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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 123

Chapter 123: The Villainess 6


T/N: Another 5 chapters~

“Here, wipe before you wear it again.”

In the dark night, the man’s voice was slightly familiar and hoarse.


Xia Beibei did not turn her mind for a while. She subconsciously took the handkerchief and wiped her hands, then raised her head and smiled at the man next to her: “Thanks…Thank you, Ning, Regiment Commander Ning?”

In the dark night, Ning Chuan stared closely at Xia Beibei’s hands and the handkerchief in her hand.

He had not known what it meant to be speechless before, but now he is more and more able to understand the true meaning of the word——

I lent the handkerchief for you to wipe your feet!

Wiping your feet!

Don’t you feel anything about those dirty feet of yours?


Xia Beibei saw that Ning Chuan had been staring at herself for a long time. She could not help but puzzled for a long time before realization suddenly hit her– Did he give her this handkerchief… to wipe her feet?

But the handkerchief is so clean, how can she use it?

Speaking of which, Ning Chuan looks like a man of steel. Still, he is actually a very gentle and careful gentleman. This handkerchief, um, this handkerchief… why did it look so familiar?

Xia Beibei’s eyes brightened, and he carefully looked at the handkerchief in her palm——

Soft and smooth texture. A plain white colour fabric embroidered with an English logo of “MY” at the handkerchief’s corner!

She is familiar with this handkerchief because she also has one! It was the one that belonged to BOSS Yan!

“Ning, Regiment Commander Ning, you…”

Xia Beibei suddenly raised her eyes and stared at Ning Chuan’s face.

Being stared at by her, Ning Chuan’s calm face changed slightly- Could it be that she had recognized him?

“Regiment Commander Ning.”

While Ning Chuan was hesitating, Xia Beibei suddenly rushed over and grabbed his hand: “What brand is your handkerchief? How much did you buy it?”

Ning Chuan: …

Seeing that Ning Chuan’s face became very ugly, Xia Beibei immediately let go of his hand. Cough, cough. Anyway, she is currently Miss Gu.

What about money?

In fact, it should not be unusual for some luxury brand in the real world to appear within the world of fiction.

She really just thought of it all of a sudden. By the way, she did not really take BOSS Yan’s handkerchief because she wants to pawn it for money. Absolutely never. Um.

This baby is a villain with high integrity.


“I’m being rude, Regiment Commander Ning.”

Xia Beibei took a deep breath, and then looked at Ning Chuan apologetically.

“Now we are not at the military compound. You can just call me Ning Chuan.”

Ning Chuan looked at Xia Beibei’s feet again: “You can wipe your feet first before putting on your shoes.”

“Oh, oh.”

Xia Beibei nodded and wiped her feet before putting on the high heels. Her feet and shoes were clean at this time, but Ning Chuan’s handkerchief was dirty.

“This is dirty, I’ll take it back and wash it for you.”

Xia Beibei habitually said something, but when she lowered her head, she realized that she was wearing a one-shoulder, V-neck, evening dress!

Your mom, where’s the pocket?

“Haha, this…”

Xia Beibei smiled awkwardly at Ning Chuan. She felt that she had ruined all Miss Gu’s image within this short five minutes, and there was nothing left to her integrity.

Fortunately, Ning Chuan did not look like a man who would gossip about others behind their back.

“Give it to me, I’ll go back and wash it myself.”

Ning Chuan did not appear to disdain the current Xia Beibei. Instead, he took out a disposable plastic bag from his suit pocket and put his handkerchief neatly in it.

Xia Beibei: …

Dude, is your pocket a Doraemon’s pocket, ah? Why the heck did you carry a disposable seal bag with you?

“Go in?”

Seeing that Xia Beibei’s mind wandering again, Ning Chuan could not help reminding her: “The guests are almost here, right? You, the protagonist, should also be in.”


Xia Beibei raised her eyebrows, then lifted the corner of her skirt and pushed open the hall’s side door.

In an instant, from the dark night, into the dazzlingly illuminated banquet hall, from silence to noisy, It was as if she had suddenly entered another world.

Xia Beibei raised a charming smile almost reflexively.

“Miss Gu!”


In the banquet hall came the young generation of a big family in the capital. Seeing Xia Beibei’s figure, all those who knew her immediately gathered around to greet her.

But at this time, there was a person who had been paying attention to Ning Chuan who silently walked in from behind Xia Beibei.

“Aiyo! Isn’t this Regiment Commander Ning?”

There is a familiar tone in that man’s voice; his voice was not high or low. It was just enough to ensure that everyone around him could hear his greeting.

Regiment Commander Ning? Ning Chuan?

At this time, everyone’s eyes immediately focused on Ning Chuan.

This low-key man instantly became the focus of the audience.

“Regiment Commander Ning, I didn’t expect to see you here! Tsk tsk tsk, it turned out to be with Miss Gu.”

The man who raised his voice just now spoke again with a meaningful tone in his voice.

While talking, he raised the red wine in his hand and stood in front of Ning Chuan with a smile.

Lin Yixuan, from the Lin family.

Looking at Lin Yixuan, who was beaming, Ning Chuan kept his face straight without giving others the chance to interpret.

On the contrary, Xia Beibei glanced at Lin Yixuan with a furrowed brow. She then pouted her mouth in disdain and slowly said, “Lin Yixuan, Regiment Commander Ning, is a guest of our Gu family. Can’t he come to my banquet? Or do you think Regiment Commander Ning is not qualified to do so? Huh?”

One is the Commander of the dignified Thunderbolt Legion. While the other is the Deputy Commander of the Leiming Legion!

How could he be unqualified?

Xia Beibei’s words were naturally comparing Lin Yixuan’s army.

“Ha, ha ha, Churong, you has become more and more witty recently.”

A cold light flashed in Lin Yixuan’s eyes, but there was still a spring-like smile on his face: “I was just too surprised to see Regiment Commander Ning so suddenly. I think everyone also has the same mood as me, right. After all, Regiment Commander Ning is not only the Empire’s Heroes but also the national idols, you know?”



Listening to Lin Yixuan’s words, the people around immediately responded enthusiastically.

It wasn’t easy to see this great Buddha Ning Chuan in ordinary capital gatherings.

“Regiment Commander!”

At this time, another clear male voice rang. An unusually handsome figure walked in from the banquet hall’s main entrance.

He just needs to stand there, and he will naturally become the most striking presence in the room.

Magnificent style unmatched in his generation with noble pressing aura.

The Male Lead-daren, Mu Chen, finally made his late appearance.

“Young Master Mu!”

“Mu Chen!”

Seeing Mu Chen’s figure, everyone in the hall that saw him also greeted him for the first time. Mu Chen steadily walked straight to Ning Chuan.

“Regiment Commander, why are you here?”

Mu Chen was quite familiar with Ning Chuan’s whereabouts. He knew that Regiment Commander had returned to Beijing to deal with some things, but what he did not expect was that he would actually see Ning Chuan at Gu’s house.

You must know that Ning Chuan does not really like socializing, and he was most disgusted with others trying to introduce some famous ladies to him.

Therefore, the prominent families will not actively invite Ning Chuan to banquets similar to blind dates. Even if they do, Regiment Commander Ning will never attend it.

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