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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 15

Jiang Jianjun welcomed the men, while the womenfolk were naturally staying with Yao Huilan.

Although they have just returned to the village not long ago, they have heard about the major events in the Jiang family these days. They also knew that Yao Huilan and her husband had adopted Jiang Xiangdang’s twin daughters. Gossip was the nature of humans. Now that a group of women stays together, it was natural for them to talk about it.

“Huilan, I think that you are too kind. Why do you have to help the second household to raise their children? You are only their sister-in-law. After all, the birth of the twins was the decision of that couple. There is no reason for you as the elder sisters-in-law to be responsible for it.”

One of the women has a good relationship with Yao Huilan. She was also her good friend. Her husband, who had been working at the town’s machinery factory, was promoted to work at the county only later. Seeing that, she also followed her husband to move from the village; hence their contact gradually lessen.

After returning home during the New Year, her first reaction when she heard about this incident was to complain about her good sister. This kind of behaviour showed by the old lady was obviously meant to bully her good sister.

“Ai, what can I do? If the second couple really raised these two children, they will for sure die of starvation. At any rate, we are talking about two lives here. Anyway, Jianjun and I are living well now. If we can help, we should do it as much as possible. “

Yao Huilan was also careful. She will show her dissatisfaction in front of so many people. On the contrary, she must try to show her kindness and generosity to promote her good reputation.

“Eiya, you are too kind!”

“Huilan, you should be careful, or else you might get beaten to death by your mother-in-law.”

A group of women was chattering, but it was indeed, as Yao Huilan thought. At this time, she exudes the impression of being a bit stupid yet still a kind-hearted person in these women’s hearts.

If Yao Huilan was full of complaints and criticized her nosy mother-in-law at the moment as well as her useless brother and sister-in-law, even though outwardly they might seem to be having a great conversation, however, inwardly, these people around her might regarded her as the kind of person that one should not be intimate with.

This is human nature. Similar things also happened to them. Perhaps they would firmly not allow their mother-in-law to bring relatives’ children to their own homes. They will also find all kinds of reasons and excuses to ridicule this absurd decision. Yet, this matter is also related to the life and death of two ignorant and insensible children. If Yao Huilan chooses to ignore it, they could naturally accuse Yao Huilan’s inaction with great righteousness, thinking she was a ruthless and callous person.

Yao Huilan continued to disagree with her mother-in-law bringing the two children over and sent them back to the second room. These children might get starved to death by their parents or facing other accidents due to the other party’s negligent action. Even though others might accuse Jiang Xiangdang and his wife of being insensitive, Yao Huilan might also get dragged in and labelled as a coldhearted aunt.

Yao Huilan also figured this out; hence, she had never mentioned the matter of sending the two children back recently.

“By the way, Huilan, did your eldest already been promised to someone?”

While chatting, someone mentioned Jiang Yanan’s marriage.

The person who spoke was called Ma Chunmei. Her husband was Feng Ping, one of the few promising people in the village.

Feng Ping was a rare high-intellectual person of their time. After graduating from technical secondary school, he was assigned to the farm factory. He was also someone with a will of a diamond. Now he has become the deputy director of the farm factory. Ma Chunmei’s father was the small leader of a food factory closely related to the farm. The food residue from the food factory was usually sent to the farm as feed. These two people get to know each other from this opportunity.

Perhaps because of her registered permanent residence in the city, Ma Chunmei has always looked down upon her husband’s rural relatives. Yet, she is still a good person and has never shown her disdain in public.

Their two families were somewhat related. Feng Ping’s mother was Jiang Jianjun’s father’s cousin by seniority. Feng Ping had to address Jiang Jianjun as his elder brother. However, the two families began to communicate closely after Jiang Jianjun made his fortune.

Ma Chunmei’s action of mentioning Jiang Yanan was definitely not aimless. Yao Huilan thought that the other party had lived in the county town all year round. Therefore, her network of contacts should be extensive. If the other party wished to be a matchmaker for her daughter, the boy’s conditions who could be introduced to her definitely be much better than them finding it themselves.

Yao Huilan has always felt that she owed her eldest daughter so much. Her several younger sisters and brothers have the opportunity to study and become literate, Yet, Yan has no academic qualifications and could only be sent to become an apprentice. Therefore, Yao Huilan has always wanted to compensate this daughter with a better marriage.

Many people asked about Yanan before, but Yao Huilan either disliked the boy’s condition or disliked the other party’s low-income family. Therefore, until now, there has never been a suitable candidate for her eldest.

“That’s right. She will be 16 after the Chinese New Year. But, the times are different now. During our time, it was considered late if we were not engaged at sixteen or seventy. However, now many young girls get married after the age of twenty. Didn’t her dad find a relationship and send her to an old tailor to learn the crafts? Now that she has yet to learn all the craftsmanship, her dad and I are not in a hurry to marry her off.”

Girls always have to be more reserved. Yao Huilan will not show that she is eager to marry her daughter in front of so many people. On the contrary, she has to tell everyone that their family also loves their daughters, such as finding a way to send their daughters to learn crafts. This vaguely revealed news were all meant to increase the bargaining chip of her daughter.

“Yeah, it’s really different now from when we were.”

Ma Chunmei can get through at one point, “It’s like my eldest sister’s nephew, who will be twenty after the Chinese New Year. Yet, the child clamoured that he wanted to start a career and before starting a family. After graduating from technical school, he was assigned to the county’s party committee and planned to wait until the county assigned him a house before considering getting married.”

Twenty years old. Since he was four years older than Jiang Yanan, it could be considered a good age match. What’s more, he also graduated from a technical school. He was assigned to the county’s party committee, indicating that this guy has aspirations and a promising future.

The other party wanted to wait a few years to get married showed that he could still wait for Jiang Yanan for a few years. When Jiang Yanan is old enough to receive a certificate, the other party should have a career, and the time is right for them to tie the knot.

Ma Chunmei seemed to have mentioned her nephew inadvertently. Still, in fact, she spoke about the advantages of her nephew in front of Yao Huilan.

Yao Huilan knew it well; it seemed that it was her nephew that Ma Chunmei wanted to matchmake.

Hearing Ma Chunmei talked about her nephew’s conditions, Yao Huilan couldn’t deny that her heart was moved, but she also had some concerns. After all, if Ma Chunmei’s nephew’s conditions were really so good, how could he fall in love with her daughter.

It was not that Yao Huilan belittled her girl, but Jiang Yanan’s conditions do have many shortcomings. For example, she has no academic qualifications. This alone did not match with Ma Chunmei’s nephew, who graduated from the technical school.

Still, it is good that there is some introductory background. At least they can do a little bit of background check and find someone to understand each other’s situation.

After all, there were so many people present. If they continued to discuss it openly, even though it will not affect the man, this could leave a stain on the woman’s reputation.

If Jiang Liu were present, he could immediately connect Ma Chunmei’s nephew with Jiang Yanan’s husband in the previous life. After all, their marriage in the previous life was also brought together by Ma Chunmei.

As Yao Huilan imagined, Ma Chunmei’s nephew, Wang Yuan, did have shortcomings. And this shortcoming had to start with Wang Yuan’s mother.

Ma Chunmei’s eldest sister was commonly known in the county as the “big face”. Specifically, she was the type of person who was born with birthmarks on their faces. According to folk rumours, the “big face” were people who had committed crimes in their previous life. Hence, this evil debt came to this reincarnation with them. Therefore, those “big faces” have to endure the flaws in their appearance and the strange gazes of the surrounding people and their unfounded pointing.

Because of this birthmark, Ma Chunmei’s eldest sister nearly ended up as a spinster. Obviously, her parents are dual employees, and her father was still a small food factory leader. Yet, her marriage was dragged until she was 24 years old. Her marriage was still with a country-folk that obviously did not match with her family background. The other party became a temporary worker in the food factory under her dad’s arrangement, making his condition at that moment a bit passable.

Whether it was before or after marriage, Ma Chunmei’s eldest sister was reluctant to go out to see people because of the birthmark on her face. Hence, until now, few people knew about her physical condition. However, once she becomes a relative, this kind of thing could not be kept away. Yes, in a small county where people are more ignorant and superstitious, it was an equally shameful thing to have a “big face” mother-in-law.

So, even if Ma Chunmei’s nephew, Wang Yuan, has good conditions, it is difficult for him to find a marriage that suits him with such a mother behind his back.

Yet, Jiang Yanan was different. Ma Chunmei felt that this girl and her nephew had their own shortcomings. Nevertheless, Yao Huilan is willing to take over the children of the second household. It could be seen that she is a kind-hearted woman. The daughter she taught was sure to be as gentle as her and will not look down on people just because her mother-in-law is a “big face”.

Moreover, the economic conditions of the Jiang family were also good. Although Jiang Jianjun loves his son more, he is willing to send his daughter to work as an apprentice and planned a future for his daughter. This showed that he was not the kind of man who used his daughter as a straw bag. Hence, when Jiang Yanan married in the future, her dowry will definitely not be thin.

Because of this consideration, she rashly mentioned Jiang Yanan’s marriage.

Jiang Yanan and her husband had a good relationship in their previous life. The couple was not the kind of people who loved to make trouble. Their everyday life was flat and warm. The couple has a daughter. Even though Wang Yuan cannot have a second child because of his work as a civil servant, Wang Yuan and his family still liked this daughter/granddaughter. They did not make trouble with his wife because of this incident.

Of course, there were bound to be bumps between ordinary couples, especially when Jiang Yanan kept using her family’s money to help her younger brother. Later on, the couple even quarrelled badly and almost divorcing.

Yet, the divorce was not successful in the end. Wang Yuan got his salary card back, and the couple took care of their own affairs. They reluctantly made do with their daughters. When he was old, Wang Yuan also agreed to let Jiang Yanan help her younger sisters Jiang Lainan and Jiang Chaonan. He also accompanied her to the end.

Nevertheless, it cannot be said that Wang Yuan did something wrong. In fact, no man could stand his wife’s bottomless help to her natal family. Compared with Jiang Lainan’s husband, who immediately divorced his wife, Wang Yuan can be regarded as righteous.

So when Jiang Liu became the original body, he never thought about whether to change his elder sister’s marriage line. After all, everyone is an independent individual. Except for knowing the path that will inevitably go wrong, he has no reason to manipulate his elder sister’s life.

He intended to take it, step by step. In fact, after his arrival, Jiang Yanan’s life has undergone subtle changes. In the next few years, she may not be a little seamstress as she did in her previous life. If she still likes Wang Yuan and is willing to marry him, their fate may be destined.

Jiang Liu also has the confidence that his sister will obtain happiness in the end, no matter what choice she makes.

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