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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 10


“You, don’t come over…”

“It wasn’t me who did it, it wasn’t me!”

A man was tied up on the wooden chair in an abandoned barn as he opened his eyes wide in horror. Then, his horrified and distorted face was covered with splashes of blood.

Countless blood, scarlet and warm.


Xia Beibei woke up from her dream; her pale face became even uglier at this moment.

She raised her hands subconsciously, and under the faint moonlight, there seemed to be a layer of blood on her hands…

Chen Yining, she has killed people.

At that time, Tong Nian covered up all the traces of crime for her and destroyed the physical evidence.

The killing was no longer a terrible thing for Xia Beibei. She has killed zombies, killed people, and killed countless martial arts masters in various mission worlds.


In such a peaceful society under the rule of law, killing was a frightening thing.

Xia Beibei touched the cold sweat on her forehead; she immediately lit the lamp and got out of bed. She then washed her face with cold water in the bathroom.

The pale and overly small face still reflected in the mirror.

Xia Beibei smiled. Her smile looked a little reluctant.

Chen Yining is really a crazy girl.

Eight years ago, she was seventeen. How much courage and resentment did a seventeen-year-old girl have to kill and smash an adult man in his twenties?

After that, she actually put on the clothes she had prepared indifferently as he put the corpse pieces in a brand new bag, then filled it up with stones, before throwing it to the bottom of the sea…

This calm and fierceness was really the quality necessary to be a villain.

Xia Beibei arrived in the living room in her pyjamas. She raised her hand and touched a pack of cigarettes that accidentally left by Tong Nian. Subconsciously, Xia Beibei opened the cigarette case, found a lighter, and lit a cigarette.

In the living room without lights, there is only the light of cigarettes, which is flickering and dimming.

In fact, Chen Yining was also an old smoker.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough.”

Xia Beibei was a little uncomfortable with the smell of smoke. She did not know how to smoke, but she could not help but want to be immersed in this atmosphere.

This is the feeling.

She is learning to bring herself entirely into the role of Chen Yining——

Sorrow, despair, so much that you couldn’t see any light.

This is Chen Yining’s inner world.

Chen Yining’s childhood was unfortunate. The only thing worth relying on and the one that gives her the feeling of warmth was her brother.

She has one of the best brothers in the world, one who will always protect her, give her the best of everything, and vowed to protect her forever.


A group of extremely disgusting people killed this unique brother.


Amidst the smoke, Xia Beibei coughed again as she took a puff of cigarette fiercely. In the dark, her eyes became particularly vulgar–

No, you cannot let others know the real cause of your brother’s death.

Those who have harmed him, I will never let them go.

Su Luo.

You actually want to threaten and persecute me with my brother and that woman. You forced me. You are the one who pushed me to act…

Xia Beibei pressed the cigarette in her hand on the coffee table. A dangerous sneer passed over her mouth…


The next moment, Xia Beibei yawned again with a look of sleepiness——

Your mom, this yawn was really not at the right time. The villain temperament that this baby finally brewed has been destroyed.

There is no sense of picture…

However, Xia Beibei has completely grasped Chen Yining’s mind at this moment.

“Chen Yining, you are dead, but the grievances are still condensed. I know you actually have a wish. Do not worry, I will kill Su Luo for you. I will not let anyone know about it. You are dead, just leave with peace of mind.”

Talking to herself like this, Xia Beibei suddenly felt that she was a lot relaxed.

It seemed that the dark resentment that initially belonged to Chen Yining has finally slowly dissipated…

The next day.

Xia Beibei went downstairs neatly, and at a glance, saw Shen Xiao driving his car and parked outside the building.

“Miss Chen!”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s figure, Shen Xiao opened the door and got off the car with a box of steaming breakfast: “This is the breakfast that the eldest young master asked me to bring to you, and… your car was sent to be repaired by the second young master. En. There seems to be something wrong, so I will be responsible for picking up Miss Chen to and from work these days. If Miss Chen wanted to go out for an interview or have any other things, you can always tell me.”

“Oh? Your family is very considerate.”

Hearing Shen Qiancheng’s order, Xia Beibei could not help but smile happily. Still, when she thought of her car, she could not help but curl her lips: “Shen Xiao, don’t cover your second young master. What kind of virtue is he? You think, I don’t know yet? Because I offended him, he definitely scrapped my car, right?”

“Uh, huh.”

Shen Xiao smiled without denying it.

That car was indeed scrapped by the second young master. However, with the financial resources of the Shen family, even if Chen Yining was compensated with ten vehicles at a time, the second young master Shen will not blink his eyes. However, the young master felt that it seemed safer to send someone to pick her up? After all, this Miss Chen, ahem, has a bad reputation in the circle.

Last night, Shen Xiao had already witnessed her work activities and her ability to talk nonsense with her eyes open. He really could not help but sigh.

“Then I will trouble Brother Shen Xiao these few days. You can drive me to Xin Cheng Entertainment.”

Xia Beibei got into the car. As soon as she settled down, she could not wait to open the breakfast that Shen Xiao brought for her.

The breakfast was still warm and full of flavours. The most important thing is that the portion is enough.

Well, it seemed that he still remembers that she was a foodie, cough.

Xia Beibei felt warm in her heart. To have people thinking about her own feeling of satisfaction and happiness, it seemed that…she had not felt it for a long, long time.

Unfortunately, Shen Qiancheng has a special status in this world, and she cannot have close contacts with him in public.

After eating breakfast, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Yan Yicheng: “Thank you, male god, for breakfast. I have a good meal and feel so happy.”

When he received this message, Yan Yicheng was also on his way. He was going back to the old house of Shen before rushing to the recording site of a TV show tonight.

Are you happy?

Yan Yicheng stared at the line of characters sent by Xia Beibei. He looked down at it for a long time, and finally, the corners of his lips curled up involuntarily. He also felt very comfortable when he received this message.

“If you like it, would you like for me to give it to you every day?”

He thought for a while and returned the message. Then, he stared at the screen of the phone in a daze.

Sure enough, after a while, Xia Beibei returned the message again——

“How embarrassed I would be then? Haha, what? I heard that there are a lot of cooks in Shen’s house; let’s change a taste a day, okay?”

So, there is a kind of people who never know how to be reserved.

 Sister Xia, why don’t you think of yourself as an outsider?


This time, Yan Yicheng only answered her with one word.

Sometimes, a word can also contain a lot of emotions and feelings.

Receiving his reply, Xia Beibei leaned on the leather seat with great satisfaction as she closed her eyes comfortably and hummed softly: “Shen Xiao, your family is really a good man, he deserve to be a national god.”

Shen Xiao: …

He is only good to you, so much that even the blind can see it, okay?

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