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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 13

“What are you doing in here?”

Jiang Shengnan stared at Jiang Liu, who had been following her inside the room and asked.

“I want to borrow books for the second semester of the second grade and the first semester of the third grade. I plan to review in advance this winter vacation.”

Jiang Liu not only had become a master of study in ancient times, but he had also become a master of study in modern times. Hence, Jiang Liu’s knowledge reserves made him no longer need to review basic education content. Nevertheless, isn’t he still need an excuse for his action? After all, Jiang Liu also wanted to make his good grades seem reasonable to the people around him.

Of course, he did not have any plan to skip a grade. The current life was particularly comfortable and cosy. Jiang Liu felt that sometimes it is good to spend his teenage years, step by step.

Jiang Shengnan wanted to say that she did not want to let him borrow hers and that he should go to someone else to borrow if he was able to. However, seeing his younger brother’s face was two or three points similar to herself; she took back the word about to leave her lips.

[T/N: Despite everything, Shengnan is a nice sister.]

“Here, it’s all here.”

As a child who saw learning as a springboard in her life, Jiang Shengnan loves every textbook she has.

Since Jiang Jianjun paid attention to the current situation, there were many newspapers at home. Every time the school published a new book, Jiang Shengnan used these newspapers to cover her textbooks.

She was also cautious when using it. She did not read her books when eating. She also did not read her books when drinking water or when eating snacks. Even the first-grade textbooks looked like a new book. Not to mention her latest book.

“There are a lot of notes in the book.”

Jiang Shengnan took out the paper box from under the bed that contained the used textbooks. After thinking about it, she pulled out a few notebooks from the box, “These are the contents of the teacher’s lecture. I also wrote down some important points. If you don’t understand anything, you can read these two notes.”

As a representative of a student who is not talented but extremely hardworking. Even if the content related to the first, second, and third elementary school grades, she had jotted down the study notes carefully. Especially some of the topics that she had done wrongly, she had repeatedly studied until she absolutely makes sure that she will never repeat the mistake. Hence, Jiang Shengnan’s notes are precious to those who want to review the lesson.

“If you still could not understand it, then you can ask the second sister or me.”

Taking out a thick stack of books, Jiang Shengnan added angrily: “You are not allowed to ask me simple questions. I also want to learn. I’m not like the second sister, so keen to be your cleaning woman.”

This sentence sounded a bit indignant. It was obvious that she still remembered the unhappy incident just now.

If you change it to the original body, the probability for the original body to quarrel with Jiang Chaonan again at this time was extremely high; yet, Jiang Liu was not so naive.

In fact, it is normal for a child of this age to be more sensitive. Not to mention that the age gap between her and the original body was too small. Given the disparity in her family’s treatment, it is difficult for this girl to treat this favoured brother with a normal mind.

However, Jiang Shengnan was a typical hard-mouthed but actually softhearted person. Like in her previous life, she obviously had the ability to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but she still resolutely gave up the opportunity after a huge family change. She instead works hard to supplement the family.

Although she always complained that her parents were partial, she complained that grandma was an old idiot to indulge her younger brother. She complained that the original body was not up to the task and did not support the family. However, she still lives frugally and hopes to be able to make some effort for the family.

Later, she had also determined that the original body was completely hopeless. Yet, her elderly grandmother and mother continued to revolve around her younger brother like a paranoid person. Therefore, she decided to leave that house.

Hence, even she was still angry at her father’s partiality a second before. Still, when her younger brother wanted to borrow her precious textbook, she immediately agreed to lend it to him.

Therefore, Jiang Liu really could not get angry with such a sister.

“Sister, how much pocket money did Dad give you? Dad is really kind to you. The first time I took the double 100 score home, yet, Dad didn’t give me pocket money to encourage me.”

Jiang Liu did not mean to leave the room after receiving the book. He pointed at the stack of money that Jiang Shengnan was holding in her hand now while showing envy’s expression promptly.

“Dad did not care about me. It’s you that Dad loves the most.”

Jiang Shengnan retorted, but looking at the stack of change in her hand, she could not help but feel a little happier. Especially when she thought that, as her brother said, her father only gave her rewards, but he did not give him the pocket money.

Although she also knew that it was impossible for Dad not to give her younger brother rewards. Her dad would definitely give him more than what he had given her now.

Thinking of this, Jiang Shengnan became frustrated again.

“When I took double 100 home, Dad had never been that happy.”

She threw the money on her bed. However, she knew in her heart that compared to the girls in the village, she was too lucky to study and have beautiful clothes, shoes, and pocket money. There were also fish and meat in her every meal. Even though she still needs to help her mother with the housework, she did not need to go to the ground and do the more tiring farm work.

But those are the children of other people’s families. Jiang Shengnan does not understand why a child in the family could have such a big difference in treatment. Isn’t she the daughter of her parents? Isn’t she still blood that bleeds from them?

She did not want to compare herself with other girls. She wanted to compare it with her brother.

“Sister, if Dad is really upset, he won’t give you pocket money as a reward. Besides, how many times do you have double 100? You have given too many surprises, yet, this is my first time, you know. Do you understand?”

Jiang Liu proudly raised his chin, “Besides, even if our parents were partial, isn’t it normal? Think about it. How many girls are in our family? Eight, okay! There are a total of eight girls in our family.”

Jiang Liu gestured a number with his hands: “If you compared yourself with Pang girl, Did you know why her family spoil her so much, ah? Isn’t it because their family has never had a girl for three generations, and Pang girl’s mother finally gave birth to her after giving birth to four sons? There was 27 male in her generation alone, including her brothers, elder cousins, and younger cousins. So it is normal that they will spoil her as the only girl in the family.”

The Pang girl in Jiang Liu’s mouth was a wonder in the Huitong Town. In the next-door village, the Xiaolin’s family was known to be full of Yang. They could only give birth to sons for three consecutive generations. It was finally in this generation that a girl had appeared in the family.

When she was born, her grandfather was about to pass away. Hearing that his granddaughter-in-law had given him a great-granddaughter, he jumped up from the hospital bed. He lived healthily and vigorously for the next five years to take care of this great-granddaughter. It can be seen how much this girl was favoured at home.

The delicious food was all reserved for this girl in their house, so she was fed into a ball at a young age. Yet, the family still thinks that the girl is so beautiful, and she continues to eat and drink until she turned into a fat girl. Her nickname was also derived from this.

“Sister, think about it. You have two older sisters, one older female cousin, and four younger female cousins, but you only have one younger brother. Don’t you think that I’m scarce when you look at it?”

Jiang Liu said with a smile on his face. While talking, he put his face in front of his third sister, Jiang Shengnan.

“You take a look. Is your brother’s face extraordinarily handsome? Does it make you like it when you look at it?”

Jiang Liu’s expression was a little smug: “I can inform you in advance that your only baby brother is trendy at home. After all, I have three sisters, two elder female cousins, and three younger female cousins. If you didn’t treat me better, I would pour my affection to my other’s sisters.”

“By the way, I am also a man with a bunch of younger brothers outside. Hence, it should be obvious that your younger brother’s charm is infinite.”


His brother’s shameless declaration amused Jiang Shengnan. At the same time, she was inexplicably brainwashed by his theory of scarcity.

Yes, there were eight girls and just one boy in the family. It seemed right that her parents and grandmother were biased towards him. Just like if there were eight boys in the family, but there was only her as a girl, maybe at that time, Mom and Dad will treat her differently.

Thinking about it now, her younger brother did not seem to be that annoying recently. Maybe he was young before and was as naughty as the boys in the village were. He previously likes to tease his older sisters. Still, in the past six months, her younger brother has become more sensible, at least not as naughty as before. Even though he was still arrogant, sometimes his haughty action looked cute and did not make people feel annoying.

This was her only younger brother. She had so many older sisters and younger sisters, but only one younger brother.

Before she knew it, Jiang Shengnan attributed her brother’s favour because he was the only boy in the family. Although she knew in her heart that besides the only factor, it was more important because he was a boy.

Obviously, the former reasoning made her feel much better, which allowed Jiang Shengnan to comfort herself. Mom and Dad also loved her, but too many sisters made this love thinner.

“Hmph, don’t think I don’t know how you became Boss. Do you think that you are so good? It’s obviously the pocket money and snacks that Dad gave you that are attractive to them.”

Jiang Shengnan smiled and continued as she looked at her younger brother: “Concerning you this small arm and leg, it will take you more than ten years for you to truly become a Boss.”

The two brothers and sisters looked at each other. They smiled, even if the unpleasantness that just happened before finally being unknotted.


Jiang Liunan had not drunk milk for eleven hours. From the time he discovered that he had become a baby girl and a cousin he had never remembered before, he began to resist being fed by his grandmother.

Anyone who has raised a child before knew that the baby at this time eats small meals and need to be fed almost every few hours. Hence, Jiang Liunan, who has not drunk milk for a long time, finally could not hold it anymore.

He was starving. However, when he thought of his situation, he wanted to starve himself to death. Perhaps after starving to death, he will be able to return to his own body in this era and then starts his magnificent life.

However, he was not a person with perseverance. Especially in his previous life, he was almost starved to death by his unfilial children and a mean wife. He fell to the ground for food and died when he bumped into something. Therefore, being hungry was a horrible memory for him.

It was a miracle that he was able to last more than ten hours.

Now he was lying in the cradle, listening to the heavy snoring of his grandmother and the breathing of Jiang Chaonan, his twin sister who laid the same cradle as him. The same girl whom he had not put in his eyes in the previous life.

His stomach was so uncomfortable. Jiang Liunan felt that he might starve to death again. Panic surged in his heart. In case if he died, if he really died, would not he miss the opportunity God had given to him?


In the end, he still compromised. Forget it. No matter what happens in the future, he will drink milk first. His perseverance did not allow him to insist on the policy of starving himself to death by hunger strike.

With that, Jiang Liunan started to cry in a heart-stirringly manner, wishing to wake her sleeping grandma and let her woke up to feed himself with goat’s milk.

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