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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 125

Chapter 125: The Villainess 8


After a few days of rest in Gu’s old house, Xia Beibei finally reported to the military.

She was initially a legion major under the Sucheng City Garrison. This time she also spent a lot of effort and was transferred back to the capital.

Originally, Elder Gu planned to send Gu Churong to the First Army Corps of the Empire, which is the most suitable place for her development. According to the original plot, Gu Churong did indeed go to the First Army. Still, this time, Xia Beibei took the initiative to choose Deputy Commander of the Fourth Army’s position.


“Deputy Commander!”

Early in the morning, as soon as Xia Beibei entered the Fourth Army’s resident, her new adjutant Jian Ning greeted him with strides.

Jian Ning was also a flower in the Fourth Legion. She looked sweet and cute and has a petite and exquisite figure. She was such a beautiful girl that even after adorning a military uniform, she still looked cute. Despite her appearance, she was actually the first sharpshooter of the Fourth Army–

She can shoot the enemy with a single shot, even at a thousand-meter distance!

“Adjutant Jian.”

Xia Beibei changed into the military uniforms of the Fourth Army. Their military uniforms were different from the independent foreign regiments like the Thunderbolt Army. They were the standard blue uniforms of the Imperial Army. The uniform also looked very heroic and spirited on Xia Beibei.

While smiling at Jian Ning, Xia Beibei strode to her office: “Adjutant Jian, is Regiment Commander Shen here?”

Shen Linfeng, the Commander of the Fourth Army of the Imperial Military.

Like Ning Chuan, Shen Linfeng was also a rare genius in the military. However, the Shen family was considered a famous generation in the capital. The elder Shen was concerned with his own baby grandson life and death. Originally, Shen Linfeng planned to join the independent team. Still, Elder Shen asked someone to force Shen Linfeng to report to the Fourth Army Corps with a big wave of his hand.

The Fourth Army Corps was also known as the Logistics Corps.

This is the army corps of the Empire responsible for logistics materials deployment.

The Female Lead, Lan Xiaowu’s logistic unit was also affiliated with the Fourth Army. Truthfully, Shen Linfeng was also one of the male counterparts in this novel world.

He could be considered as Lan Xiaowu’s blue confidant!

[T/N: Blue Confidant – A male best friend]


“Deputy Commander, Commander Shen has already arrived, he…”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s question about Shen Linfeng, Jian Ning hesitated. She then continued in a quiet voice: “He is waiting for you in the practice room.”


Xia Beibei raised her brows: “Take me to the training room then!”


Jian Ning nodded as she turned and took Xia Beibei to the Regiment headquarters’ training room.

After entering the password, Jian Ning obediently stood outside the door, knowing that she could not enter at this time.

Leaders learn from each other. No matter the outcome, it has nothing to do with this little adjutant.

Xia Beibei took off her military cap and held it with one hand, as she slowly opened the door to the practice room.


The frivolous male voice sounded, as a blue military uniform fell on the ground: “Undress!”

While talking, Shen Linfeng unbuttoned the neckline of his white shirt.


Xia Beibei sneered, raised her hand to put her military cap aside, and unbuttoned her military uniform one by one. Not long after, she was only left with a white shirt.

“You won’t take off your shirt?”

At this time, Shen Linfeng was only wearing a black training vest, showing off his strong muscles.

Hearing his word, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but raise her eyes, and smiled charmingly at Shen Linfeng: “If you have the ability, come and take it off!”


Shen Linfeng squinted his slender eyes, with a smirk at the corner of his mouth: “Since you have said so, then I’m will not hold back!”

While he was still speaking, Shen Linfeng had already dashed towards Xia Beibei. He raised his hand and directly aimed at her chest——

Who could be regarded as an army ruffian?

This young master Shen is one, ah!

“Really good!”

In Xia Beibei’s eyes, Shen Linfeng’s movements were not fast, so she quickly dodged. While dodging, she brandished out her leg like a clap of thunder.

Thunderbolt interlocking leg grip. This is Gu Churong’s stunt!

Her legs are absolutely superb!

Of course, many people in the military know that Gu Churong’s martial arts are top-notch. Yet, few people know that she had been practising her skill by beating out her brother since she was a child.

That was quick!

After a few exchanges with Xia Beibei, the laughing expression on Shen Linfeng’s face finally dissipated. For the first time, he looked head-on. This Gu Churong is definitely not all show, and no go like in his imagination. Her material aptitude is real, ah!

En, that stuff is real, it is definitely 36D!

Seeing Shen Linfeng’s eyes aiming at her chest, Xia Beibei immediately became angry: “What are you looking at? I will show you! I will show you!”

She did not care about so much in a fit of anger, as she habitually raised her foot and kicked Shen Linfeng’s face.

 This is the correct posture for Miss Gu to teach others. Kick the other party’s treasured feature.

Shen Linfeng: …

Your mom, even if you wanted to kick people, you should not kick their face!

“I give up! Can’t I give up?”

Shen Linfeng yelled and hid desperately. This woman was really a tigress, no wonder she could not get married!

It is a pity… that 36D…nooo…

As if looking for attention, Regiment Commander Shen, who just got kicked by Xia Beibei, yelled and lay on the ground.

“Do you feel better?”

Xia Beibei rolled up her sleeves and looked down at Shen Linfeng on the ground with a smile.

Regiment Commander Shen: “Cough, cough. If you could lower your body more, I will feel even better.”

Xia Beibei: …

Dead pervert!

“Go to hell!”

Xia Beibei didn’t even look at Shen Linfeng’s face. Without hesitation, she turned around and grabbed her clothes and military hat, and walked out of the practice room gracefully.

Jian Ning, who was waiting outside the door, saw Xia Beibei’s figure, and immediately leaned in with concern: “Deputy Commander, are you okay?”

Jian Ning was also an old-timer in this Fourth Army. She also knows what kind of virtue her leader was. Cough, cough, in short, it makes people worry…

“I’m fine.”

Xia Beibei put on her military uniform and straightened her military cap: “Adjutant Jian, take me back to the office. I want to get familiar with the things in our army as soon as possible!”

 “Oh, en.”

Jian Ning nodded vigorously when she heard the words. She couldn’t help but look back at the closed door of the practice room before leaving——

Commander, are you okay?

In the practice room, Shen Linfeng was sitting on the ground and continued rubbing his chest and cheeks.

Gu Churong, you dead tigress. Your feet are really ruthless.


Shen Linfeng gasped as he slowly put on his military uniform, which was a little nondescript on his body.

Cough, Cough, mainly because Young Master Shen and Second Young Master Gu were born as a worthless man waiting to beat.

However, unlike Gu Shaoming, Shen Linfeng was only lewd and worthless in appearance. Still, in fact, he was a black belly.

Gu Churong, why did you come to the Fourth Army at this time?

When Shen Linfeng suddenly got a notice regarding the new personnel yesterday, he thought about it for a long time.

If you considered the development of the Gu Family, for Gu Churong, the First Army was definitely the best choice.

Yet, she abandoned the First Army and chose the Fourth Army, which was the most useless and lacking strength. Why on earth?

What is the Gu family plotting to do?

I have to say that Shen Linfeng was overthinking this time. Xia Beibei chose this place because she knew that Lan Xiaowu was in the Fourth Army’s logistics unit.

This time, Gu Shaoming was thrown into the cannon fodder team and had already lost the opportunity to contact Lan Xiaowu. Xia Beibei decided to go out and tap on Lan Xiaowu herself.

Anyway, Gu’s family has no future anymore. Whether she is in the Fourth Army or the First Army, she has no influence on this world’s plot.

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