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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 122

Chapter 122: The Villainess 5


Gu Qingnian was the son of Gu Churong’s late uncle.

However, Gu Qingnian was not related to the Gu family, he was adopted.

Originally, Grandfather Gu had two sons: Gu Churong’s father, Gu Heng, and her uncle, Gu Yun.

Perhaps it was because the old man Gu had killed too much in his life, which caused him to be a white-haired man sending a black-haired man. First, the eldest son was assassinated. Not long after, the youngest son had to hold high hopes for also died in an accident.

Speaking of Gu Churong’s father’s death, it has something to do with Gu Qingnian. This is the biggest reason why Gu Churong has hated Gu Qingnian all these years.

Talking about Gu Qingnian’s life experience was also very complicated. He was adopted from outside after Gu Churong’s uncle, Gu Yun, died.

This boy was born more introverted and gloomier than the average child was. Yet, he looked very much like a Gu family. People outside said that this child might be the illegitimate child of the original young master Gu, even because Gu Churong’s father, Gu Heng, treated his sister-in-law and his adopted nephew with special care so much that it was once speculated that Gu Qingnian was actually the child of Gu Heng and his sister-in-law.

In fact, Gu Churong and Gu Shaoming have always been curious about Gu Qingnian’s life experiences. Yet, his father gave a death order, and they were not allowed to investigate his family.

Gu Qingnian joined the army when he was 16 years old. The first time he performed his mission, he had an accident. At that time, Gu Heng ran a thousand miles and led people to rescue Gu Qingnian. Finally, Gu Qingnian was successfully recovered, but Gu Heng never came back…

Since then, Gu Qingnian has left the Gu family’s old house, and at the same time, he has become the broom star that Gu Churong and her brother hated the most.

Hate, loathe.

This is the most significant emotional characteristic of Gu Churong towards Gu Qingnian.

“Qingnian, Chu Rong has a bad temper. Don’t lower yourself to her level.”

At this time, Grandpa Gu was looking at Gu Qingnian with a smile: “You should stay in Beijing for a few more days this time. Just so, you can help Grandpa finds a good husband for your sister.”


Hearing what Grandpa Gu had said, Gu Qingnian nodded with a respectful look: “Grandpa, you can continue chatting with Churong! I’ll go back to the room first.”

With that said, Gu Qingnian turned and left respectfully. The moment he turned, a haze flashed across his eyes…


Looking at Gu Qingnian’s back, Xia Beibei snorted again: “Grandpa, why did you call him back? I wanted to beat him when I looked at him.”

In front of Grandpa Gu, the usual cold Miss Gu unexpectedly act coquettishly. Naturally, Xia Beibei did not have to pretend to be a woman hero.

“You girl, so many years have passed, yet you still holding grudges? Qingnian… is not easy, not to mention that he is now a commander in the Imperial Army and has a bright future. At this time, our family must unite. Girl… let go of the past things.”

In the final analysis, Gu Qingnian now has a use-value. Hence, Grandpa Gu wanted to reclaim this child abandoned by his own hands.


Do you really think Gu Qingnian is stupid?

People in the command department have a dark heart, especially after dealing with conspiracies and tricks all day long!

That man…

Hey, Xia Beibei wanted to say that Gu Qingnian is a proper villain. Still, after thinking about it, she seems to be one also?

Forget it; evil people are samely bad all over the world.

Why does a villain need to bother another villain?


Gu Churong’s residence in Gu’s house is a tranquil and calm courtyard. This hot-tempered eldest lady was actually very artistic, and the decoration in the room was also exquisite.

Xia Beibei returned to the bedroom and looked at the ornaments that illustrate the sadness of the spring and mournful of the autumn, and suddenly figured out the truth behind GuChurong’s preference for Mu Chen——

This violent Miss Gu unexpectedly still has the little heart of a literary girl.

The handsome and matchless man, who is also genius under heaven, makes people feel awe-inspiring with the air of arrogance. All of this made Young Master Mu the ideal lover in MissGu’s mind, ah!


Xia Beibei yelled and ran to the bed holding a pillow as she rolled back and forth several times——

Gu Churong, ah, Gu Churong. Don’t you know that you can actually have whatever you want? Be it beautiful, smart, high-ranking, or having a good background, what kind of man you want, you can have it. Yet, you still wanted to grab the Male Lead-daren from the Female Lead-daren won’t you get fired by his gun?

Aiya, forget it. In the fictional world, dog blood is everywhere.


On the second day Xia Beibei returned to Gu’s old house, Gu’s family held a grand dinner, claiming to the public that it was to celebrate Gu Churong’s recovery. In other words, this could be considered a blind date meeting.

The Gu family had invited almost all the noble children and young talents in the capital. Among them, the heirs of prominent families and the elders were the key guests.

Tonight, not only Lin Yixuan, the eldest master of the Lin family, will appear. The Male Lead, Mu Chen will also appear tonight.

Because it was a private dinner, everyone was naturally dressed up.

Gu family’s servant had already prepared Xia Beibei’s dress for tonight. The black evening dress was noble and elegant yet sexy.

Although Gu Churong is a well-known violent maniac in the military department, there are still countless men drooling behind her back. After all, Gu Churong’s body proportions are perfect, and she has grown a pair of eyes that could hook others. Whenever she is talking or laughing, it could fascinate and dazzle people.

“Miss, the guests are starting to enter the venue. The old master is calling you over.”

Outside the door, the servant’s voice sounded.

Xia Beibei sounded stupefied as she responded. In fact, ever since she changed into the evening dress, she has been in a daze in front of the mirror——

Your mom! This is really a standard vicious villainess, ah!

This figure, this look! She could easily kick the Female Lead to 18th street, ah!

Xia Beibei has been looking in the mirror since she put on that dress. She cannot help it, ah! Miss Gu is too impressive. Her figure is so good that this baby is so jealous!

This baby really wants to touch it!

Keke, Comrade Xia Beibei, pay attention to your own integrity! (Fuck that thing, are you sure she has it?)

Er, forget it, Xia Beibei decided to wait for her time to take a bath and observe it. Maybe at the same time she could find out the secret of Gu Churong’s fitness. Then, maybe she could use it? (Author: Miss Gu is born with that! So, you might as well give up!)


Tonight’s banquet was held in Gu’s old house’s reception hall. Xia Beibei strolled along the way while wearing high heels.

She is not used to such high shoes, and the original body, Churong, actually hates dresses and high heels.

Halfway through, Xia Beibei started to get depressed.

Who stipulates that you must wear shoes with such high heels when wearing a formal dress?

Isn’t this a sham?

Looking left and right, Xia Beibei quickly took off her shoes after she ascertained that there is no one around, then she carried the shoes in one hand and the skirt in the other, as she rushed out quickly——

I want to be as free as a dream and as strong as the sky!

With a low-pitched humming, Xia Bei came to the reception hall’s side door.

She could hear the hall’s vivacious sounds from the outside the door with her ears.

Well, there must be so many delicious foods.

At the thought of eating, Xia Beibei was immediately getting excited. She put down her shoes and bent over and was about to put on them. At this time, a handkerchief was suddenly handed to her.

“Here, wipe before you wear it again.”

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