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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Boss Yan, what do you want to eat?


Poinsettia was one of the best hot pot restaurants in the city. It was overcrowded every time you arrived at the restaurant. Hence, the entire lobby on the first floor was especially lively.

Yan Yicheng was a regular customer of Poinsettia. However, he used to eat alone in a private room. This was the first time he has eaten in the hall.

“Sister Ling, isn’t that Boss Yan?”

The waiter in charge of Xia Beibei’s table returned to the service counter. He could not help but asked the supervisor gently.


The supervisor, Sister Ling, could not help but nodded: “Xiao Zhao, pay attention when you serve the dishes. Boss Yan’s expression did not look very good today. Well, by the way, the guests at the table just ordered the cauldron. Since Boss Yan is here, go and take the set of special pots and chopsticks for Boss Yan and put it at his table!”

“Oh okay.”

Xiao Zhao immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at the rice. For a few years, she has worked here and naturally knew that there was such a strange customer who always visiting their store. No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, he often ate hot pot alone.

After a long time, Xiao Zhao learned from Sister Ling and the manager that this customer was still the heir of the city’s richest family. It was said that their family had an accident long ago. He was the only one who inherited the entire family’s billions of assets.

Your mom, this is a proper billionaire president!

Yet, Boss Yan is very cold, very weird, and very difficult to communicate with.

Hey, it’s not something we can think of anyway.

At this time, after Yan Yicheng sat down at the table, the atmosphere on the table became a bit strange.

Jiang Xue looked at Yan Yicheng and Xia Beibei, then took a glance at Gu Yan’s face from the corner of her eyes. Seeing that, she could not help but pull out a comfortable smile from the corner of her lips.

There are four people at their table. Yet, she was afraid that she is the only one who understands.

Perhaps because Yan Yicheng’s aura was too strong, Xia Beibei has been silent since he sat next to her.

She did not know what to say, and at this time, she suddenly remembered–

The reason why she came here for dinner seemed to be that she wanted to confess to Gu Yan?


Now not only Gu Yan’s girlfriend was here, but Even Boss Yan was also here to join in the fun!

The first thing Xia Beibei thought was not why they had appeared at her table, but of her little purse that wanted to cry without tears!

Oh Heaven, Mother Earth, ah! She is the only poor man in this table of local tyrants, ah! Moreover, it seemed to be her treat this time around?

At this time, classmate Xia Beibei really regretted——

Male god, you are really breaking my heart.

You still have a girlfriend, yet, you still hide it from me. This baby’s girly heart, um, what kind of beautiful plaything is this?

I do not care! Anyway, this baby’s heart has been greatly hurt. Only eating until this baby is full can make up for the trauma of my soul. Of course, it is best not to pay the bill after this baby eats her fill…

If everyone here knows about Xia Beibei’s psychological activities, I’m afraid they will vomit a mouthful of old blood.

Jiang Xue: What about being good rivals?

Gu Yan: What about the secret crush?

Yan Yicheng: …

When the waiter came to serve the dishes, Xia Beibei was still feeling depressed. Seeing that she had not responded for a long time, Gu Yan couldn’t help but coughed slightly, “Beibei?”


Xia Beibei recovered as she subconsciously smiled at Gu Yan: “Senior, you call me?”

“You muddle-headed egg, aren’t you hungry? Why don’t you eat it? Don’t tell me that you are afraid of Boss Yan?”

Xia Beibei:…

Senior! That kind of things! Could you stop making my life difficult in front of my leader?

Seeing the interaction between Gu Yan and Xia Beibei, Jiang Xue on the side couldn’t help but curl her lips secretly. At the same time, Yan Yicheng’s face became even darker.

“Ahem, Boss Yan is always a good boss of China, how could I be afraid of him?”

To prove that she is a good employee who is committed to supporting her boss, Xia Beibei immediately turned her head and looked at Yan Yicheng, who had a small pot in front of him with a smile: “Boss Yan, what do you eat? I will help you.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Jiang Xue and Gu Yan couldn’t help but look at Yan Yicheng.

When Xia Beibei entered school, Yan Yicheng had already graduated, so Xia Beibei didn’t know Yan Yicheng’s name when he was in school.

However, Jiang Xue and Gu Yan knew Yan Yicheng. They also knew this indifferent young man. Not only did he never have friends, but he also did not allow anyone to touch his own things.

He was always alone when eating. In the years of university, he never participated in any activities or gatherings. Even if there were occasions when there were many people, he was always out of place. There was one person who joked with Yan Yicheng previously and touches his plate of sea cucumber dish. As a result, Yan Yicheng threw the sea cucumbers on that plate and the expensive plate directly into the trash…

In short, a certain young master Yan was very famous, but the way he became famous was very strange.

After graduating for many years, Gu Yan and Jiang Xue still met Yan Yicheng occasionally at some chambers of commerce gatherings in the industry. Even now, he still maintains his previous habit. Even if he ate at the same table with others, he only eats what he ordered alone. He will never touch anything that others have touched.

Therefore, after hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Jiang Xue and Gu Yan subconsciously turn to Yan Yicheng.

Jiang Xue was waiting to watch the excitement, while Gu Yan was always ready to rescue Xia Beibei.

“Fat beef, coriander.”

In the end, to their surprise, when he heard Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng only raised his eyes and glanced at her. He actually acquiesced to her words and even took the initiative to let her help him with things…

“So Boss Yan also likes coriander?”

Hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei immediately picked up some coriander and a few slices of beef and put them in Yan Yicheng’s small pot.

Then she blinked her big eyes again and stared at Yan Yicheng’s profile: “Boss Yan, what else do you want?”

“Tsk, tsk, our Beibei is really sweet.”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s behaviour, Jiang Xue on the side recovered and smiled slightly. She also picked up the chopsticks and gave Gu Yan some meat: “Come on, Ayan, you eat too! Do not say that I am not considerate! “


Gu Yan smiled lowly. When he raised his eyes again, his gaze had changed slightly as he stared at Yan Yicheng: “Boss Yan, Beibei is often somewhat muddle-headed and insensitive. She did not make any trouble for you while she is in Yicheng Media, right?”


It is really a big trouble, but…

Yan Yicheng did not speak but silently looked at his little pot and saw that the fat beef inside which already cooked. He picked up the chopsticks, clamped the first piece of meat, and put it in Xia Beibei’s plate: “It’s cooked. Aren’t you hungry? Eat!”

Xia Beibei:…

Boss Yan, did you know that your style is getting wrong?


Suddenly I feel so moved. Boss Yan, you really are a good boss of China…

Compared to using his mouth, Yan Yicheng was more willing to use his action to declare his sovereignty——

Here, look carefully. This woman does not need you to care.

Seeing Yan Yicheng’s actions, Gu Yan smiled slightly. He raised his eyebrows provocatively as he stood up and added a piece of meat from the cauldron: “Here, Beibei, eat some more!”

Seeing that Gu Yan’s chopsticks were about to land on Xia Beibei’s plate, Yan Yicheng’s expression on the side became cold, as he raised his hand and took Xia Beibei’s plate away, leaving Gu Yan no place to land.


At this time, Gu Yan’s movements were frozen. Even Jiang Xue and Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng in a daze.

“I’m stuffed.”

Yan Yicheng said without changing his face, “I will give you everything in the pot. Let’s change the position.”


Xia Beibei was stunned for a moment, and then immediately understood what Yan Yicheng meant–

Boss Yan gave her all the things in his pot?

He did not even eat a bite, did he?

Oh, it is not right to waste, and his little pot also looks gorgeous and expensive. It seems to be specially made. Will it taste especially delicious?

Therefore, Xia Beibei was very happy to change seats with Yan Yicheng. My dear sister, how big is your heart? You already forget everything you saw just now, right?

Jiang Xue, on the side, was also speechless. Isn’t this girl her rival in love? Could it be that she had been thinking too much?

It was the first time Jiang Xue met someone who could interact with Yan Yicheng so happily and still had no sense of disharmony.

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