December 11, 2023

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 121

Chapter 121: The Villainess 4


The Team 6 of the Thunderbolt Legion Corps, the cannon fodder team?

In Gu Churong’s memory, she naturally knew that place. Even in the original plot, Gu Churong originally planned to throw Gu Shaoming there to hone himself. In the end, it was Gu Churong who was reluctant to let her brother suffer. After long research, she finally decided to find someone to throw him in the logistics unit. It was then when Gu Shaoming met the Female Lead, Lan Xiaowu.

What a fate!

Speaking of this Second Young Master Gu, he was considered one of the Male counterparts in this novel world. After all, the Female Lead-daren is too smart and excellent, and therefore, many people like her. Not to mention that this Second Young Master Gu was also wimpy and a bit funny. Consequently, he was definitely not the one liked by Lan Xiaowu!

Hence, even if he was not born in Gu’s family, he was destined to be cannon fodder.

It is better that he did not meet… the Female Lead.

Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed as she looked sharply at Gu Shaoming: “Shaoming, go home, tidy up and prepare to report! This is Ning Chuan’s order. I cannot interfere with it. Do not even think about asking Grandpa. Now you know what is going on with our Gu family. I rushed back this time to discuss the marriage alliance with Grandpa.”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Gu Shaoming’s face finally turned upright again–

Since his father’s death, the Gu family’s influence has been coveted by many families, especially the Mu family and the Lin family.

In fact, Gu Shaoming knew in his heart that his grandfather was getting old, and his sister also did not have it easy.

There were many times when he really wanted to leave. Life is too short. For the sake of the family, his grandfather and sister did not understand the truth of “One must be happy in their life.”


As a Gu family man, as his grandfather and sister’s hope, Gu Shaoming knew that he could not leave.

No matter how reluctant he was, he still has to carry the burden that the Gu family man should carry!

“Sister, I know. You can heal your wounds at ease; I will report for duty.”

Gu Shaoming smiled handsomely at Xia Beibei: “Is there anything in this world that can impede this handsome, beautiful, and wise Second Young Master Gu?”


Xia Beibei couldn’t help but smiled and hammered Gu Shaoming’s chest: “Okay, don’t think that I will be relieved if you say that. Actually, you still think about the way to be lazy, right?”

Saying this, Xia Beibei’s eyes gradually deepened: “Shaoming, when you get there, sister will be no longer able to look at you anymore. Everything depends on you. Sister believes that you will find your goal in life when you come back from there. By then… sister will no longer interfere with your life.”

The cannon fodder squad of the Thunderbolt Legion was said to be filled by soldiers who have violated military discipline. Those who can come out of there are all reputable soldiers!

Gu Shaoming, this is an opportunity to change your life…

When you come back, maybe your sister is already gone, and the Gu’s house has fallen, but you should be able to carry and hold our family name!

In fact, Xia Beibei was already thinking about this issue after understanding the entire plot- She wanted to leave a way for Gu’s family.

Gu Shaoming was the only hope of the Gu family.

She did not ask for riches and prestige; nor did she seek for fame and glory.

As long as he can conduct himself with integrity and become a man, Xia Beibei feels that he has not brought down his sister’s hope.

After all, in the original plot, even after the ultimate betrayal and the Gu family fell apart, Gu Shaoming still believed in his sister.

This family affection makes Xia Beibei feel warm and yearning.

Second, Second Young Master Gu obviously did not understand Xia Beibei’s intentions.

When she said that she would not interfere in his life in the future, Gu Shaoming was immediately full of excitement.

“Sister, are you serious?”

Second Young Master Gu stared and grabbed Xia Beibei’s hand: “Sister, you have to count your words! If I can really get out of there, you must keep your promise not to interfere with my life!”

“I, Gu Churong, always held to my pledge!”

Xia Beibei raised an eyebrow at Gu Shaoming: Don’t you even believe me?”

“I believe it! I believe it.”

With the assurance of his old sister, Gu Shaoming immediately became confident. Do not look at him acting timid in front of his elder sister and the Regiment Commander Ning. When he walked out of this ward, our second young master Gu was also one of Beijing’s best.

Isn’t it just the sixth team?

Isn’t it just the Cannon Fodder Team?

This Second Young Master can get out as soon as he gets in!!

Hum, just wait and see!

At this time, Gu Shaoming was obviously full of confidence in his future. Suppose he knew that Ning Chuan had just called the person in charge of the sixth team not long ago and asked him to “preferably treat” the Second Young Master Gu. Heh, it was unknown how Gu Shaoming would feel…

Keke, anyway, Second Young Master Gu, you can go with ease, Amen.


After Gu Shaoming left, Xia Beibei was also discharged the next day.

She was not seriously injured. She stayed in the hospital for a few days, this time because Xia Beibei wanted to make sense of the plot. At the same time, Grandfather Gu also wanted to take this opportunity to see all parties’ reactions. The news that the Gu family wished to form a marriage union has spread out long ago. This time, Gu Churong was transferred to the capital headquarters from a foreign location due to her plan to engage.

The Gu family is an old family in the empire. Even if they had declined in the past years, the so-called lean camel is still more prominent than a horse. Hence, many people always stare at this piece of fat.

Moreover, the Gu family’s family members are thin. They only have Gu Shaoming as a grandson. Yet, this second young master was notoriously unreliable! Now the entire Gu family relies on Gu Churong’s outstanding support. Outsiders say that whoever marries Gu Churong will marry the Gu as a whole!

Therefore, Miss Gu is also a hot seller!

Nevertheless, the most tricky thing was that Miss Gu was attracted to the Male Lead-daren, who had a halo on top of his head. Ai~…


After driving back to Gu’s old house, Xia Beibei took a deep breath and saw the Chinese-style quaint courtyard. Looking at the verdant green in the yard, Xia Beibei took a deep breath. This old Gu’s house is really a special place of geomantic omen.

“Churong, are you back.”

Under the lush green trees, a slender man appeared there.

He was wearing a dark blue military uniform, and the straight military uniform made his whole person more beautiful.

“Why are you here?”

Seeing that blue figure, Xia Beibei subconsciously frowned.


The man in the blue military uniform dropped his eyes, with a hint of bitterness on his handsome face: “I came to see Grandpa.”


Hearing what he said, Xia Beibei snorted: “Quickly go after you visit him. I feel uncomfortable every time I see you.”

“Chu Rong.”

Seeing Xia Beibei turned around and was about to leave, that man hesitated before he raised his hand to grab her sleeves. Feeling his movements, Xia Beibei swung a punch without hesitation as the two of them started to fight in the yard.

The two guards who accompanied Xia Beibei after being discharged from the hospital unconsciously moved towards the gate—-

Missy is going crazy again, so stay away! Lest it hurt the unsuspecting bystander.

Xia Beibei used her full strength this time. Initially, her body had been strengthened a lot from the last mission. She also learned many physical skills at that time. This time, she combined her talent with Gu Churong’s memory. Xia Beibei planned to merge this world’s military fighting skills with the moves she had known before.

Regarding XiaBeibei’s attack, the man was simply avoiding it at first. Still, when he could not hide, he stiffly took several punches.

“Churong! Enough! What are you doing?”

An old voice suddenly rang in the yard.

“Good day, Senior official.”

The guard at the door saw the old but tall figure and immediately greeted him respectfully.

Xia Beibei also reluctantly retracted her hand at this time: “Grandpa, why did you come out?”


Hearing this, Old Man Gu’s eyes turned cold: “Such a big movement, do you really think I am deaf? I am the one who called Qingnian to come back. Churong, he is your older brother, after all.”

“I don’t have a brother. He is a wild species. Gu Churong will never admit that he is a Gu family member.”

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