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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 12


The latest issue of the Xingchen Entertainment News was published at 10 am every day. Today is the weekday, the newspapers were delivered to major newsstands and some relatively popular small bookstores before 10 am.

Youlan Bookstore was a consignment bookstore owned by Xingchen Entertainment News. The owner of this shop was a young woman in her twenties. Most women of this age still pay attention to gossip news—especially Xingchen Entertainment, famous for unearthing celebrities’ scandal. So as the female Boss, as usual, she took out a copy of Xingchen Entertainment. She turned stupefied when she saw the big headline on the first page.

“Boss? Boss!”

A customer buying a book initially came to check out. Still, when the Boss remained stunned, the customer couldn’t help calling out loudly.


The lady boss finally reacted, but at this time, she was still very excited as she held the newspaper with both hands.

“Boss, what are you looking at? Why are you so excited? Is there anything good?”

The customer could not help but teased her and casually lowered his eyes and glanced at the Xingchen Entertainment News, which was placed in front of the counter, but he couldn’t take his eyes back with that one glance—

The bedroom scenery of Shen Qiancheng’s private home. The national male god’s photo exclusively released by Xingchen Entertainment!

This is…

This is…

Shen Qiancheng’s, Shen Qiancheng’s bedroom…

Oh my God!

The man who was waiting for the checkout suddenly picked up Xingchen Entertainment Newspaper: “Boss, these, and these, these newspapers, I want them!”



The lady boss hesitated for a moment before settling the bill for him. Watching the man leave, the lady boss of the bookstore immediately dialled a familiar phone call: “Hey, is it Xiao Li? Is today’s Xingchen Entertainment News still available? I wanted to add another thousand, no, ten thousand copies!”

Xiao Li:…

Is this elder sister crazy? 10,000 copies of todays’ entertainment gossip newspaper of the day. To whom are you going to sell it?

At this time, as a professional newspaper delivery member, Xiao Li didn’t understand this Boss’s method, but soon, countless phone calls came in——

“Is the Xingchen Entertainment News still available?”

“Bring me 10,000 copies! Quick! My readers are in a hurry!”

“How many Xingchen Entertainment News still left? I want as much as there is!”


A piece of news that could make the whole people berserk is the magic of Shen Qiancheng.

On this day, Xingchen Entertainment News was still selling hot until the evening!

Xingchen Entertainment News Office——

“Sister Yi Ning! Sister Yi Ning, you are on fire!”

Tang Xiao rushed into Xia Beibei’s office, sweating profusely. He then put the newspaper he had finally grabbed on Xia Beibei’s desk.


Xia Beibei glanced at the headlines on the first page. Today, the sales of the newspapers have soared, even surpassing the sales in the past few months. Naturally, Xia Beibei already knew about such against the sky’s record. After all, the editor in chief and the Boss had also made special calls to praise her.

“Xiao Tang, you have to be calm. Isn’t it that the sales have increased thousands of times? Uh, wait for the evening, and you can count them to see how much bonus I will get this month.”

Tang Xiao:…

Sister Yining, why is it that your focus and others are not the same?

“Sister Yi Ning, did you read the report? Now the internet is going crazy! Are you really going to do an exclusive interview with Shen Qiancheng? I heard that Shen Qiancheng never accepts magazine interviews! Moreover, he will only be here for a few days before going abroad to shoot a movie. Is there a time for you to make an appointment?”

“Um, wha- what?”

When Xia Beibei heard Tang Xiao’s words, she froze for a moment. She quickly grabbed the newspaper and glanced at it. The entire report was a compliment to Shen Qiancheng and his taste in the decoration style of his bedroom. In the end, however, signed with Chen Yining’s tone, it wrote—

[The author has made an appointment with Shen Qiancheng for an exclusive interview this weekend. Xingchen Entertainment will release the interview following Monday. You must be looking forward to it, right?

Let’s — see you on Monday! 

Xingchen Entertainment reporter: Chen Yining.]


He Lanxin, that scheming bitch! As expected of a person who cannot eat grievance, ah!

Xia Beibei only looked at it and already knew that this was He Lanxin pitting herself.

Suppose this was changed to the previous Chen Yining. In that case, she wouldn’t be able to secure an interview opportunity with Shen Qiancheng no matter how she exhausted her means, ah!

Using the national male god as a stunt, if she failed to produce the result afterwards, the consequences are simply… The fan of the male god will surely drown Xia Beibei alive…

“He Lanxin, you are ruthless.”

Xia Beibei squinted her eyes as she squeezed the newspaper in her hand.

Seeing the newspaper about to be crushed by Xia Beibei, Tang Xiao immediately stepped forward in distress as he looked at Xia Beibei cautiously.

“Sister Yining, be careful. This newspaper is the last one. I want to take it home to put it in my treasure box!”

Xia Beibei:…

“Treasure, your brother-in-law! This is just a copycat version of Shen Nie’s villa. Shen Qiancheng’s real home is much more luxurious than this. If you like it, next time I take you there. Let alone taking pictures, it still okay for you to sleep in it all night!”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Tang Xiao’s eyes immediately beamed: “Really, really? I know that Sister Yining is the best. There is nothing in the world that can stump you. The interview that weekend…definitely not a problem, right?”

“Dang, of course.”

Xia Beibei nodded. It seemed that she really have to call Shen Qiancheng after work today. However, he seemed to have a show to record tonight at the TV station. Hey, should I send him a message first and make an appointment? It is best not to delay his trip abroad.

Although Xia Beibei never regards Shen Qiancheng as an outsider, however, she should put even more consideration for him as the person in her inner circle. She didn’t want to be a person who blindly demanding favours from others.

Just when Xia Beibei was staring at her mobile phone in a daze, her mobile phone vibrated. A message from Shen Qiancheng was displayed on the screen.


Is this the legendary one heart and one soul?

Xia Beibei immediately unlocked the phone and glanced at the text message sent by Shen Qiancheng——

[I’m downstairs at your company, when do you get off work? Let’s have dinner together!]


Xia Beibei subconsciously touched her stomach. She grabbed her mobile phone, picked up her camera bag and hurried out.

“Sister Yining, what are you doing?”

Seeing Xia Beibei was walking in a hurry, Tang Xiao beside her could not help but asked with concern, “Is it out for an interview? Would you like me to help?”

“I don’t need you to come. There is some personal business. I won’t work overtime with you today!”

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Xia Beibei went out of Xingchen Entertainment news’ door. As soon as she walked outside, she saw Shen Xiao standing next to a car at a glance.

It was the same car in the morning. It did not look very eye-catching. The windows of the vehicle were all black, making it impossible to see the scene inside.

“Miss Chen.”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s figure, Shen Xiao smiled and greeted her: “Quickly get in the car. The eldest master is waiting for you.”


Xia Beibei nodded and rushed into the car briskly. When Yan Yicheng in the vehicle saw Xia Beibei’s figure, he raised his hand and put a small box in her hand on the palm of her hand.

“What is this?”

Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng in surprise.

“A little bit of snacks, the servants at home… uh… I did not finish eating it, so I bought it on the way… Well, here you are. I thought you might like it.”

When he said that, Yan Yicheng tried his best to make his expression look natural. Lying is really not Boss Yan’s strength!

Shen Xiao, who was sitting in the driving seat, was simply speechless at this time——

Master, this dessert worth tens of thousands is just a snack?

The five-star chef you hired at a high price is just a servant?

The things you deliberately asked to be made, and carefully carried in your arms all the way, turned out to be just incidental?

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