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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Latest task


The apartment rented by Xia Beibei was far away from Poinsettia. Still, because Yan Yicheng was driving fast enough, he arrived at her apartment in no time.

“Here we are.”

After stopping the car, Yan Yicheng turned his head to look at Xia Beibei.


When Xia Beibei saw the familiar scenery outside the car window, she could not help but blinked: “Boss Yan, you know where my home is?”


Yan Yicheng turned his face and hummed softly. He would not say that he had specifically looked into it early on.

“Thank you, Boss Yan.”

Xia Beibei was stunned for a moment before she uttered her gratitude with a touch of emotion. She immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

Boss Yan is really a good boss of China. He even knows where every employee lives! (Girl, your habitual positive thinking could almost be considered as an illness, you know!)

After getting off the car, seeing the tableware in her arms, Xia Beibei hesitated once again before knocking on the car window.

Yan Yicheng turned down the car window and looked at Xia Beibei deeply: “What’s wrong?”

“Boss Yan, this set of tableware…”

“For you.”

Yan Yicheng whispered in a low voice.

“Oh, I…”

Xia Beibei was still feeling a little embarrassed. She hesitated for a while, and suddenly her eyes brightened. After opening her bag for a long time, she found the poinsettia coupon: “Boss Yan, don’t you like hot pot? This is for you! It’s very useful!”

Yan Yicheng: …


Seeing Yan Yicheng staring at the voucher in a daze, Xia Beibei’s hand trembled slightly.

Xia Beibei, are you a pig?

Boss Yan was obviously the VIP of that store. Furthermore, as someone with the kind of worth over 100 million, would he still need your broken voucher?

“Ha ha.”

Xia Beibei smiled awkwardly at Yan Yicheng: “Well, Boss Yan, if I take back what I just said, is it too late?”

“Thank you.”

At this time, Yan Yicheng unexpectedly raised his hand and took the voucher in Xia Beibei’s hand: “Next time, let’s… eat together!”

This was the first time Yan Yicheng took the initiative to send out an invitation to others. After all, he had used to being alone for a long time.

“Ah? Okay!”

Xia Beibei nodded blankly. Immediately, under her dazed gaze, Yan Yicheng had already driven away like a flying car.

It was not until many years later that the fading voucher was still hung by Yan Yicheng in one of the rooms in Yan’s villa——

A certain bun: What is this, dad?

Boss Yan: This is a love token from your mother to me.

Xia Beibei:…

Yan Yicheng, could you be more honest?


Back upstairs in the apartment, Xia Beibei carefully put away the set of that expensive ceramic tableware. Then she thought of something again and found Yan Yicheng’s handkerchief after rummaging through the cabinet.

Gee, Boss Yan really have good taste.

Tut, Boss Yan should be that legendary ice cube face with tofu heart, right?

Tsk, tsk, Boss Yan is indeed…


Wrong! Xia Beibei knocked her head. Who cares what Boss Yan is up to?

Boss Yan cares about her so much because he valued ​​her and wanted to cultivate her talent! In the future, she will become the pillar of Yicheng Media, en.

Thinking of this, Xia Beibei involuntarily took out her mobile phone and logged on to her Weibo. Only then did Xia Beibei realized that Yan Yicheng, who had never posted anything, actually uploaded a post. Everyone in the company had basically responded to it. Oops, this post even ranked at the top of the page——

Yan Yicheng: Tonight, I want to eat hot pot.

Xia Beibei:…

It turned out that meeting Boss Yan at Poinsettia was really a chance encounter!

Xia Beibei subconsciously glanced at the release time of the post. It turned out to be one minute before the time to leave work. Almost all of her colleagues madly left a message to Boss Yan even after work.

Colleague A: So, Boss Yan also likes hot pot!

Colleague B: I also like hot pot!

Colleague C: Where are you going to eat, Boss Yan? Seeking a chance encounter!

Boss Yan, who likes to eat hot pot, seemed to narrow the distance between him and everyone all at once.

So this kind of cold man also like to eat hot pot? So cute.

That is right, the girls in the company felt like they were in spring as their hearts moved by it!

On the other hand, the guys in the company finally discovered that such a god-like man also has an ordinary side…

It could be said that this Weibo’s post was quite awesome!

Unfortunately, no one knows the truth about this Weibo post except Ma Li.

At this time, Sister Ma Li, who came home by taxi, was also staring at Yan Yicheng’s Weibo. Starting from Yan Yicheng rushing into the hot pot restaurant and sitting next to Xia Beibei, Sister Ma Li finally had an epiphany–

Your mom, it turns out that Boss Yan has been waiting for Xia Beibei!

Although she did not know how many bloody stories there are between these two people, sister Ma Li was still very excited. After all, only she knows this secret!

Everyone was drunk, and yet I am alone was sober, hehe.

She kept refreshing Yan Yicheng’s Weibo, just waiting to see the development of the incident.

As a result, at this moment, Yan Yicheng’s Weibo suddenly refreshed a new reply——

Yicheng Media Xia Beibei: Boss Yan is awesome!


At this time in the apartment, Xia Beibei looked at her mobile phone and sighed. Everyone responded to Boss Yan. Naturally, she could not fall behind. Yet, she really did not know what to write, ah!

Xia Beibei felt that Yan Yicheng was poisonous. As long as she stumbled upon him, her IQ would plummet, and she would lose her usual cleverness and wit.


Xia Beibei changed into her home clothes and shrank on her bed. After entering the power-on password, she called out 110: “Xiao Yao, help me find a task tonight. Um, I want to be more aggressive! Just like Gu Qingnian. That kind of handsome villain!”


Who do you think Gu Qingnian is? That is a bomb maniac, you know. A berserker, okay!

“Intermediate villain 109, because your level is not enough, hence, you temporarily could not receive higher status tasks. However, you can choose to continue working hard and do more tasks. After you upgraded from intermediate to advance level and pass the villain BOSS’ assessment, you can choose to be the villain BOSS in the novel world!”


Hearing 110 words, Xia Beibei also reacted. No wonder she could not become the Last Boss. It seemed that her level was not high enough!


What the hell do you mean by assessment?

“Xiao Yao, do you have to take an exam to become a villain?”

“Of course, but in Interstellar Villain Club, the assessment will only be imposed for senior villain, and the difficulty is also gradually increasing.”

110’s voice sounded in Xia Beibei’s mind again: “After all, it is not that simple to be a qualified villain!”

“Oh, I see!”

Xia Beibei involuntarily nodded. It just that she, at this time, did not know how crazy the assessment mentioned by 110 would be…

Regarding the assessment, Xia Beibei no longer put it in her mind. She found a comfortable sleeping position and immediately asked 110 to help herself select tasks. This time, 110 its coolness as it selects a difficult task for Xia Beibei.

Hence, the road to becoming the real evil villain begins from then on——

“Ding! Intermediate villain 109 succeeded in taking over the mission!

[Mission World: Fictional novel world

Task level: Intermediate high difficulty (suitable for intermediate villains)

Mission body: Chen Yining

Summary of the mission content: This task world is the world of the entertainment circle’s novels. The tasker needs to replace the original owner Chen Yining as an unscrupulous villain and complete the following task plots by hook or crook: First, to hound the fresh and pure Su Luo to death. Second, to continuously frame the Female Lead, Xia Xiran and destroy her relationship with the Male Lead. Lin Mo. The above two tasks are compulsory. Other plot tasks can be played at will. Each of your outrageous act will be scored accordingly. Furthermore, bonus points will also be given according to the degree of your vileness!

Task reward: Upon completion of this mission, you will be rewarded with two years of lifespan! If the mission fails, the system will deduct four years of lifespan! “

Reminder: It is not easy for you to reach this step! As a big villain, what are you waiting for? Please do not hesitate to do evil! The door to becoming the villain BOSS is finally open to you!]

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