to Xia Beibei. Immediately after, her gaze flickered, as she immediately released the aura as the top sniper: “To be an excellent sniper, you must first understand your own partners. To familiar with everything about it, student Gu Churong, I now give you five minutes to disassemble your sniper rifle and then reassemble it!”

Xia Beibei: …

This is really a technical job!

“Yes! Instructor!”

Xia Beibei froze for a moment and immediately followed the order subconsciously. When Gu Churong was in the Imperial Military Academy, she naturally received firearms training. Therefore, she knew a little about ordinary firearms. However, for Xia Beibei, the process of dissembling the sniper gun was definitely like the girl who first time got into the sedan chair…

[T/N: Sedan chair for marriage]

Throughout the afternoon, Xia Beibei and Jian Ning were training at the shooting range. From the initial dismantling of the firearms to the later covert practice, time slipped away unknowingly. In the blink of an eye, it was already dusk.

“Deputy Commander and Adjutant Jian spent all afternoon on the shooting range?”

In the evening, after learning about Xia Beibei’s actions from his adjutant, Shen Linfeng involuntarily touched his chin. What on earth is she trying to do?



Shen Linfeng was frowning while deep in thought. His personal communicator suddenly rang. After looking at the caller’s name, Shen Linfeng squinted his eyes and pressed the answer button.

“Linfeng, do you have time tonight?”

Lin Yixuan’s habitual gentle and pleasant male voice came from the communicator.

“Colonel Lin. It’s really rare for such an expensive and busy person to call me, ah.”

Hearing Lin Yixuan’s words, Shen Linfeng could not help but mocked: “I really have time today, what you want to do?”

“Come to Yimingju in the evening and gather together.”

Yimingju, to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

This is the low-key luxury and the most profound private club in Beijing. There is no so-called membership system in this club, and no diamond or platinum cards could be used to access this place.

This is a place to brush your face.

Only if you have enough face, then would you be able to go in unimpeded and enjoy all the high-level treatments in the club. If you don’t have that identity, then no matter what method you use, you will not enter the gate.

“Yimingju? It’s been a long time since I went there, but today, I’ve…”

While talking, Shen Linfeng touched his face subconsciously: “I didn’t mean to hide from you but I was kicked by that Overlord Flower’s Gu Chorong today. Cough, cough, the bruise on this face are yet to desperse!”


On the other end of the call, Lin Yixuan was obviously taken aback. Immediately, his gloating voice came from the other side: “I is surprising to know that the mighty Young Master Shen will also experience this kind of day, huh? She seems to have a little misunderstanding with me. Why don’t you invite her to Yimingju before you get off work, today?”

Your mom, this person obviously has an ulterior motive. Now, the foxtail is exposed, huh?

Shen Linfeng’s mouth twitched. Yet, the tone on his mouth was still very enthusiastic: “Okay, no problem, I will ask her in a moment, ah! Aiya, the chief, has come to the inside line. I will hang up first. See you at night, ah!”

While speaking, Shen Linfeng had already actively hung up the communicator. Then he raised his eyes and glanced at the person who had been standing by: “Adjutant Wang, are they back now?”

“Just got back, Commander. Shall I call Deputy Commander Gu?” 

Wang Zijun on the side, heard his boss’s question and immediately replied.

“No need.”

Shen Linfeng shook his head with a disdainful smile: “I don’t want to mix the muddy waters of the Gu family, the Lin family, and the Mu family. Yet, even though Shen Linfeng doesn’t want to mix it up, but I haven’t been to Yimingju for a long time. I heard that there are several new first-class goods. Zijun, after work, come with me!”

Wang Zijun:…

Never mind that Adjutant Wang, this person even changes his calling to Zijun once something like this happens!

You flirt with the girl; yet, I still the one who needs to clean the mess. Young Master Shen, you are really too much…


The work and rest time in the Army has always been very stable. As the Fourth Army Regiment Commander, Shen Linfeng can enter and leave the military area at will. It was also possible for Xia Beibei to do so due to her position and background. Yet, she still chose to rest in the barracks that day. She has her own independent dormitory in the Army, where all the household equipment is readily available. Before Xia Beibei came to report, Elder Gu naturally had arranged everything.

Xia Beibei went back to the dormitory and changed into casual clothes. She turned on the TV, feeling bored. Due to the reason that it used the internal network, the channel broadcasted was limited to military district channels. The TV couldn’t receive signals from other satellite channels.

Ah, watching TV is even more boring.

My god!

Let this baby not be so bored, okay? This baby has been training like crazy this entire afternoon.

Initially, in Xia Beibei’s eyes, the sniper was simply a handsome slag with force. However, after experiencing it for herself today, she felt that she was an underbrush reptile, ah! This is genuinely unspeakable fraudulent.

Your mom, as expected, every trade is pitting.

Xia Beibei could not help but walk to the window in desperate boredom. She intends to look at the scenery outside, unexpectedly, in her eyes–

Now, the day had already turned into night, under the street light downstairs of the dormitory, there was a thin figure running at night. This figure was not unfamiliar to Xia Beibei. After all, she had spent this morning checking Lan Xiaowu’s personal information.

That is right. At this moment, the beautiful girl who is continually striving for herself by having a night run was naturally our Female Lead-daren, Lan Xiaowu!

This is a godsend!

Xia Beibei immediately changed into a pair of sports shoes and rushed downstairs in a windy manner.

Due to the reason that this place was in the innermost dormitory area of ​​the Fourth Army, there are not many people coming and going at night. Most of the soldiers are still doing night training. Those who can get off at this time, except for leading cadres like Xia Beibei, were pure logistics staff like Lan Xiaowu.

Running at this time of the day is a habit that Lan Xiaowu has developed after entering the Fourth Army. She actually yearns for a life in the front line. Yet, because she lacks stamina and did not have a strong background, even if she graduated first in the command department, she still got assigned to the logistics team after graduation.

Lan Xiaowu was not reconciled. Nevertheless, she would not complain about it to others. Instead, she would only work silently on her own.

Tonight, Lan Xiaowu ate dinner as usual. After that, she changed into a training suit to jog on the forest path next to the dormitory. Halfway through the run, there was a sound of footsteps coming from her behind, and then a pleasant female voice rang right beside Lan Xiaowu.

“Hi, beauty, do you like running at night too?”


Lan Xiaowu slowed down slightly as she looked at the profile of the person who was running beside her. Immediately, her eyes widened in surprise. This is…

Deputy Commander Gu!

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