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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 11


T/N: There will be 5 chapters, for now. If I can translate fast, another five chapters will be in five to six hours later~ Trying to finish this arc this month …ha..ha… [There are 34 chapters in total]

Xia Beibei stepped into the door of the Xingchen Entertainment Newspaper. The moment Xia Beibei appeared in the otherwise lively office, he was silent.

“Sister Chen!”

“Sister Yining!”

After a moment of silence, many people smiled and greeted Xia Beibei immediately.

Actually, in the newspaper office, Chen Yining’s age was considered young. Still, she was harsh. She was also very famous in this circle, so most people will call her “Sister Yining” despite the matter of seniority”.

This was the rule.

Initially, she hasn’t appeared in the past few days. Many people still secretly say that she was chased and killed by her enemies. After all, Chen Yining was quick to fight, but there are also many enemies. This was an open secret in the circle.

Initially, some people were gloating for misfortune. Yet, Xia Beibei appeared intact in front of them. So, those who had seen the wind came forward to flatter her. 


Xia Beibei smiled blankly in the face of everyone’s flattery. Then she walked into her office quickly with a stern look.

“Boom! Boom!” 

After a while, someone knocked on the door and walked into Xia Beibei’s office. The visitor wore a smart and beautiful suit, with long, dark red, curly hair lying lazily on her shoulders.

“He Lanxin?”

Xia Beibei raised his eyelids and glanced at the person at the door: “Are you busy?”

He Lanxin has been in Xingchen Entertainment for many years. She was now nearly 30 years old, yet, she still has various styles and exquisite looks.

In fact, everyone knows that she and the editor-in-chief of the magazine are unclear. Otherwise, she would not be able to smoothly sit in the position of deputy editor-in-chief. However, since Chen Yining arrived at Xingchen Entertainment, the myth that He Lanxin was here to cover the sky was broken.

They could only blame Chen Yining for the ferocity of the newcomer. The speed and content of her report were simply frantic. Her sudden emergence has made Xingchen Entertainment the most vigorous entertainment newspaper in the country, separating them from the second and third-tier entertainment newspapers.

Not to mention the editor-in-chief, even the boss was full of praise for her. Therefore, Chen Yining was the veritable first person in Xingchen Entertainment today.

In these years, valued people have the capital to be defiant.

He Lanxin has long been accustomed to Chen Yining’s arrogant and domineering personality. She smiled and raised a stack of manuscripts in her hands: “This is the manuscript that Tang Xiao gave me. The boss specifically called and told me that we can’t release it.”

Having said that, He Lanxin took a few steps forward and looked at Xia Beibei with a smile.

“Oh, I have arranged the layout, but suddenly the headline story was taken out. What do you think we should do to maintain our reputation and sales? After all, you, Chen Yining, is our Xingchen Entertainment News’ live signboard. Furthermore, that Tang Xiao, who was in charge of that headline, is your assistant. Shouldn’t you be responsible for it? Sister Yining should have a lot of good stuff in her hands, right? It wouldn’t be hard for you to help me fill in the headline, right?”


Xia Beibei leaned back on her chair, raised her chin as she squinted at He Lanxin: “It’s just a headline. I, Chen Yining, may lack anything, but I never lack headline revelations. Do you want an exclusive video of Second Young Master Shen and Su Luo? Or would you like to have and exclusive photos of Shen Qiancheng’s bedroom?”

“You…what did you say?”

He Lanxin, who was calm initially, became agitated when Xia Beibei mentioned Shen Qiancheng’s name: “Chen Yining, you, are you kidding me?”

She even has Shen Qiancheng’s material? How is that possible?

Shen Qiancheng was He Lanxin’s male god! She was a die-hard fan of Shen Qiancheng and still at the level of brain damage.

In the past few years, He Lanxin has tried all kinds of methods yet still could not have the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Shen Qiancheng. It was said that Shen Qiancheng had always refused any interviews from either newspapers or magazines. Even for the TV show, only the most high-end and the best quality show from the most authoritative TV station will be put into his consideration. Even then, those shows had to follow his schedule to book an appearance.

The national male god is so far away…

“What do I gain by lying to you?”

Xia Beibei curled her lips indifferently. She raised her hand and took out a memory stick from her breast pocket: “Well, all the great materials are here!”

“Give it to me!”

He Lanxin stepped forward almost immediately, desperately trying to grab the memory stick in Xia Beibei’s hand.

“Wait a minute.”

Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed as she moved quickly away from He Lanxin’s hand: “There is no free lunch in the world. Haven’t you heard that, Sister Lanxin? If you want my big information, shouldn’t you exchange some secret with me in return?”

“Secret? What secret?”

He Lanxin was stunned in the same place, looking at Xia Beibei with surprise.

“Stop pretending.”

Xia Beibei lifted her legs leisurely: “Why did Ye Qingge’s material was taken away? You and I know this well. The gold master behind her is finally willing to step up? Sister Lanxin, you must know who that person is, right? Tell me, and I will give you my material.”


He Lanxin’s eyes flashed when she heard Xia Beibei’s words. That person’s identity was not small.

She also tried her best to get the man’s name out of the editor-in-chief’s mouth.

He Lanxin swore this morning that she would never tell anyone this information, but now…

To get Shen Qiancheng’s exclusive photo… Your mom! Just say it!

He Lanxin’s eyes flashed: “Okay, let me tell you, but…Chen Yining, there are some people in City A that you and I can’t offend. I hope you know it in your heart. Do not think about breaking the news. Otherwise, tomorrow, you might be lying dead on the street.”

Although she hates Chen Yining, everyone was a peer. Even though He Lanxin herself knew that she was not a noble person, she still carefully remind Chen Yining of some critical things.


Xia Beibei smiled at He Lanxin and said: “I have let’s Sister Lanxin worry about me!”


He Lanxin glanced at Xia Beibei, then walked around the table and whispered a name in her ear. Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed when she heard the word.

How could it be him?

“I already told you everything I know.”

While talking, He Lanxin quickly grabbed the memory stick from the dazed Xia Beibei: “Good, we two already clear with each other!”


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Seeing He Lanxin could not wait to go out, Xia Beibei could not help but smiled and stopped her: “Sister Lanxin, you can use Shen Qiancheng’s information as a headline. However, remember to sign my name under the report. This is what I agreed with Young Master Shen. He only trusts me. If he can’t see my name, oops, then ready to face the consequences. After all, he is not someone that Xingchen Entertainment can’t afford to offend!”

He Lanxin:…

Your younger sister! You little bitch! You make a fool of this old lady again!

He Lanxin did not doubt that Xia Beibei was joking. Even though Chen Yining, in her memory, was a little arrogant and liked to make fake news, but under normal circumstances, she would not lie.


Does she really know Shen Qiancheng? Humph, God knows what sneaky method did she used to take the photo.

As soon as she thought of this, He Lanxin turned her gaze and immediately smiled and raised the corners of her lips: “This is naturally not a problem, ah. I will sort out these materials, and I will write the manuscript for the report. Do you have any opinion on that?

“Of course not.”

Xia Beibei stretched out her hands at He Lanxin. Since she was Shen Qiancheng’s brain-dead fan, naturally, she knew her idol well. The original owner, Chen Yining, was not actually a star chaser. The reason she stalked those stars was for their scandal. After she failed to dig Shen Qiancheng’s scandal that one time, she basically stopped paying attention to this national male god…

“Then it’s settled.”

He Lanxin twisted her tiny waist as she sashayed out of Xia Beibei’s office. After going out, she held the memory stick in her hand as her eyes flashed. Chen Yining, aren’t you great? This time I will give you something even stronger…

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