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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 16

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“By the way, I haven’t seen the twins from your brother-in-law’s house. I don’t know if these twins really look alike.”

Ma Chunmei happily turned the subject and talked about the twins.

“Yes, these twins are really rare.”

Everyone was chattering and asked to see the twin girls of the Jiang family. Yao Huilan thought that the two children were probably still awake after drinking the milk at this time. Hence, she did not refuse everyone’s request and took them to the old lady’s room.

Pan Xiuluo obviously would not refuse the relatives and friends who came to see those babies. She welcomed everyone into her room and told Yao Huilan to go to the front to greet the guests. She then went to the kitchen and gave everyone freshly steamed sticky bean buns.

“How come these twins looked different from one another?”

One of the young women pointed at the two children in the cradle and asked curiously. She thought that the twins should all look the same.

“They are really not very similar. According to Jianjun, some twins looked different from one to another.”

Jiang Jianjun was very knowledgeable and had seen many twins who are similar or dissimilar. Yao Huilan also heard about this from him. “The one wearing the red cotton jacket is the sister Chaonan, while wearing a grey cotton jacket is the younger sister Liunan.”

She pointed out the two children’s identities to these guests. She then picked up her favourite twin Chaonan and coaxed her for a while.

“The elder sister looks good.”

Ma Chunmei glanced at the child in Yao Huilan’s arms and commented. She is brilliant and able to make a conjecture. Yao Huilan’s movements and subtle expressions alone could tell which of these two children were favoured in the Jiang family.

But it was also true that the twins grew in opposite directions.

The elder sister Jiang Chaonan really picked all advantages from her parents’ look. After raising her for a while, she finally showed her good facial features. She has white skin and big, round eyes. When she laughs, she was incredibly adorable.

The younger sister Jiang Liunan is different. She combines all the shortcomings of her parents. She has dark skin that contrasted with her sister. Her mouth was also a bit big. This was what her father, Jiang Xiangdang, has. Yet, she did not inherit the iconic Jiang family’s big eyes. Instead, she inherited her mother’s slightly elongated eye shape. It was unknown if her eyes had already been opened or not since it looked like a seam. They don’t know if these eyes will grow more prominent in the future or not.


Jiang Liunan hummed triumphantly when others praised Jiang Chaonan for looking good.

In the past life, this cousin was the best-looking out of all his sisters. Many times, he had wanted to marry this cousin at a high price. Unfortunately, even though the other party was taught by his grandmother and willing to support him, she was unwilling to compromise in the matter of a life-long event.

He coveted Jiang Chaonan’s monthly salary. Therefore she also did not want to tear his face with him. Hence he could only felt angry inwardly while cursing at this cousin who did not know good or bad and was unwilling to marry a rich man to live a life of wealth.

In this life, he became Jiang Chaonan’s twin sister. No matter what, this face should be pretty. If the other party praised Jiang Chaonan, it was equivalent to praising him.

“This little sister is a little ugly.”

Yet, Ma Chunmei’s following sentence stunned Jiang Liunan.

“The child’s nose is a little flat. While it is still small, I do not know whether it can be pinched out or not if it were to be pinch every day.”

This was not Yao Huilan’s daughter. Ma Chunmei naturally does not need to say some compliments hypocritically. Besides, this child honestly did not look good ah.

“Chunmei, don’t say that. This kid is pitiful enough.”

Not only were the parents unreliable, but even her appearance was also not encouraging. For them having to grow up and become sensible, will they be desperate for life, ah?

The words of sympathy that the woman in front of him said and the compassion in her eyes were enough to make Jiang Liunan clearly understand his appearances.

At this moment, his mood could only be described as a thunderbolt from the blue sky.

It was already miserable that he becomes a woman, but now he is also his uncle and aunt’s child. He was also an ugly child. Jiang Liunan was now profoundly aware of the malice that the world has against him.

God had given him the opportunity for rebirth. Wasn’t it to let him enjoy the blessing of life? This kind of unsightly appearance would not even let him have the chance to scour a sugar daddy, ah!

Jiang Liunan was so angry that he wanted to bawl. However, due to the warning he received before, he dared not cry, lest he would be sent to his uncle and aunt’s house. Hence, Jiang Liunan could only endure the pot of bitter melon soup brewing in his heart.

Yet, this group of women could not see the misery in his heart as they continued to add fuel to the fire in his heart.

“It’s not that I wanted to speak badly. If this is a boy, it does not matter if he does not look good. It’s just that it will be difficult if a girl didn’t look good.”

Ma Chunmei spoke on the sidelines. If Jiang Liunan was Jiang Jianjun’s daughter, her words could be considered nonsense. After all, the girl’s maiden capital was also related to the girl’s marriage. Since Jiang Jianjun was prosperous, even if her daughter looked ugly, it would not matter at all.

Yet, Jiang Liunan was only Jiang Jianjun’s niece. This family also has three girls that are yet to get married. Hence, how could they spend so much on their niece?

The three most important things for a woman to score a good marriage were her family, appearance, and ability. Jiang Liunan was born without two of them. Whether she will have the ability in the future, no one knows. Therefore, Ma Chunmei could not help but feeling sympathy for her.

“That’s how hard it is to be a woman.”

Ma Chunmei’s word resounded the heart of all the women present. As long as a man can make money, it is enough to marry a girl even in their forty or fifty. However, the value of a woman was mostly tied to her age. Even though nowadays the government called for equality between men and women. However, try asking yourself whether they are equal or not now?

Obviously, no!

The more they sighed, the more Jiang Liunan’s heart palpitations became.

Is it really that hard to be a woman?

Thinking about the life of his sisters in the previous life, Jiang Liunan became more panicked.


Jiang Jianjun was in a good mood because of his wise decision. These guests can always see the certificates hanging on the wall while letting him hearing the constant praise coming from them.

The same was true for Pan Xiuluo and others. After all, the elders had always been the happiest and proud of their children.

It was estimated that only Jiang Liunan’s mood was getting depressed in the whole family. After all, no one will come forward to protect the feeling of a child born less than a hundred days old. These days, he heard had heard countless people’s opinions about his appearance, which made him deeply aware that this era treats women maliciously.

Even though he was not yet a woman, but only a baby girl, the demands on a woman were still being imposed on him from that moment.

Because of depression, although Jiang Liunan drank milk on time every day, his weight did not increase much. He looked even darker and ugly compared to his twin sister, who was getting whiter and fatter.

He felt bitter, but at this moment, he had long since lost the belief in doing a hunger strike.


There will be no more guests on New Year’s Eve. The whole family was also busy as they prepare the New Year’s Eve meals.

According to previous years’ rules, Jiang Xiangdang’s family will come to the elder brother Jiang Jianjun’s house for New Year’s Eve’s dinner. After all, Pan Xiuluo is still alive, and the whole family always has to be reunited for the celebration.

It is just that this year is different. Jiang Jianjun just went to his younger brother’s house and beat him up. No one knows if Jiang Xiangdang’s family will come back this time.

Jiang Jianjun wanted to ask the girl to go to his brother’s house to ask but was stopped by Pan Xiuluo. According to Pan Xiuluo, whether the other party wants to come or not, let them take the initiative for it. They did not have to fawn on Jiang’s second child as if he was so precious.

Due to Pan Xiuluo’s words, plus the fact that Jiang Jianjun was also angry at his younger brother’s indifference to the twins, they simply let go of that matter.

Yet, was it possible for Jiang Xiangdang to cut off the contact with this rich brother completely? On the 30th day, just before dawn, he had sent his three daughters to his brother’s house to help with the preparation.

Seeing the three nieces looking timid, Yao Huilan asked the youngest Wangdi to take care of the two twin sisters. As for Zhaodi and Pandi and Jiang Yanan and her two sisters, all of them were instructed to do some light work. They did not want Jiang’s second to scold these poor children if they were sent back home.

In the evening, Jiang Jianjun lit firecrackers according to the auspicious time. After a burst of crackling, Jiang Xiangdang and his wife finally appeared.

“Heh, what a rare guest.”

Pan Xiuluo snorted and turned to head back to the house without caring about her younger son’s face.

“Big brother.”

The smile on Jiang Xiangdang’s face stiffened before he turned to smile at Jiang Jianjun with a squinting face.

“Since you are here, just go inside and eat.”

Since it was a New Year’s Eve, Jiang Jianjun didn’t want to make things too ugly.

After listening to Jiang Jianjun’s words, Jiang Xiangdang hurriedly followed him in. Lu Xiaohua naturally followed her own man’s pace.

“Sister, don’t rush away. I still have a few dishes left to cook. Come to the kitchen and help me.”

Yao Huilan called Lu Xiaohua. If she had any sympathy for this sister-in-law in the past, nowadays, those things were already being swept down the floor. Her recent actions were enough to exhaust Yao Huilan’s sympathy.

It was not easy to prepare meals for New Year’s Eve. She was still busy in the kitchen, yet this Lu Xiaohua wanted to eat ready-made food without even considering helping her in the kitchen. Did she think of her as a softhearted that could be bullied just because she agreed to help her raise the two girls? If this Lu Xiaohua really dared to crawl on her head and shit, see whether this Yao Huilan will tear her alive or not.

Lu Xiaohua faced her sister-in-law’s cold expression and started to feel extremely miserable. If she had given birth to a son, perhaps her situation would be different now.

At this time, Lu Xiaohua finally entered the dead-end. She attributed all her misfortune to the fact that she could not give birth to a son.


Jiang Xiangdang tried to appeal to the old lady after entering the house: “I was confused before. I know that mom loves me the most. I should be beaten. I should be scolded.”

Jiang Xiangdang, who had recovered, also knew that he had said something wrong before. Still, he could not step down and coax the old lady. So, he could only choose the time of New Year’s Eve and give both sides a step-down.


The old lady snorted. She felt that what he said at that time was the most credible.

It’s just that this one was also her son. Even if the children had cruelly disrespected his old fathers and mothers, can she cruelly sever the relationship with her unfilial sons?

Pan Xiuluo was in such a dilemma right now. So, she could only coldly face this son and let him weigh her current attitude in the future.

“Xiaobao, this is the lucky money from uncle to you.”

Jiang Xiangdang saw that the old lady ignored him and took out a sealed red envelope from her pocket and stuffed it into the hands of his nephew, Jiang Liu.

He thought about it. He has no son, so he could only rely on his nephew to support him in the future. From now on, he has to treat this child well.

Since entering the house until now, he has never seen the pair of daughters in the cradle. Although Jiang Liunan knew what kind of person his uncle was, he still felt a little bit chill at the moment.

After all, the person who was being ignored was him.

Jiang Liu glanced at the little black girl who had suffered a blow and then opened the red envelope with a grin.

“Hey, don’t open it, ah. The red envelope has to be left on the bedside overnight before you open it.”

Jiang Xiangdang gave this red envelope to his nephew to make a face in front of his mother and brother. He wanted to let them know that her son/his brother also remembered his nephew. Still, he knew that there was not much money in the red envelope. If they could see the amount in it, he was afraid that he would not have any face left.

However, he was too late. Before his last word fell, Jiang Liu had already opened the red envelope.

He poured out a small coin—a small coin with a face value of a penny.

What can a penny buy in 1988?

A sugar? One-fifth of a large bread?

In the past ten years, the family’s uncle will usually give their nephew at least one fen for their New Year’s Eve money. Now, even in rural areas, the red envelope is at least one or two yuan.

Giving a penny is no longer a question of the amount of money spent but of his attitude.

[T/N: Penny < Fen < Yuan]

“Uncle really has no money now. When my uncle becomes rich in the future, he will definitely give you a big red envelope.”

Jiang Xiangdang smiled awkwardly, not daring to look at his old mother and elder brother’s expressions at this time.

“Okay, let’s eat.”

Jiang Jianjun glanced at this younger brother rather weakly. He really could not understand his brother’s thoughts. It is better not to give than giving a red envelope with a penny in it.

The atmosphere finally calmed down as they have their dinner.

As an apprentice of an old tailor, Jiang Yanan has very little time off. The apprentices of this year are different from later generations. Not only do they have to pay the tuition fees, but as an apprentice, they also have to take care of the clothes, food and daily life of their master. Jiang Yanan could only take one day of vacation each month. During the Chinese New Year, she could only take five consecutive days off.

Since it was rare for her to get together with her family, Jiang Yanan naturally has to show her filial piety.

She scooped some of the dishes for her grandma and her parents before showing her love to her brother.

“Bao’er, don’t you like to eat pig’s trotters the most? I simmered these trotters on the stove for a long time. So, the skin and meat were well-cooked.”

Jiang Yanan gave his younger brother a piece of pig’s trotters with skin. This oily pigskin looked incredibly delicious.

“Xiaobao, I helped you pick the fishbone. It’s your favourite fish belly.”

Jiang Lainan was naturally not to be outdone.

“Drink a bowl of soup first to warm your stomach.”

Jiang Shengnan was a little awkward and put a bowl of soup in front of the little brother.

“Good, good!”

Seeing the scenes where her several granddaughters pampered their younger brother, the old lady was happy from ear to ear. This must be the result of her day and night education.

Jiang Zhaodi and Jiang Pandi watched their cousin’s behaviour had won praise from their grandmother. They thought about it, as they each took some dishes and put them on in front of Jiang Liu.

Naturally, their behaviour was also praised.

Even Jiang Wangdi, who was six years old, did the same. Putting her favourite but hard-to-get braised chicken in his cousin’s bowl, she looked at her grandma expectantly and waited for her praise.

Although Jiang Liunan was lying in the cradle and could not see the scene at this time, as a person who already experiences this, he could imagine the pride on the [self] face as his sisters took care of him one after another.

He could not help swallowed his saliva. When he was older, he would have to please and take care of this “self” at his parents’ request.

Jiang Liunan wondered more and more about the meaning of his own rebirth.

“Xiaobao, your test scores were excellent this time. What rewards do you want? As long as Dad can give it, I will satisfy you.”

After taking a sip of Xiaobaigan, Jiang Jianjun happily looked at his son and asked: “Of course, Shengnan, if you have anything you want, you can also tell your dad.”

Thinking that this little daughter also recently earned his face, and the other party also showed her slight temper before, Jiang Jianjun also did not forget her existence.

“As for Lainan, your grades are not good. Yet, your grandma told me that you were outstanding when you were at home, and you would help your grandma and mother take care of your younger siblings. This time Dad will give you a big red envelope. Do not worry; this red envelope is for you. Mom would not be able to take it away.”

Jiang Jianjun was very satisfied with his children. He also did not miss his eldest daughter as he praised her few words, saying that he would bring her some more beautiful dress the next time he went to the south. After all, girls should dress up when they were older.

“Dad, Mom said that you are leaving on the second day. This time you are going to Pearl City, right? I heard that Pearl City is prosperous. Can you take me on this trip?”

Jiang Liu put forward his wish, which made Jiang Jianjun felt a bit hesitant.

This time he decided to go to Pearl City to make quick money. At the end of the year, the train station was mixed with various kinds of people. Furthermore, the police would not check the train station and other places with a lot of people. Therefore, reselling things at this time is the safest.

Jiang Jianjun had already figured out what to buy in Pearl City during this trip. However, if he plans to bring his son along, he needs to change his plan because he had to return before school starts.

Yet, if he could not fulfil what he had promised to do, this could be considered a face slap. Jiang Jianjun met the hopeful little eyes of his baby son and immediately has no resistance. He dazedly agreed.

“Dad, I want to go too.”

Jiang Shengnan plucked up her courage as she made her request.

She also longed to see the scenery of Pearl City. When she heard that her brother was going to play in Pearl City, she was also moved.

“No way.”

Faced with his daughter’s request, Jiang Jianjun refused without even thinking about it.

He was going to do business, not to play. It was enough trouble to bring a son. If he were to bring his daughter too, he was afraid that he would not do business because he needs to take care of the two children.

Besides, it is easy for him to take care of his son since he was a boy. If he were to bring his daughter along, how would he take care of her as a big man?

Since Jiang Jianjun refused too decisively, Jiang Shengnan began to feel uncomfortable again.

“Dad, let the third sister go with me. She can take care of me.”

Jiang Liu glanced at his third sister, who looked lost, and said with a smile: “The third sister can help me pick the fishbone, open the can for me, and wash my clothes.”

Regarding these several sisters, Jiang Liu adopted a completely different education policy.

The elder sister, Jiang Yanan’s life, was generally smooth as long as he did not drag her elder sister’s back like the original body. The second sister, Jiang Lainan, seeks stability by nature. She wanted to settle down in her ordinariness. If you insist on training her to be a strong woman, it might end up being counterproductive. As for the third sister Jiang Shengnan, she was not the same. She dares to fight for her interest. She also has a strong sense of unwillingness to admit defeat. Yet, now her energy was useless. She only looks at the one-acre three-point land in front of her. Because of this, she insists on competing with her younger brother for her parents’ attention and favour. Jiang Liu felt that if Jiang Shengnan could look more at the scenery outside and increase her vision, she would finally know how vast the outside world was.

This time the Pear City trip may be a good opportunity for her.

Nowadays, Pearl City could be considered as a developed city that is at the forefront of reform. The lively atmosphere there, and the prosperity that was utterly different from these small county towns, will definitely allow Jiang Shengnan’s aspirations to grow and evolve. There might not be another suitable opportunity that can let her soar into the sky.

“Yes, I will take good care of my brother.”

Jiang Shengnan looked at his arrogant younger brother and could not tell whether the other party was really spoiled or actually interceding for her. But she would not stupidly say that she was unwilling to help her younger brother wash clothes and pick his fish bones. Hence, she nodded and promised to take care of her younger brother.


Jiang Jianjun hesitated a little. Yet, at the expression of expectation from his daughter, he did not know whether to refuse or not.

“Bring both children with you. There are more opportunities to make money. This trip is just to take the two children out to see the world. With Sheng Nan, I can rest assured.”

In Pan Xiuluo’s fixed thinking, women are still the best at taking care of others. Although she trusts her granddaughter Lainan more than she trusts her granddaughter Shengnan, Shengnan was the one who has a good test score. Furthermore, she also knows how resilient this granddaughter was. With her realizing her wishes, maybe, she would be more caring about her younger brother, Xiaobao, in the future.


Jiang Jianjun gritted his teeth. If it was impossible, then it just meant that he would earn less. Anyway, he had made a lot of money over the years. Yet, with the increase of self-employed individuals, the speculative business has begun to decline. Jiang Jianjun’s trip to Pearl City this time around was not entirely just for purchasing goods. He wanted to inspect the factories in Pearl City and see if he could return to his hometown to copy Pearl City’s business model.

He found out that as long as the country’s reform and opening up continue to strengthen, this speculation business would certainly not last long. He has to choose a more stable company and save enough for his son.

“Brother, are you going to the Pearl City this time?”

Jiang Xiangdang listened to the conversation between his elder brother’s families and could not help but interject.

He never knew what kind of business his eldest brother was doing and how much money he had earned over the years. Thinking that he still owed his eldest brother 400 yuan, Jiang Xiangdang could not help but wanted to do a small business with him.

“This Pearl City is good. There are many rich people. Wasn’t Xiaohua a child born in Pearl City before? I went there, and it was an eye-opener.”

Jiang Xiangdang talked freely about what he saw and heard in Pearl City, focusing on the terrible housing prices in Pearl City and the highly investment-oriented housing market.

Of course, these were not his thoughts but things that he repeated from what he heard from Lu Xiaohua’s distant cousin.

“You know a lot.”

Jiang Jianjun still agreed with his younger brother’s insights. He had not noticed before that his younger brother was quite visionary. He realized the prospects of the real estate industry during his short trip to Pearl City.

It is just that Jiang Jianjun still doesn’t have enough money. Otherwise, he also wanted to get involved in this industry. After ten or twenty years, he would definitely be able to make a lot of money.

“Brother, if you take me this time, I can also help you take care of the two children. You know, my house was taken out for those two children. I could not live in the old house all the time. I have to plan for my child.”

The eldest brother’s appreciation made Jiang Xiangdang happy. He felt that the time seemed ripe. Suddenly, when the conversation changed, he proposed to let Jiang Jianjun bring him into the business.

“Aren’t you weak? How can you stand the long journey?”

Pan Xiuluo rejected her younger son’s request before her eldest son did.

His nature was not suitable for business at all. Otherwise, Pan Xiuluo had already let her elder son take him to make a fortune. Especially after the previous incident, the old lady could even see his nature’s selfishness. When something happened, he was the first to bite out his brother’s hand.

Hearing his mother told him that he had just had a ligation operation, the restlessness that had just rushed into his heart suddenly disappeared. Yes, he is destined to have no son. Earning so much money would only let other people get it from him for cheap.

Jiang Xiangdang suddenly lost his desire to do business with his eldest brother and again fell into the distress of not having a son.

The old lady was relieved to see him look listless now.

Jiang Liunan, on one side, was confused when he heard that his father was going to take that “self” and his third sister to Pearl City.

Did this happen in the previous life?

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