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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 126

Chapter 126: The Villainess 9


In one morning, Xia Beibei had basically understood some of the necessary information regarding the Fourth Army. She also paid particular attention to Lan Xiaowu’s seventh team’s situation.

After all, there has been a slight change in the plot now. If she suddenly went to find Lan Xiaowu, it would be considered too abrupt. Therefore, Xia Beibei planned to get acquainted with the Fourth Army for a few days. After that, She will put a group show of her own to allow her to “dig” this peerless genius, Lan Xiaowu!

Aiya, there’s nothing to be done about it. After all, this baby is really quick-witted.

“Deputy Commander, it’s time for lunch.”

Jian Ning brought a lunch box to Xia Beibei’s desk during the lunch break: “I packed this for you!”

“Well, thank you Adjutant Jian!”

Xia Beibei did not open the lunch box immediately. Instead, she raised her head and looked at Jian Ning with a smile: “Adjutant Jian, are you free in the afternoon?”


Jian Ning nodded, and then looked at Xia Beibei, puzzled: “Deputy Commander, do you have anything you want me to do this afternoon?”


Xia Beibei nodded, mysteriously: “Only you can do this! You should also go and have your lunch first. I will call you in the afternoon!”


Jian Ning nodded, turned, and left the room. The little girl was still full of doubts on her way out, not knowing what her new boss has got up on her sleeves.

Seeing the office door was closed, Xia Beibei immediately opened her lunch box with bright eyes. There were two portions of meat and two vegetarian dishes. It also smelled mouth-watering. There were saying that the Fourth Army’s food was the best in the military. Now that she had personally seen it, it seemed that the rumors are true!

Delicious. Really, really tasty!

One serving is not enough!

It seemed that tomorrow I have to find a way to ask Jian Ning to pack double for me…

Xia Beibei felt uncomfortable after eating so much; however, she immediately became excited when she thought of her plan this afternoon.

She specifically asked 110 to choose this novel world for herself.

After strengthening her body in the last world, Xia Beibei has also done many punches and kicks. Although she could not be considered as a martial art master, she still has no problem dealing with a few ordinary people at once.

Now, Xia Beibei felt that the time has come for her to learn another skill——


Anyone’s first time is the most unforgettable.

Xia Beibei still could not forget her first mission and her first death.

The feeling of the bullet passing through her thoracic cavity.

It feels like, tsk tsk. She really wanted to gnash her teeth whenever she thought about it.

Smelly police officer!

When this baby becomes a sharpshooter, I will go back to that world to torture you in minutes! Killing you! Killing you!



Ning Chuan, who had just finished the meeting, suddenly sneezed.

“Regiment Commander Ning, are you okay?”

The colleague next to him, immediately asked with concern. In everyone’s eyes, Ning Chuan was the God of War. Such a man would never lose, and he would never get sick for a lifetime.

“I’m fine.”

Ning Chuan shook his head slightly. He raised his eyes as his gaze condensed somewhat.

A blue figure quietly leaned against the window in the long and narrow corridor.

It was Gu Qingnian.

“Regiment Commander Ning.”

Seeing that Ning Chuan had already walked in front of him, Gu Qingnian said softly, “Can I talk to you?”


Ning Chuan nodded slightly.

Seeing that two people had something to say, the others left wisely.

“Where does Regiment Commander Ning want to go? My office or the cafe downstairs?”

Gu Qingnian looked at Ning Chuan with an elegant smile on his lips.

“Just say whatever you want here.”

Ning Chuan stared at Gu Qingnian and whispered coldly.


Gu Qingnian smiled slightly as he turned around and looked at the scenery outside the glass window.

The dazzling afternoon sun shone on his face. He subconsciously squinted his eyes as he said: “Regiment Commander Ning, do you know about me?”

“Know a little.”

Ning Chuan’s tone was still low and hoarse.


Gu Qingnian smiled slightly: “Actually…I love Gu family, but I also hate Gu family. I don’t think you know what it feels like to love and hate it at the same time.”

How could they enter others’ inner world for people who had not experienced it?

The feeling of going from hell to heaven and then falling from heaven into the endless abyss…

No one will understand him.

“I’m not interested in Gu’s affairs.”

Ning Chuan interrupted Gu Qingnian’s words lowly: “If you wanted to tell me this, forgive me for not being able to accompany you.”

Ning Chuan was about to turn around and leave after stating that.

“What if it is Gu Churong’s business?”

Gu Qingnian spoke again, with a firm tone: “Will you not take care of her affairs?”

Ning Chuan paused as his eyes dimmed slightly: “Miss Gu’s matter? Then, don’t you think that it is better to go and talk to Elder Gu?”

“Ning Chuan, have you forgotten your past action?”

Gu Qingnian suddenly turned around and looked at Ning Chuan with a weird expression: “After her accident, you immediately went back to the capital. As soon as you arrived in the capital, you went straight to her ward! Additionally, I was also outside of the banquet hall that day. I saw you and her at that time.”

Gu Qingnian stared into Ning Chuan’s eyes, “You like her, don’t you?”


Ning Chuan was stunned for a moment and then shook his head: “No, I don’t like Gu Churong. The one who likes her…there are other people. Don’t you think so, Gu, Qing, Nian!”


Hearing Ning Chuan’s words, Gu Qingnian smiled slightly: “Yes, there was once a person who liked her very much, but unfortunately… Later on, that person died.”

The dead cannot come back to life…

“Is it really dead? If the heart were dead, would you still waste so much effort to monitor her every move? And…”

Ning Chuan stepped forward and watched Gu Qingnian’s eyes tightly: “I know who is responsible for the bombing in Sucheng. If you don’t want to die, know your place.”

Everything that should not exist should be obliterated.

And Gu Qingnian…

It was an unusual accident in this world.

When Yan Yicheng entered this world, he was directly attached to Ning Chuan. He had already scanned the vulnerabilities in this world, the first time he learned about Xia Beibei’s accident in Sucheng. Yet, the time-space scanner showed that there is no bug in the world——

There are no outsiders, no destroyers, no traversers, no rebirths.

Then, there is only one possibility for the plot to deviate. It seemed that there is a problem with the local plot of this novel world. It is most likely that some minor characters had a deviation in their life trajectories.

In fact, in every novel world, the importance given to minor character and cannon fodder were extremely low. Precisely because of this, these characters’ lives will undergo earth-shaking changes once they encounter some small external stimuli.

After all, there will be no author who will spend his or her thoughts on constructing a background story for this passerby A or B.

Hence, in the world of fiction, this kind of character is easy to collapse.

This is like the butterfly effect. Once a problem occurs in any link, it will affect many people’s lives.

Obviously, there was a problem in Gu Qingnian’s life.

In the original novel, Gu Qingnian was a person who wanted to occupy Gu’s family. Yet, before he could, Gu’s family had fallen. After learning the death of Gu Churong, he crazily wished to take his revenge on Mu Chen. Therefore, his final ending was naturally destruction.

Moreover, the description of Gu Qingnian in the novel was not enough to make people able to grasp his heart.

As he said, he loves and hates the Gu family, but this was by no means the main reason for his crazy revenge on Mu Chen. Yan Yicheng guessed that as the adopted son of the Gu family, Gu Qingnian should have liked Gu Churong from the beginning. It was unknown what happened later, that made him turned his love to hatred. Now the love and hate are mixed, he cannot wait for her to die…

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